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08-09-2020 | Fuel Cell | News | Article

Honda and Toyota Showcase Fuel Cell Bus as Mobile Power Storage

Patrick Schäfer
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Car manufacturers Toyota and Honda have developed a mobile power supply system which sees the hydrogen bus Moving e used as an electricity supply.

The fuel cell bus, known as Moving e, was developed by Toyota and can be driven to different locations to provide a power supply. The system consists of two Power Exporter 9000 power output devices, 36 portable batteries (Honda Mobile Power Pack), 20 LiB-AID E500 batteries and 36 charging and discharging devices from Honda. External power output devices and portable batteries can be charged from integrated charging stations at the rear of the bus. 

Thanks to its large hydrogen tanks, the Moving e fuel cell bus provides a capacity of up to 454 kWh and offers a maximum power output of 18 kW. The location of use should be within around 100 km of a hydrogen station. Toyota and Honda are planning to prove the feasibility of the concept in a series of demonstration tests.

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