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Granular Computing 2/2020
Granular Computing

Issue 2/2020


Table of Contents (10 Articles)

12-12-2019 | Original Paper

Decision-making with measure modeled uncertain payoffs and multiple goals
Ronald R. Yager

03-10-2018 | Original Paper

A new box selection criterion in interval Bernstein global optimization algorithm for MINLPs
Bhagyesh V. Patil, Ahmed Zidna

03-11-2018 | Original Paper

Novel distance measures for cubic intuitionistic fuzzy sets and their applications to pattern recognitions and medical diagnosis
Harish Garg, Gagandeep Kaur

23-11-2018 | Original Paper

Novel hybrid decision-making methods based on mF rough information
Muhammad Akram, Arooj Adeel

10-12-2018 | Original Paper

Interval methods for robust gain scheduling controllers
An LMI-based approach
Julia Kersten, Andreas Rauh, Harald Aschemann

04-12-2018 | Original Paper

Fuzzy rough soft set and its application to lattice
Susanta Bera, Sankar Kumar Roy

19-12-2018 | Original Paper

Distance and similarity measures for Pythagorean fuzzy sets
Paul Augustine Ejegwa

11-12-2018 | Original Paper

Neighborhood attribute reduction approach to partially labeled data
Keyu Liu, Eric C. C. Tsang, Jingjing Song, Hualong Yu, Xiangjian Chen, Xibei Yang

14-01-2019 | Original Paper

Maclaurin symmetric means of dual hesitant fuzzy information and their use in multi-criteria decision making
Zhiming Zhang

12-02-2019 | Original Paper

Improved composite relation for pythagorean fuzzy sets and its application to medical diagnosis
Paul Augustine Ejegwa

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