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Geotechnical and Geological Engineering

Issue 12/2022

Content (15 Articles)

Original Paper

An Overview of Chimney Subsidence Above Coal Mines

Gennaro G. Marino, Siavash Zamiran, Flavinson Almiron

Original Paper

A Blind Thrust Fault Ruptured During the 10 October 2018 Situbondo, East Java, Indonesia, Earthquake Estimated Using GNSS Data

Sindi Hajah Patimah, Endra Gunawan, Sri Widiyantoro, Wahyu Triyoso

Open Access Original Paper

Resonant Column Tests on Mixtures of Different Sands with Coarse Tyre Rubber Chips

Gerard Banzibaganye, Christos Vrettos

Original Paper

Effects of Protein-Based Biopolymer on Geotechnical Properties of Salt-Affected Sandy Soil

Houman Nouri, Pooria Ghadir, Hadi Fatehi, Nader Shariatmadari, Mohammad Saberian

Original Paper

Axial Behavior of Pressure Grouted Helical Piles Installed in Marine Soft Clay Based on Full-Scale Field Tests

Yunhan Huang, Xiaoxuan Zhuang, Peipei Wang, Zhongling Zong

Open Access Original Paper

Small Block Model Tests for the Behaviour of a Blocky Rock Mass Under a Concentrated Rock Anchor Load

Bjarte Grindheim, Karsten Sannes Aasbø, Are Håvard Høien, Charlie C. Li

Original Paper

Research and Application of Modified Cement Grouting Materials for Gushing Water Disaster in Karst Conduit

Qing Jin, Yanhai Qi, Zhaofeng Li, Haiyan Li, Jingpeng Chen

Original Paper

A Multiscale Investigation of the Effects of Water on Grain Crushing

Younes Salami, Christophe Dano, Pierre-Yves Hicher

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