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06-09-2019 | Fuel Cell | News | Article

Elring-Klinger to Showcase Powerful Fuel Cell Stack

Patrick Schäfer

Elring-Klinger will be showcasing their diverse range of solutions for electric mobility at the International Motor Show (IAA) 2019 in Frankfurt. The focus will be on a PEM fuel cell stack for automotive and commercial vehicle applications, with a high power density. 

Elring-Klinger will be presenting their low-temperature fuel cell stack featuring metallic bipolar plates at this year's IAA in Frankfurt. With its high power density and an electrical output of up to 135 kW, the liquid-cooled NM12 PEM fuel cell stack is suitable for automotive and commercial vehicle applications.

"This is a milestone for Elring-Klinger and fuel cell technology as a whole," explains CEO Dr. Stefan Wolf. The fuel cell systems are based on proprietary PEM stack technology. They bring together stack, hydrogen and air supply, cooling, and power electronics as well as a control unit, in a standardised package. In addition, the company will be displaying electric drive units that they developed with Hofer Powertrain, along with battery components.

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