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Geotechnical and Geological Engineering

Geotechnical and Geological Engineering 1/2006

Issue 1/2006

Table of Contents ( 13 Articles )

01-02-2006 | Issue 1/2006

Emplaced Geotechnical Characteristics of Hydraulic Fills in a Number of Australian Mines

K. J. Rankine, N. Sivakugan, R. Cowling

01-02-2006 | Issue 1/2006

Dynamic Response of Footing and Machine with Spring Mounting Base

Jyant Kumar, Chandra Obula Reddy

01-02-2006 | Issue 1/2006

In Situ Pore Water Pressure Dissipation Testing of Marine Clay under Reclamation Fills

A. Arulrajah, H. Nikraz, M. W. Bo

01-02-2006 | Issue 1/2006

Evaluation and Prediction of the Swelling Characteristics of Nigerian Black Clays

C. M. O. Nwaiwu, I. Nuhu

01-02-2006 | Issue 1/2006

Performance of Mortar and Chemical Grout Injection into Surrounding Soil When Slurry Pipe-jacking Method is Used

Hideki Shimada, Takashi Sasaoka, Saeid Khazaei, Yasuhiro Yoshida, Kikuo Matsui

01-02-2006 | Issue 1/2006

Study of Drainage Through Hydraulic Fill Stopes using Method of Fragments

N. Sivakugan, K. J. Rankine, K. S. Rankine

01-02-2006 | Issue 1/2006

Application of Dynamic Compaction in Highway: A Case Study

Linchang Miao, Gong Chen, Zhenshun Hong

01-02-2006 | Issue 1/2006

Construction Problems on the Karstified Limestone Tuffs of Condeixa, Central Portugal: A Case Study

M. Quinta Ferreira, J. L. Velho

01-02-2006 | Issue 1/2006

New Approach for Estimation of Static and Seismic Active Earth Pressure

Deepankar Choudhury, Shailesh Singh

01-02-2006 | Issue 1/2006

Geotechnical Characteristics of Volcanic Soils Taken from Recent Eruptions

Rolando P. Orense, Andrew Zapanta Jr., Akinori Hata, Ikuo Towhata

01-02-2006 | Issue 1/2006

Nonlinear Response of Single Piles in Sand Subjected to Lateral Loads using k hmax Approach

Sanjeev Kumar, Latika Lalvani, Maher Omar

01-02-2006 | Issue 1/2006

Modelling Transport of Linearly Sorbing Solutes in a Single Fracture: Asymptotic Behavior of Solute Velocity and Dispersivity

M. Sekhar, G. Suresh Kumar

01-02-2006 | Technical Note | Issue 1/2006

Allowable Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations Based on Shear Wave Velocity

Semih S. Tezcan, Ali Keceli, Zuhal Ozdemir

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