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Granular Computing 1/2022
Granular Computing

Issue 1/2022


Table of Contents (15 Articles)

09-01-2021 | Original Paper

Topological approaches to rough approximations based on closure operators
Mostafa K. El-Bably, Kamel K. Fleifel, O. A. Embaby

03-01-2021 | Original Paper

Medical diagnostic process based on modified composite relation on pythagorean fuzzy multi-sets
P. A. Ejegwa, C. Jana, M. Pal

12-01-2021 | Original Paper

Competition graphs with complex intuitionistic fuzzy information
Muhammad Akram, Aqsa Sattar, Arsham Borumand Saeid

12-01-2021 | Original Paper

Multi-criteria decision-making based on bi-parametric exponential fuzzy information measures and weighted correlation coefficients
Rajesh Joshi

04-01-2021 | Original Paper

A method for solving linear difference equation in Gaussian fuzzy environments
Mostafijur Rahaman, Sankar Prasad Mondal, Ebrahem A. Algehyne, Amiya Biswas, Shariful Alam

01-03-2021 | Original Paper

Intuitionistic fuzzy scale-invariant entropy with correlation coefficients-based VIKOR approach for multi-criteria decision-making
Rakhi Gupta, Satish Kumar

26-02-2021 | Original Paper

Novel score functions of generalized orthopair fuzzy membership grades with application to multiple attribute decision making
Feng Feng, Yujuan Zheng, Bingzhen Sun, Muhammad Akram

14-03-2021 | Original Paper

A new picture fuzzy divergence measure based on Jensen–Tsallis information measure and its application to multicriteria decision making
Ratika Kadian, Satish Kumar

11-02-2021 | Original Paper

Fuzzy risk analysis using a new technique of ranking of generalized trapezoidal fuzzy numbers
Kartik Patra

22-03-2021 | Original Paper

Multi-attribute group decision making based on sine trigonometric spherical fuzzy aggregation operators
Muhammad Qiyas, Saleem Abdullah, Saifullah Khan, Muhammad Naeem

20-02-2021 | Original Paper

Recurrent fuzzy time series functions approaches for forecasting
Erol Egrioglu, Robert Fildes, Eren Baş

17-02-2021 | Original Paper

Multiple classifiers fusion for facial expression recognition
Chuanjie Zhang, Changming Zhu

14-03-2021 | Original Paper

Generalized intuitionistic fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm using an adaptive intuitionistic fuzzification technique
Meenakshi Kaushal, Q. M. Danish Lohani

20-04-2021 | Original Paper

Multi-attribute decision-making with q-rung picture fuzzy information
Muhammad Akram, Gulfam Shahzadi, José Carlos R. Alcantud

12-05-2021 | Original Paper

Multi-criteria decision making based on intuitionistic cubic fuzzy numbers
Muneeza, Saleem Abdullah, Muhammad Qiyas, Muhammad Ali Khan

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