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Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management

Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management 2/2020

Issue 2/2020

Table of Contents ( 5 Articles )

10-02-2020 | Original Research | Issue 2/2020

Can CRM Flexibility Raise Bank Efficiency?

Nikita Konovalov, Alexander Gromoff, Alina V. Vladimirova, Yaroslav Gorchakov

28-02-2020 | Original Research | Issue 2/2020

Theory Building on Supply Chain Resilience: A SAP–LAP Analysis

P. Siva Kumar, Ramesh Anbanandam

18-03-2020 | Original Research | Issue 2/2020

Competitive Environment Between Green and Non-green Products Considering Disruption and Alliance Strategy

Pegah Bahrani, Alireza Arshadi Khamseh

18-05-2020 | Original Research | Issue 2/2020

Assessing the Readiness Level of Healthcare for Implementing Agility Using Fuzzy Logic Approach

V. Vaishnavi, M. Suresh

18-05-2020 | Original Research | Issue 2/2020

Overall Equipment Effectiveness: Required but not Enough—An Analysis Integrating Overall Equipment Effect and Data Envelopment Analysis

Fabio Antonio Sartori Piran, Alaércio De Paris, Daniel Pacheco Lacerda, Luis Felipe Riehs Camargo, Rosiane Serrano, Ricardo Augusto Cassel

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