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Geotechnical and Geological Engineering

Geotechnical and Geological Engineering 5/2006

Issue 5/2006

Table of Contents ( 20 Articles )

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Pseudo-dynamic approach of seismic active earth pressure behind retaining wall

Deepankar Choudhury, Sanjay S. Nimbalkar

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Ferric chloride treatment to control alakli induced heave in weathered red earth

P. V. Sivapullaiah, Manju

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Effect of the form of data on the quality of mine tremors hazard forecasting using neural networks

Józef Kabiesz

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

The log-normal distribution for hydraulic conductivity of compacted clays: Two or three parameters?

Huaming Zhai, Craig H. Benson

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Shear strength studies on soil-quarry dust mixtures

A. Sridharan, T. G. Soosan, Babu T. Jose, B. M. Abraham

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Natural rock joint roughness quantification through fractal techniques

P. H. S. W. Kulatilake, P. Balasingam, Jinyong Park, R. Morgan

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

The effect of surface profile, rock strength and pretension load on bending behaviour of fully grouted bolts

Hossein Jalalifar, Naj Aziz, Muhammad Hadi

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

A simple solution for drainage through a 2-dimensional hydraulic fill stope

Nagaratnam Sivakugan, Kelda S. Rankine

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Analysis of sinkhole occurrences over abandoned mines using fuzzy reasoning: a case study

Debasis Deb, Sung O. Choi

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Liquefaction evaluation discrepancies in tropical lagoonal soils

Peter G. Nicholson

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Experimental and numerical studies of rock salt strain hardening

M. Hamami

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Water infiltration characteristics of unsaturated soil slope and its effect on suction and stability

Bujang B. K. Huat, Faisal HJ. Ali, T. H. Low

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Characterization of a profile of residual soil from granite combining geological, geophysical and mechanical testing techniques

A. Viana Da Fonseca, J. Carvalho, C. Ferreira, J. A. Santos, F. Almeida, E. Pereira, J. Feliciano, J. Grade, A. Oliveira

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

An index for describing the core-stone shape in weathered columnar joints

Z. Y. Yang, T. J. Wu

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Sand–Attapulgite Clay Mixtures as a Landfill Liner

Amer A. Al-Rawas, Yahia E-A. Mohamedzein, Abdulaziz S. Al-Shabibi, Salem Al-Katheiri

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Compressibility and shear strength of a residual soil

Yahia E.-A. Mohamedzein, Mohammed H. Aboud

01-10-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Surface runoff in a torrent catchment area in Middle Europe and its prevention

G. Markart, B. Kohl, R. Kirnbauer, H. Pirkl, H. Bertle, R. Stern, A. Reiterer, P. Zanetti

01-10-2006 | Technical Note | Issue 5/2006

Relative performance of lime stabilized amended clay liners in different pore fluids

H. Lakshmikantha, P. V. Sivapullaiah

01-10-2006 | Technical Note | Issue 5/2006

Rock joint modeling using a visco-plastic multilaminate model at constant normal load condition

Reza Mahin Roosta, Mohammad Hossein Sadaghiani, Ali Pak, Yaser Saleh

01-10-2006 | Technical Note | Issue 5/2006

Methodology for determination of osmotic suction of soils

S. Sreedeep, D. N. Singh

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