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Geotechnical and Geological Engineering

Geotechnical and Geological Engineering 5/2021

Issue 5/2021

Table of Contents ( 46 Articles )

01-03-2021 | State-of-the-Art Review | Issue 5/2021

A Review to Develop new Correlations for Geotechnical Properties of Organic Soils

Ahmed ElMouchi, Sumi Siddiqua, Dharma Wijewickreme, Herbert Polinder

01-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Geostatistics-Based Method for Irregular Mineral Resource Estimation, in Ouenza Iron Mine, Northeastern Algeria

Oussama Zerzour, Larbi Gadri, Riheb Hadji, Faouzi Mebrouk, Younes Hamed

03-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Study on the Erodibility and Mechanical Resistance of Mulches Prepared from Micro Silica–Cement Mixtures

Fateme Naghizade Asl, Hamid Reza Asgari, Hojat Emami, Mohammad Jafari

11-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Discussion on the Multi-Solution of Three-Dimensional Slope Safety Factor

Huali Liu, Daizhong XU, Yangguang Min

09-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Simulation Study on Electromagnetic Response Characteristics of Unfavorable Geological Body Under Complex Conditions

Guo Yu, Haitao Li, Dongming Zhang

20-01-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Effect of Drain Pipes on Uplift Force and Exit Hydraulic Gradient and the Design of Gravity Dams Using the Finite Element Method

Ali Taheri Aghdam, Farzin Salmasi, John Abraham, Hadi Arvanaghi

05-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Effects of Large-Scale Unloading on Existing Shield Tunnels in Sandy Gravel Strata

Ke Wang, Miao Miao, Hui Zhou

24-01-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Failure Characteristics of Complicated Random Jointed Rock Mass Under Compressive-Shear Loading

Hang Lin, Biyang Sheng

11-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Failure Mechanical Characteristics of Rock with Different Hole Shapes

Chen Zhaofeng, Shang Yonghui

13-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Cyclic and Dynamic Behavior of Sand–Rubber and Clay–Rubber Mixtures

Sara Rios, Magdalena Kowalska, António Viana da Fonseca

09-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Blast Vibration and Fragmentation Control at Heavily Jointed Limestone Mine

Ranjit K. Paswan, M. P. Roy, Ravi Shankar, P. K. Singh

26-01-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Water Inrush Risk Assessment of Coal Floor After CBM Development Based on the Fractal-AHP-Vulnerlability Index Method

Jian-lin Li, Shu-wei Wang, Yan Wang, Xin-yi Wang, Xiong-xiong Wang

04-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Identification of the Main Control Factors and Failure Modes for the Failure of Baiyuzui Landslide Control Project

Yi Du, Echuan Yan, Xu Gao, Schadrack Mwizerwa, Liwei Yuan, Song Zhao

28-01-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Comparison of Two Expanding Excavation Schemes Based on Settlement Control with Field Monitoring Analysis

Yufeng Wang, Li Wu, Yao Cheng, Zhigang Huang

08-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Model on Improved Variable Weight-Matter Element Theory for Risk Assessment of Water Inrush in Karst Tunnels

Sheng Wang, Liping Li, Shuai Cheng, Zhenhua Liu, Ruosong Ding, Qiang You

03-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Research on Damage and Acoustic Emission Properties of Rock Under Uniaxial Compression

Xiaoming Li, Dongming Zhang, Guo Yu, Haitao Li, Weijing Xiao

02-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

The Improved Theory of Synergetic Action Between Anchor Support System and Surrounding Rock-I·L·4S Mechanism Theory and Its Application in Tunnel Support Engineering

Qingyong Xia, Xunguo Zhu, Guofeng Zhang, Shuai Yang, Wei Li

10-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021 Open Access

Theoretical and Experimental Results from Laboratory Tests by ILCM

M. Cardu, A. Rispoli, G. Iabichino, P. Oreste, F. Vagnon

05-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Research on the Formation and Development of Plastic Zones in Surrounding Rocks of Roadways Containing Gas

Lei Fan, Weijun Wang, Chao Yuan, Hai Wu, Wenqing Peng

28-01-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Research on Excavation and Stability of Deep High Stress Chamber Group: A Case Study of Anju Coal Mine

Feng Zhang, Jinxiao Liu, Xu Zhang, Haiming Ni, Yongle Liu

01-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Research on Construction Technology and Formation Deformation of Shield Tunneling Under River

Ping Xu, Chao Chen, Angran Zhang

02-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Generation and Dissipation of Excess Pore Water Pressure During CPTu in Clayey Soils: A Numerical Approach

A. A. Golestani Dariani, M. M. Ahmadi

03-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

A Simplified Calculation Method for Ultimate Mining Dimension in Thin Coal Seam

Yuxin Ban, Xiang Fu, Qiang Xie, Jianfeng Cui, Hong Xu

11-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Evaluation of Axial Performance of Hollow Bar Micropiles Constructed with Different Drill Bit to Hollow Bar Diameter Ratio

Maged A. Abdlrahem, M. Hesham El Naggar

01-03-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Obtaining Suction Distribution Within Vadose Zone of Highway Pavement System in Southwestern Nigeria Using Physico-Empirical Approach

Moruffdeen Adedapo Adabanija, Abel Idowu Olayinka, Olawale Olakunle Osinowo, Abdulquadri Tayo Junaid, Isiah Olufemi Adebayo

25-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Mechanism of Overlying Crack-Stress Evolution When Mining on the Dual Fault Zone

Hanxiao Guo, Weijian Yu, Yong Liu, Ke Li, Xiangtao Kang, Chen Wang, Guanghai Leng

27-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Slope Stability Analysis Using Rf, Gbm, Cart, Bt and Xgboost

Jayanti Prabha Bharti, Pratishtha Mishra, Usha moorthy, V. E. Sathishkumar, Yongyun Cho, Pijush Samui

18-03-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

The Effects of Water Content and Dry–Wet Cycles of Weak‐Interlayer Soil on Stability of Clastic Rock Slope

Yingzi Xu, Xuhang Liao, Jian Li, Lihua Chen, Lin Li

23-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Experimental Study on Rock-Support Interaction in Deep Tunnel Under Complex Geological Conditions

Ming-yang Ren, Qian-yong Zhang, Long-yun Zhang, Wang-sheng Wang

24-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Grouting Material for Broken Surrounding Rock and its Mechanical Properties of Grouting Reinforcement

Shaojie Ma, Depeng Ma

22-04-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Determination of a New Failure Criterion for Rock Mass and Concrete

Roberto Ucar

19-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Engineering geology consideration for low-wall stability analysis in open-pit coal mine


03-03-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Study on Shear Strength of Cement Face Between Rock and Concrete

Yang Ping, Bi Sun, Zhende Zhu, Zhijian Jiang, Yanxin He

19-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Indirect Estimation of Rock Uniaxial Compressive Strength from Simple Index Tests: Review and Improved Least Squares Regression Tree Predictive Model

Zhu Tang, Shuqing Li, Shouqing Huang, Fei Huang, Fangfang Wan

27-03-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

The Equivalent Modulus of Elasticity of Soil Mediums for Designing Shallow Foundations

Lysandros Pantelidis

22-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Effects of Degradation of Vegetal Fibers on the Mechanical Behavior of Reinforced Sand

Mariana V. Silveira, Michéle D. T. Casagrande

22-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Analysis of WRCC of Fly Ash-Bentonite Mixes Based on Combined Shrinkage and Suction Measurement

Abhijit Deka, Chandra B. Gupt, Sreedeep Sekharan

21-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Study on Monitoring Technology of Surrounding Rock in Deep Layered Roadway Based on Constant Resistance and Large Deformation Bolt

Dinggui Hou, Xinyu Zheng, Xu Fu

27-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Influence of Internal Friction Angle and Interface Roughness on Shear Behavior of Mortar-Rock Binary Medium Joint

Wenyu Tang, Hang Lin

20-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

New Systematic Method to Determine Elastic Constants and Crack Propagation Thresholds of Brittle Rocks Under Triaxial Compression

Hua Yu, Kam Ng

16-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Dimensional Effects on Dynamic Properties and the Relationships between Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity and Physical Properties of Rock Under Various Environmental Conditions

Hasan Arman, Safwan Paramban

30-03-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 5/2021

Empirical Relationships Between the Elastic Settlement of Rigid Rectangular Foundations and the Settlement of the Respective Flexible Foundations

Lysandros Pantelidis

26-01-2021 | Technical Note | Issue 5/2021

The Effect of the Modular Block Type on Segmental Walls in Soil Reinforced by Geogrid

Baaziz Salah Eddine, Mellas Mekki

05-04-2021 | Technical Note | Issue 5/2021

New Method to Predict Crater Depth Obtained in Dynamic Compaction

Tennison Freire de Souza Jr., Rodrigo Paulo Strano Pasqual

22-02-2021 | Technical Note | Issue 5/2021

Influence of Weathering on the Strength and Hoek–Brown Parameters of a Kinzigite Gneiss

Eduardo Antonio Gomes Marques, Eurípedes do Amaral Vargas Júnior, Luana Cláudia Pereira, Marcio Fernandes Leão

17-02-2021 | Technical Note | Issue 5/2021

Examining Thermodynamic Changes During Soil Moisture Loss

Sudhakar M. Rao, Monica Rekapalli

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