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Geotechnical and Geological Engineering 6/2022
Geotechnical and Geological Engineering

Issue 6/2022


Table of Contents (29 Articles)

10-02-2022 | Original Paper

Failure Behavior of Room and Pillar with Different Room Configuration Under Uniaxial Loading Using Experimental Test and Numerical Simulation
Vahab Sarfarazi, Shahin Fattahi, Kaveh Asgari, Reza Bahrami, Xiao Wang

07-02-2022 | Original Paper

Testing Simplified Beerkan Infiltration (SBI) Methods on Technosol to Estimate the Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity
D. Yilmaz

05-02-2022 | Original Paper

Estimation of Raft Settlement Based on Linear Elastic Finite Element Analysis
Priyanka Bhartiya, Tanusree Chakraborty, Dipanjan Basu

Open Access 27-01-2022 | Original Paper

Study on Acoustic Emission Characteristics of Different Felsic Metagabbros Under Hydraulic Coupling
Tongzhao Zhang, Hongguang Ji, Xiaobo Su, Daolu Quan, Zhou Zhang, Jinzhe Li

27-01-2022 | Original Paper

Landslide Susceptibility Mapping: An Integrated Approach using Geographic Information Value, Remote Sensing, and Weight of Evidence Method
Litesh Bopche, Priti P. Rege

28-01-2022 | Original Paper

Interaction of a Shield Structure with Surrounding Rock Strata Under Geo-static and Fatigue Loadings
Sreenivasa Rao Islavath, Debasis Deb

11-02-2022 | Original Paper

Mechanical Behaviour of Laterally Loaded Large-Diameter Steel Tubular Piles Embedded in Soft Rock
Vijayakanthan Kunasegaram, Jiro Takemura

21-02-2022 | Original Paper

Numerical Evaluation of Local Site Effects on Amplification of the 2017 Mw 7.3 Sarpol-e-Zahab, Iran, Earthquake Waves Using Near and Far-Field Records
Hassan Sharafi, Niloofar Raeisi

09-02-2022 | Original Paper

Physical and Mechanical Characterisation of Metadolerite
Sunita Mishra, Tanusree Chakraborty

Open Access 10-02-2022 | Original Paper

Stability Charts for Closely Spaced Strip Footings on Hoek–Brown Rock Mass
Suraparb Keawsawasvong, Jim Shiau, Khemmapa Limpanawannakul, Suttikarn Panomchaivath

11-02-2022 | Original Paper

Influence Mechanism of Mine Pressure on Coal Seam Gas Emission During Mining
Chaowen Hu, Qian Li, Yilong Wang, Yongyuan Li, Yaqian Wang, Ke Chang

18-02-2022 | Original Paper

Development and Application of Rock Fracture Propagation Numerical Simulation System
Hui Wang, Hang Zhou, Shichang Shang, Cheng Jiang

02-03-2022 | Original Paper

Stacking Ensemble Machine Learning-Based Shear Strength Model for Rock Discontinuity
Hadi Fathipour-Azar

01-03-2022 | Original Paper

Stability Analysis of Upstream and Downstream Dam Slopes with Water Level Drawdown Using Response Surface Function
Dongxian Li, Liang Li, Liang Xu, Chunli Li, Kaiqi Meng, Yuan Gao, Zhengquan Yang

02-03-2022 | Original Paper

Application of Leeb Hardness Test in Prediction of Dynamic Elastic Constants of Sedimentary and Igneous Rocks
Sasan Ghorbani, Seyed Hadi Hoseinie, Ebrahim Ghasemi, Taghi Sherizadeh

01-03-2022 | Original Paper

Deviation Principles of Gas Drainage Drilling in Three-Soft Outburst Coal Seams
Qi Zhang, Qinzhi Liu, Yahui Lou, Dezhong Kong

16-03-2022 | Original Paper

Modification of the Natural Slake Test and Assessment of Slaking Behavior of a Shale from Malaysia Under Rainfall
Teck Yew Lai, Vera Hui Loo, Vun Ket Wong, Kwong Soon Wong

04-03-2022 | Original Paper

A Predictive Model for Estimating the TBM Penetration Rate Based on Hybrid ICA-ANN and DEA-AHP Algorithms
Mosleh Eftekhari, Nasrollah Eftekhari

02-03-2022 | Original Paper

Influence of Morphology of Sliding Surface on Its Seepage Characteristics and Slope Stability Under Fluctuations in Reservoir Water Level
Jian Chen, Yubo Zhu, Lei Lv, Hairong Huang

07-03-2022 | Original Paper

Estimation of Pore Volume Compressibility in Carbonate Reservoir Rocks Based on a Classification
Seyed Amin Moosavi, Hesam Aloki Bakhtiari, Javad Honarmand

22-03-2022 | Original Paper

Shale Microstructure Extraction Based on Micro-CT and Permeability Inversion
Jicheng Zhang, Sheng Sang, Tianran Ma, Chunguang Wang, Junguo Chen

05-03-2022 | Original Paper

Research on the Mechanical Properties of 3D Printing Polymer Reinforced Cemented Tailings Backfill Under Uniaxial Compression
Zhiqiang Huang, Shuai Cao, Shiwen Qin

08-03-2022 | Original Paper

Mechanical Effect of Vetiver Grass Root for Stabilization of Natural and Terraced Hill Slope
Shamontee Aziz, Mohammad Shariful Islam

23-03-2022 | Original Paper

Engineering Geological Properties of Building Stones from the North-Eastern Part of the Vienna Basin in the Western Carpathians
Martin Bednarik, Rudolf Holzer, Daniel Pivko, Rudolf Tornyai, Alžbeta Hornáčková

29-03-2022 | Original Paper

The Strength and Macro-mesoscopic Fracture Characteristics of 3D-printed Rock-like Specimens with Internal Parallel Joints
Benxin Wang, Aibing Jin, Hongjuan Dong, Tong Lu

29-03-2022 | Original Paper

A Potential Mitigation Measure for the Seismic Distress of the Circuit Wall at the Acropolis of Athens
Manolis Katsirakis, Yiannis Tsompanakis, Prodromos N. Psarropoulos

31-03-2022 | Original Paper

Prediction of Rock Abrasivity Index (RAI) and Uniaxial Compressive Strength (UCS) of Granite Building Stones Using Nondestructive Tests
Ali Farhadian, Ebrahim Ghasemi, Seyed Hadi Hoseinie, Raheb Bagherpour

11-03-2022 | Technical Note

The Research on Stability of Surrounding Rock in Gob-Side Entry Driving in Deep and Thick Seam
Shi Jianjun, Feng Jicheng, Peng Rui, Zhu Quanjie

27-03-2022 | Technical Note

Mechanical Behavior of Clayey Soil Reinforced with Recycled Tire Rubber Using Chips and Fibers
Natalia Andrea Durán Jaramillo, José Wilson dos Santos Ferreira, José Adriano Cardoso Malko, Michéle Dal Toé Casagrande