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Granular Computing 2/2021
Granular Computing

Issue 2/2021


Table of Contents (16 Articles)

18-06-2019 | Original Paper

Symptom-herb knowledge discovery based on attribute partial ordered structure diagrams
Hui Meng, Wenxue Hong, Cunguo Yu, Weili Ding, Jialin Song, Shaoxiong Li, Enliang Yan

24-06-2019 | Original Paper

A series of generalized induced Einstein aggregation operators and their application to group decision-making process based on Pythagorean fuzzy numbers
Khaista Rahman

19-07-2019 | Original Paper

Single stage fuzzy supply chain model with Weibull distributed demand for milk commodities
M. R. Bhosale, R. V. Latpate

15-07-2019 | Original Paper

Distance measures for cubic Pythagorean fuzzy sets and its applications to multicriteria decision making
Pranjal Talukdar, Palash Dutta

26-07-2019 | Original Paper

A new approach of cubic interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy subsemigroup and ideals
A. B. Azim, A. Ali, S. Ali, A. Fahmi, A. Siddiqa

13-08-2019 | Original Paper

Aggregation operators on cubic linguistic hesitant fuzzy numbers and their application in group decision-making
Aliya Fahmi, Saleem Abdullah, Fazli Amin

31-07-2019 | Original Paper

Multi-criteria decision making under uncertainty via the operations of generalized intuitionistic fuzzy numbers
Palash Dutta

07-08-2019 | Original Paper

Group decision-making approach under multi (Q, N)-soft multi granulation rough model
Muhammad Akram, Ghous Ali

06-08-2019 | Original Paper

Intuitionistic interval-valued hesitant fuzzy matrix games with a new aggregation operator for solving management problem
Ankan Bhaumik, Sankar Kumar Roy

19-08-2019 | Original Paper

Fuzzy decision making for medical diagnosis using arithmetic of generalised parabolic fuzzy numbers
Palash Dutta, Dhanesh Doley

07-09-2019 | Original Paper

Three-way clustering method for incomplete information system based on set-pair analysis
Chunying Zhang, Ruiyan Gao, Hao Qin, Xiaoze Feng

24-09-2019 | Original Paper

Solving I-fuzzy two person zero-sum matrix games: Tanaka and Asai approach
Deeba Naqvi, Abha Aggarwal, Geeta Sachdev, Imran Khan

27-09-2019 | Original Paper

Three-way decision models and its optimization based on Dempster–Shafer evidence theory and rough sets
Chunying Zhang, Xiaoze Feng, Ruiyan Gao

31-10-2019 | Original Paper

Multiple attribute group decision making based on weighted aggregation operators of triangular neutrosophic cubic fuzzy numbers
Aliya Fahmi, Fazli Amin, Hidayat Ullah

04-11-2019 | Original Paper

Failure prioritization and control using the neutrosophic best and worst method
Melih Yucesan, Muhammet Gul

07-11-2019 | Original Paper

Gradual interval arithmetic and fuzzy interval arithmetic
Reda Boukezzoula, Laurent Foulloy, Didier Coquin, Sylvie Galichet

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