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Glass and Ceramics

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Mechanism of Laser Immersion-Processing of Glass

The mechanism of the interaction of short-pulse laser radiation with glass and an immersion liquid in which a workpiece is immersed was investigated.


Synthesis and Properties of Silicon-Carbide-Modified Porous Glass Composite

The synthesis and properties of a porous glass composite obtained, based on cullet powder using aluminum powder and liquid glass, at temperatures not exceeding 100°C are discussed. It is shown that silicon carbide or a mixture of silicon carbide …


Foam Glass Synthesis by the Hydrate Method Based on Different Natural Materials

A number of batch compositions based on quartz sand from the Chalganskoe deposit, opoka from the Botchinskoe deposit, slag from the Artem TPP, and diatomite from the Chernoyarskoe deposit were developed. The density and porosity of the synthesized …


Uralian Ultrapure Quartz: Raw Material Source for Making Transparent Quartz Glass

Uralian ultrapure quartz is a world-class raw-material source for making transparent quartz glass with unique properties: total content of all impurity elements (Al, Fe, Ca, Mg, Na, K, Ti, Li, B, Cr, Ni, Mn, Cu) in the beneficiated quartz …


Chemical Transformations as a Tool for Controlling the Properties of Calcium Carbonate Powder

Calcium carbonate CaCO3 (calcite) powder with 100 – 200 nm size particles with nearly isometric shape was obtained by heat-treating at 600°C a product synthesized from a 2 M solution of citric acid H3C6H5O7∙ H2O and commercial calcium carbonate …

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Glass and Ceramics reports on advances in basic and applied research and plant production techniques in glass and ceramics. The journal's broad coverage includes developments in the areas of silicate chemistry, mineralogy and metallurgy, crystal chemistry, solid state reactions, raw materials, phase equilibria, reaction kinetics, physicochemical analysis, physics of dielectrics, and refractories, among others.

Glass and Ceramics is a translation of the peer-reviewed Russian journal Steklo i Keramika. The Russian Volume Year is published in English from April.

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