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Geotechnical and Geological Engineering 7/2021
Geotechnical and Geological Engineering

Issue 7/2021


Table of Contents (52 Articles)

17-04-2021 | Original Paper

Design of Initial Shotcrete Lining for a Mine Shaft Using Two-Dimensional Finite Element Models Considering Excavation Advance Rate
Saeed Naseri, Navid Bahrani

26-03-2021 | Original Paper

Coupling Rheological Behavior of Rock Mass Supported with Rockbolts Based on the Point Load Model
Wei Fang, Gang Wang, Chuanzheng Liu, Xianda Zhang

20-03-2021 | Original Paper

A Numerical Simulation of Bolt Grouting Reinforcement for Reducing the Optimum Dimensions of Jointed Hard Rock Pillars in Faryab Chromite Mine (Iran)
Mohammad hossein Motamedi, Mehdi Najafi

12-05-2021 | Original Paper

Study on the Influence of Close Distance Construction of Urban Tunnel on the Existing Station
Yang Zheng, Ke Wu, Jie Sun, Rong Chen, Yameng Li, Shifeng Yang

20-04-2021 | Original Paper

Mechanism of Abnormal Surface Subsidence Induced by Fault Instability
Zhang Gangyan

Open Access 01-04-2021 | Original Paper

Laboratory Experiments and Grain Based Discrete Element Numerical Simulations Investigating the Thermo-Mechanical Behaviour of Sandstone
James Woodman, Audrey Ougier-Simonin, Anastasios Stavrou, Ioannis Vazaios, William Murphy, Mark E. Thomas, Helen J. Reeves

23-03-2021 | Original Paper

Research on Failure Process and Precursor Information of Surrounding Rock of Deep Layered Roadway Based on Digital Image Correlation Method
Dinggui Hou, Xu Fu, Chenmei Lu

01-04-2021 | Original Paper

Field test research on post-grouting effect for super-long cast-in-place bored pile in thick soft foundation
Yun-liang Cui, Chang-guang Qi, Jin-hui Zheng, Xin-quan Wang, Shi-min Zhang

09-04-2021 | Original Paper

On Empirical Correlations for Normalised Shear Strengths from Fall Cone and Direct Simple Shear Tests in Soft Swedish Clays
Sölve Hov, Anders Prästings, Erik Persson, Stefan Larsson

Open Access 16-04-2021 | Original Paper

Basin-Scale 3D Sedimentary Modelling: An Approach to Subdivide Baltic Sea Onshore Sediments for Land use and Construction
Antti E. K. Ojala, Joonas J. Virtasalo, Elina Lindsberg, Mira Markovaara-Koivisto

05-04-2021 | Original Paper

Research on short wall continuous mining technology with full roof falling and roof control measures
Shuli Wang, Guangli Zhu, Kaizhi Zhang, Yuchen Wang

16-04-2021 | Original Paper

Research on Peak Shear Strength Criterion of Rock Joints Based on the Evolution of Dilation Angle
Linnan Ding, Guoying Li

16-04-2021 | Original Paper

Experimental Studies and its Application using PLAXIS-2D for Lithomargic Clay Stabilized by GBFS and Lime
K. Mahesh Bhat, Sitaram Nayak

19-04-2021 | Original Paper

Improvement of an Extremely Highly Plastic Expansive Clay with Hydrated Lime and Fly Ash
İnci Süt Ünver, M. Ayşen Lav, Erdal Çokça

16-04-2021 | Original Paper

Uplift Capacity Prediction of Continuous Helix Piles in Cohesionless Soils Using Cone Penetrometer Tests
Ouahcène Nait-Rabah, Gildas Medjigbodo, Lakhdar Salhi, Christophe Roos, Daniel Dias

15-04-2021 | Original Paper

Prediction of Unconfined Compressive Strength and Flexural Strength of Cement-Stabilized Sandy Soils: A Case Study in Vietnam
Huu-Dao Do, Van-Ngoc Pham, Hong-Hai Nguyen, Phuong-Nam Huynh, Jie Han

20-04-2021 | Original Paper

Microstructural Analyses of Cement-Based Binders in Stabilizing Champlain Sea Clay
Moulay Youssef Monsif, Jinyuan Liu, Naresh Gurpersaud

16-04-2021 | Original Paper

Numerical Simulation Study on Crack Evolution Characteristics of Coal Specimen Subjected to Conventional Compression Loading
Weibo Yu, Huiqiang Duan

17-05-2021 | Original Paper

Observation of Hydraulic Fracture Morphology for Laboratory Experiments by Using Multiple Methods
Peng Tan, Xiaoling Hu, Yan Jin, Shihao Fu

17-04-2021 | Original Paper

Inversion Analysis of In-situ Stress Field in Tunnel Fault Zone Considering High Geothermal
Bin Chen, Qingyang Ren, Feifei Wang, Yicong Zhao, Chunduo Liu

21-04-2021 | Original Paper

Relationships Between Petrophysical and Mechanical Properties of Certain Calcarenites Used in Building
Giulia Forestieri, Mónica Álvarez de Buergo

05-05-2021 | Original Paper

Research on surrounding rock rheological effect and control method of large section chamber group in deep well
Leisheng Zhou, Yubing Huang, Zhuhai Shao, Fenglin Ma, Peng Zhang, Yue Wang

23-04-2021 | Original Paper

Numerical Analysis of Himalayan Rock Tunnels under Static and Blast Loading
Mohammad Zaid, Irfan Ahmad Shah

09-05-2021 | Original Paper

Creep Properties of Altered Rock Subjected to Water Influx-Lost Cycles
Xuxin Chen, Zhe Qin, Houli Fu

15-05-2021 | Original Paper

Research on the Evolution Law of Spatial Structure of Overlying Strata and Evaluation of Rock Burst Risks in Deep Well Strip Mining
Zhengxing Yu, Jinglin Wen, Haitao Ma, Quande Wei

22-04-2021 | Original Paper

Progressive Failure Analysis of Slope Water Damage Based on Improved Green-Ampt Infiltration Model
Bin Chen, Qingyang Ren, Feifei Wang, Renkun Zhang, Beilei Liu, Wenhao Xie

20-04-2021 | Original Paper

Investigation of Failed Slopes Based on a New Method of Back Analysis in Rock Masses: A Case Study
Mohammad Hossein Taherynia, Mohammadreza Koopialipoor, Abbas Azizzadeh, Ahmad Fahimifar, Soheil Ghyasvand

20-04-2021 | Original Paper

Secondary toppling failure analysis and optimal support design for ignimbrites in the Ihlara Valley (Cappadocia, Turkey) by finite element method (FEM)
Mehmet Sari

24-04-2021 | Original Paper

Determination and Engineering Practice of Unsupported Roof Distance for Rapid Excavation of Roadway with Thick and Hard Basic Roof
Sen Yang, Xinzhu Hua, Peng Yang, Xiao Liu

08-05-2021 | Original Paper

Analysis of Dynamic Response of Subway to Adjacent Tunnel with Different Clear Distances
Yajun Li, Xuanqi Du, Xifeng Li

22-04-2021 | Original Paper

Study on the Fractal Model of Erosion of Soft Rock by Water Immersed: Case Study Erosion of Metamorphic Slate
Lujun Ding, Yuhong Liu

02-05-2021 | Original Paper

Failure Effect of Seismic Faults and the Slope Stability Along Highways Under Seismic Hazards Based on Dynamic Finite Element Analysis and Genetic Algorithm
Li Yanhong, Guo Zeng, Jing Haibin, Li Hongqiang, Deng Quancai

27-05-2021 | Original Paper

Risk Factor Identification and Evaluation on SPB Shield Underneath Existing Railroad Settlement
Hongde Wang, Zhaohe Guan, Shitong He

04-05-2021 | Original Paper

Research on Creep Deformation and Control Mechanism of Weak Surrounding Rock in Super Large Section Tunnel
Yubing Huang, Tiantao Zhang, Wei Lu, Huayong Wei, Yue Liu, Yuchi Xiao, Zhaonan Zeng

12-05-2021 | Original Paper

Experimental Research Into Influence of Discontinuity Angle on Roof Breaking
Hebing Luan, Yi Chen

09-05-2021 | Original Paper

Analysis and Prediction of Long-Term Settlement of Metro Shield Tunnel in Saturated Sand
Jianzheng Liu, Yixin Yang, Chunjie Yang

28-04-2021 | Original Paper

The Influence of Water Balance for Slope Stability on the High Mine Waste Dump

03-05-2021 | Original Paper

Study on the JH-2 Model Parameters for Metro Shield Cutting Reinforced Concrete Pile
Ping Xu, Sixian Zuo

27-04-2021 | Original Paper

Identification of Subsurface Structures and Dynamic Modulus Determination Based on Downhole Seismic Surveys (Case Study)
Hosein Chatrayi, Farnusch Hajizadeh, Behnam Taghavi

29-04-2021 | Original Paper

Laboratory Investigation of Hollow and Solid Shaft Helical Soil Nail by Displacement Controlled Pullout Testing
Pankaj Sharma, Saurabh Rawat, Ashok Kumar Gupta

03-05-2021 | Original Paper

Optimization Methods of Blasting Parameters of Large Cross-Section Tunnel in Horizontal Layered Rock Mass
Jie Mei, Wanzhi Zhang, Bangshu Xu, Yongxue Zhu, Bingkun Wang

05-05-2021 | Original Paper

Numerical Analysis of Deformation Control of Deep Foundation Pit in Ulanqab City
Zhaolun Wang

12-05-2021 | Original Paper

Stress/strain variability in fractured media: a fracture geometric study
Meysam Khodaei, Ebrahim Biniaz Delijani, Ali Naghi Dehghan, Mastaneh Hajipour, Kasra Karroubi

18-03-2021 | Technical Note

Research on the Regular of Underground Pressure by Similarity Simulation
Shi Jianjun, Feng Jicheng

05-04-2021 | Technical Note

The Effect of Heavy Tamping on Structured Residual Clay Site
Matheus Miotto Rizzon, Alexia Cindy Wagner, Vinicius Batista Godoy, Eclesielter Batista Moreira, Nilo Cesar Consoli

22-04-2021 | Technical Note

Analysis on the Regular of Underground Pressure in Large Dip Angle Coal Seam with Soft Roof and Floor
Jianjun Shi, Jicheng Feng, Lijie Ma, Hao Li

22-04-2021 | Technical Note

Measure technology for loose circle and its application
Jianjun Shi, Jicheng Feng, Lijie Ma, Hao Li

28-04-2021 | Technical Note

Correlations between Compression Index and Index Properties of Undisturbed and Disturbed Tehran clay
Davood Akbarimehr, Abolfazl Eslami, Reza Imam

05-05-2021 | Technical Note

The Effect of Key Parameters on the Strength of a Dispersive Soil Stabilized with Sustainable Binders
Hugo Carlos Scheuermann Filho, Carlos Guilherme Martins, Ricardo José Wink Menezes, Lucas Eduardo Dornelles, Nilo Cesar Consoli

29-04-2021 | Technical Note

Added Cutting Teeth to Promote Surface Crack Incisions for Cutting Sandstone
Jie Liu, Gangyuan Jiang, Taoying Liu, Qiao Liang

29-04-2021 | Technical Note

Technology and Performance Analysis of Preventing Surface Subsidence by Sealing and Backfilling the Goaf with Urban Waste
Yu Xiong, Dezhong Kong, Yuliang Wang, Qinzhi Liu, Yuanheng Gong

22-05-2021 | Correction

Correction to: Effect of Soil Improvement Techniques on Increasing the Lateral Resistance of Single Piles in Soft Clay (Numerical Investigation)
Saeid Eltaweila, Marawan M. Shahien, Ahmed M. Nasr, Ahmed Farouk