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Geotechnical and Geological Engineering 11/2022
Geotechnical and Geological Engineering

Issue 11/2022


Table of Contents (25 Articles)

11-07-2022 | Original Paper

Behavior of Dry-Mixed and Permeated Laponite-Treated Sand: From Small Strains to Critical State
Amy Getchell, Felipe Ochoa-Cornejo, Marika Santagata

Open Access 18-08-2022 | Original Paper

Influence of Weathering on Pore Size Distribution of Soft Rocks
Julia Knopp, Hagen Steger, Christian Moormann, Philipp Blum

09-07-2022 | Original Paper

Dispersivity Identification and Modification with Lime of Soil in Huaaopao’s Water Conservancy Project
Lu Zhang, Weizhao Qiu, Xiujuan Yang, Henghui Fan, Shaohong Zhang, Aijun Zhang

06-07-2022 | Original Paper

Parametric Analysis of the Efficacy of Lysimeter Designs Using Numerical Modelling
O. Ouédraogo, M. Duarte, T. Kahale, T. Abichou, A. R. Cabral

17-07-2022 | Original Paper

Numerical Simulation of Crack Evolution Mechanism and Subsidence Characteristics Effected by Rock Mass Structure in Block Caving Mining
Dongjie Zhang, Jianduo Wang, Shuai Guo, Jianli Cao

02-07-2022 | Original Paper

Couple Effect of Joint Pore Pressure and Joint Orientations on Rock Strength Based on Numerical Modeling
Gaobo Zhao, Wenbing Guo, Lingyun Kong, Yun Zhao, Qingwen Shi

06-07-2022 | Original Paper

The Structure of The Earth’s Crust in the Pre-Caspian Region According to Seismogravity Data
Aigul Issagaliyeva, Sara Istekova, Nursarsen Uzbekov

19-07-2022 | Original Paper

Study on Rationality of Large Diameter Pressure Relief Drilling Parameters Under Different Coal Seam Conditions
Zhigang Liu, Zhikang Wang, Ruoxiang Zhang, Xikui Sun, Shang Wenzheng

05-07-2022 | Original Paper

A Size-Dependent Bonded-Particle Model for Transversely Isotropic Rock and its Application in Studying the Size Effect of Shale
Yun Zhao, Brijes Mishra, Qingwen Shi, Gaobo Zhao

10-08-2022 | Correction

Correction to: A Size-Dependent Bonded-Particle Model for Transversely Isotropic Rock and its Application in Studying the Size Effect of Shale
Yun Zhao, Brijes Mishra, Qingwen Shi, Gaobo Zhao

12-07-2022 | Original Paper

Arch Height Effect and Optimal Section Selection of Strata Behavior of Straight Wall Arch Roadway Under Mining Condition
Pengqiang Zheng, Yanqing Liu, Pu Wang, Qiquan Guo, Chaochao Tan

07-07-2022 | Original Paper

Tensile Strength of Cement-Treated Champlain Sea Clay
Jinyuan Liu, Kun Yang, Naresh Gurpersaud

04-07-2022 | Original Paper

Optimization of Gravity Concrete Dams Using the Grasshopper Algorithm (Case Study: Koyna Dam)
Mehran Seifollahi, Salim Abbasi, John Abraham, Reza Norouzi, Rasoul Daneshfaraz, Mohammad-Ali Lotfollahi-Yaghin, Ahmet Alkan

06-07-2022 | Original Paper

Numerical Study on Diffusion Distance and Plugging Effect of Grouting in a Vertical Fracture Under High Water Pressure
Jianbo Li

09-07-2022 | Original Paper

A Semi-Empirical Approach for Rockfall Prediction Along the Lengpui-Aizawl Highway Mizoram, India
Sahil Sardana, Rabindra Kumar Sinha, A. K. Verma, Mamta Jaswal, T. N. Singh

10-07-2022 | Original Paper

Application of Mixed Load-Bearing Structures in Earthquake Engineering
Yairakhan Kunanbayeva, Baisbay Yerimbetov, Berik Chalabayev, Farida Aubakirova, Bolat Duissenbekov

13-07-2022 | Original Paper

An Innovative Post Grouting Technique for Soil Nails
Max Gabriel Timo Barbosa, André Pacheco de Assis, Renato Pinto da Cunha

13-07-2022 | Original Paper

Experimental Study on Rock Failure Characteristics of Ejective Rock Burst Based on Energy Compensation
Junqi Fan, Peng Guo, Fuli Kong, Xiaoyan Shi

13-07-2022 | Original Paper

Post-cyclic Pullout Response of Geogrid in Compacted Sand and Clayey Sand with Emphasis on Pre-cyclic Load Effect
Ali Mahigir, Alireza Ardakani, Mahmoud Hassanlourad

16-07-2022 | Original Paper

Damage Constitutive and Failure Prediction of Artificial Single-Joint Sandstone Based on Acoustic Emission
Bing Sun, Haowei Yang, Sheng Zeng, Yu Luo

24-07-2022 | Original Paper

Experimental Study on Rainwater Erosion and Infiltration of Eco-Protection with PVC Pipes
Huang Yong-gang, Gui-yao Wang, Yao Deng, Zhi-min Luo

16-07-2022 | Original Paper

A Comprehensive Review of Development and Properties of Flyash-Based Geopolymer as a Sustainable Construction Material
Poonam Shekhawat, Gunwant Sharma, Rao Martand Singh

14-07-2022 | Original Paper

Data Mining for Landslide Genetic Mechanism Analysis in the Yunnan Province of China
Yan Du, Chen Chen

21-07-2022 | Original Paper

Statistical and Parametric Studies on Natural Levees as Weak Points Against Leakages in River Levees
Wenyue Zhang, Akihiro Takahashi

21-07-2022 | Original Paper

Study on Critical Safety Distance Between the Shield Tunnel and Front Fault Fracture Zone in Urban Metro
Liping Li, Yizhe Han, Jing Wang, Qing Jin, Yifan Xiong, Jixin Chong, Xingzhi Ba, Zhongdong Fang, Kai Wang

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