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Granular Computing 1/2021
Granular Computing

Issue 1/2021

Data-Driven Granular Computing Systems and Applications


Table of Contents (17 Articles)

19-03-2020 | Preface

Data-Driven Granular Computing Systems and Applications
Ruidan Su, George Panoutsos, Xiaodong Yue

23-10-2019 | Original Paper

A survey on granular computing and its uncertainty measure from the perspective of rough set theory
Yunlong Cheng, Fan Zhao, Qinghua Zhang, Guoyin Wang

31-08-2019 | Original Paper

Dynamic risk-sensitive fuzzy asset management with coherent risk measures derived from decision maker’s utility
Yuji Yoshida

29-08-2019 | Original Paper

VGHC: a variable granularity hierarchical clustering for community detection
Jie Chen, Yang Li, Xuejie Yang, Shu Zhao, Yanping Zhang

21-09-2019 | Original Paper

Measures and approximations using empirical structures
Ivo Düntsch, Günther Gediga, Hui Wang

27-08-2019 | Original Paper

A multi-granular network representation learning method
Jie Chen, Ziwei Du, Xian Sun, Shu Zhao, Yanping Zhang

31-08-2019 | Original Paper

An approach to merge domain ontologies using granular computing
M. Priya, Ch. Aswani Kumar

05-11-2019 | Original Paper

Overlapping community detection in social networks with Voronoi and tolerance neighborhood-based method
Kushagra Trivedi, Sheela Ramanna


Prediction of phosphorylation sites based on granular support vector machine
Gong Cheng, Qingfeng Chen, Ruchang Zhang

01-06-2019 | Original Paper

Algebraic approaches to granular computing
Hua Mao, Mengjun Hu, Yiyu Yao

06-02-2020 | Original Paper

Set-theoretic models of three-way decision
Yiyu Yao

12-06-2019 | Original Paper

Rough set approach to non-cooperative continuous differential games
M. G. Brikaa, Zhoushun Zheng, El-Saeed Ammar

20-05-2019 | Original Paper

Arithmetic operations on normal semi elliptic intuitionistic fuzzy numbers and their application in decision-making
Palash Dutta, Bornali Saikia

22-05-2019 | Original Paper

Novel distance measures for Pythagorean fuzzy sets with applications to pattern recognition problems
P. A. Ejegwa, J. A. Awolola

07-06-2019 | Original Paper

Complex multi-fuzzy context analysis at different granulation
Prem Kumar Singh

11-06-2019 | Original Paper

A deep learning approach for financial market prediction: utilization of Google trends and keywords
Min-Hsuan Fan, Mu-Yen Chen, En-Chih Liao

19-06-2019 | Original Paper

Deep multiple classifier fusion for traffic scene recognition
Fangyu Wu, Shiyang Yan, Jeremy S. Smith, Bailing Zhang

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