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11-01-2021 | Fuel Cell | News | Article

Hyundai Establishes Fuel Cell Business Unit HTWO

Patrick Schäfer
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Hyundai Motor Group has established the new HTWO business unit. This is intended to drive the further development and marketing of the Hyundai fuel cell system as well as the hydrogen strategy.

The Hyundai Group wants to push ahead with the transformation to a hydrogen society. To this end, the automotive group has established the HTWO division, which is to further develop Hyundai's fuel cell system and market it worldwide. Fuel cell drives are to become more cost-effective, more powerful and more robust in the future.

Hyundai also wants to expand hydrogen-powered mobility. The next-generation hydrogen fuel cell system is to be used not only in automobiles but also in air cabs, ships and trains. The activities of the new HTWO division will initially focus on the markets of South Korea, USA, Europe and China.

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