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Granular Computing 4/2020
Granular Computing

Issue 4/2020


Table of Contents (10 Articles)

11-02-2019 | Original Paper

Barriers analysis for reverse logistics in Thailand’s palm oil industry using fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making method for prioritizing the solutions
Patchara Phochanikorn, Chunqiao Tan, Wen Chen

12-04-2019 | Original Paper

Shape recognition through multi-level fusion of features and classifiers
Xinming Wang, Weili Ding, Han Liu, Xiangsheng Huang

29-04-2019 | Original Paper

Traffic-flow prediction via granular computing and stacked autoencoder
Jianhua Chen, Wenjing Yuan, Jingjing Cao, Haili Lv

03-05-2019 | Original Paper

A novel equilibrium solution concept for intuitionistic fuzzy bi-matrix games considering proportion mix of possibility and necessity expectations
Imran Khan, Aparna Mehra

22-05-2019 | Original Paper

Supplier selection using a flexible interval-valued fuzzy VIKOR
Iman Mohamad Sharaf

30-04-2019 | Original Paper

An improved random forests approach for interactive lobar segmentation on emphysema detection
Qiang Li, Lei Chen, Xiangju Li, Shuyue Xia, Yan Kang

10-05-2019 | Original Paper

A three-way decision method in a fuzzy condition decision information system and its application in credit card evaluation
Zhaowen Li, Dan Huang

30-05-2019 | Original Paper

New approach of triangular neutrosophic cubic linguistic hesitant fuzzy aggregation operators
Aliya Fahmi, Muhammad Aslam, Muhammad Riaz

20-05-2019 | Original Paper

An incremental attribute reduction approach based on knowledge granularity for incomplete decision systems
Chucai Zhang, Jianhua Dai

27-05-2019 | Original Paper

Grey relational analysis method for SVTrNN based multi-attribute decision making with partially known or completely unknown weight information
Bibhas C. Giri, Mahatab Uddin Molla, Pranab Biswas

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