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Granular Computing 4/2021
Granular Computing

Issue 4/2021


Table of Contents (18 Articles)

04-07-2020 | Original Paper

A hybrid decision-making model under q-rung orthopair fuzzy Yager aggregation operators
Muhammad Akram, Gulfam Shahzadi

01-08-2020 | Original Paper

Extension of Einstein geometric operators to multi-attribute decision making under q-rung orthopair fuzzy information
Muhammad Akram, Gulfam Shahzadi, Xindong Peng

Open Access 07-08-2020 | Original Paper

Spatial and temporal reasoning with granular computing and three way formal concept analysis
Angelo Gaeta, Vincenzo Loia, Francesco Orciuoli, Mimmo Parente

25-07-2020 | Original Paper

Noise-resistant fuzzy clustering algorithm
S. Askari

09-08-2020 | Original Paper

Numerical solution of two-dimensional nonlinear fuzzy delay integral equations via iterative method and trapezoidal quadrature rule
Hajar Nouriani, Reza Ezzati, Atiyeh Mashhadi Gholam

19-08-2020 | Original Paper

Discretized sequential pattern mining for behaviour classification
Scott Buffett

02-09-2020 | Original Paper

Generalized intuitionistic fuzzy aggregation operators based on confidence levels for group decision making
K. Rahman, S. Ayub, S. Abdullah

04-09-2020 | Original Paper

Induced generalized pythagorean fuzzy aggregation operators and their application based on t-norm and t-conorm
K. Rahman, S. Abdullah, F. Hussain

11-09-2020 | Original Paper

A novel intuitionistic Renyi’s–Tsallis discriminant information measure and its applications in decision-making
Ratika Kadian, Satish Kumar

07-10-2020 | Original Paper

Development of a new trapezoidal fuzzy AHP-TOPSIS hybrid approach for manufacturing firm performance measurement
Yusuf Tansel İç, Mustafa Yurdakul

13-11-2020 | Original Paper

Projected decision background based on q-rung orthopair triangular fuzzy aggregation operators
Aliya Fahmi, Muhammad Aslam

27-10-2020 | Original Paper

Multi-criteria decision making based on ranking of neutrosophic trapezoidal fuzzy numbers
M. Suresh, K. Arun Prakash, S. Vengataasalam

11-10-2020 | Original Paper

Interpretation of exact solution for fuzzy fractional non-homogeneous differential equation under the Riemann–Liouville sense and its application on the inventory management control problem
Mostafijur Rahaman, Sankar Prasad Mondal, Shariful Alam, Najeeb Alam Khan, Amiya Biswas

02-11-2020 | Original Paper

Multi-criteria decision making problem for evaluating ERP system using entropy weighting approach and q-rung orthopair fuzzy TODIM
Vikas Arya, Satish Kumar

11-11-2020 | Original Paper

Pythagorean fuzzy Schweizer and Sklar power aggregation operators for solving multi-attribute decision-making problems
Animesh Biswas, Nayana Deb

10-11-2020 | Original Paper

Multiattribute group decision making based on interval-valued neutrosophic N-soft sets
Jianbo Liu, Ziyue Chen, Yanan Chen, Yanyan Zhang, Chenwei Li

05-11-2020 | Original Paper

Rough approximation models via graphs based on neighborhood systems
Abd El Fattah El Atik, Ashraf Nawar, Mohammed Atef

20-11-2020 | Original Paper

A pythagorean fuzzy algorithm embedded with a new correlation measure and its application in diagnostic processes
Paul Augustine Ejegwa, Idoko Charles Onyeke, Victoria Adah

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