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Green Energy and Technology

Green Energy and Technology
297 Volumes | 2008 - 2021


Climate change, environmental impact and the limited natural resources urge scientific research and novel technical solutions. The monograph series Green Energy and Technology serves as a publishing platform for scientific and technological approaches to “green”—i.e. environmentally friendly and sustainable—technologies. While a focus lies on energy and power supply, it also covers "green" solutions in industrial engineering and engineering design. Green Energy and Technology addresses researchers, advanced students, technical consultants as well as decision makers in industries and politics. Hence, the level of presentation spans from instructional to highly technical.

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All books of the series Green Energy and Technology

2021 | Book

Appraisal and Valuation

Contemporary Issues and New Frontiers

This book features a selection of the best papers presented at two recent conferences organized by the SIEV (Italian Society of Appraisal and Valuation). Taking into account the current need for evaluative skills in order to make effective and …

2021 | Book

Sustainable Development for Energy, Power, and Propulsion

This book comprises state-of-the-art advances in energy, combustion, power, propulsion, environment, focusing on the production and utilization of fossil fuels, alternative fuels and biofuels. It is written by internationally renowned experts who …

2021 | Book

Green Computing in Smart Cities: Simulation and Techniques

The book collects the latest research and thinking from international experts on green computing and the smart city.

The financial and environmental costs of energy are a concern in smart cities due to the high usage of computing, technology …

2021 | Book

The Role of the Electric Vehicle in the Energy Transition

A Multidimensional Approach

This book explores the part that electric vehicles can play in reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Further, it explains the impact of public support, technological advances, lower costs and better battery performance in making electric vehicles a …

2021 | Book

Environmental Remediation Through Carbon Based Nano Composites

This book examines carbon-based nanocomposite materials and their application in various environmental fields, such as wastewater treatment, and air and soil remediation. Featuring illustrations, and tables summarizing the latest research, it …

2021 | Book

Developments in Bioethanol

This book provides an updated and detailed overview on the recent developments of bioethanol technology. It looks at the historical perspectives, chemistry, sources and production of ethanol and discusses biotechnology breakthroughs and promising …

2021 | Book

Advances in Air Conditioning Technologies

Improving Energy Efficiency

This book highlights key recent developments in air conditioning technologies for cooling and dehumidification with the specific objectives to improve energy efficiency and to minimize environmental impact. Today, air conditioning, comprising …

2021 | Book

Nanotechnology and the Generation of Sustainable Hydrogen

This book explains the aspiring vision of a sustainable hydrogen generating system which employs nanotechnology one way or the other and presents a detailed update on research activities, achievements and challenges. It explores how nanotechnology …

2021 | Book

Use of Cassava Wastewater and Scheelite Residues in Ceramic Formulations

This book presents original results on the use of cassava wastewater as a substitute for potable water in ceramic formulations. It evaluates the physical and mechanical properties as well as the microstructure of the materials produced, comparing …

2020 | Book

Innovations in Sustainable Energy and Cleaner Environment

This book covers the state-of-the-art advances in several areas of energy, combustion, power, propulsion, and environment, focusing on the use of conventional and alternative fuels. It presents novel developments in the areas of biofuels and value …

2020 | Book

Green Building in Developing Countries

Policy, Strategy and Technology

The book reveals how green buildings are currently being adapted and applied in developing countries. It includes the major developing countries such as China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, Cambodia, Ghana, Nigeria and countries from …

2020 | Book

Modern Maximum Power Point Tracking Techniques for Photovoltaic Energy Systems

This book introduces and analyses the latest maximum power point tracking (MPPT) techniques, which can effectively reduce the cost of power generated from photovoltaic energy systems. It also presents a detailed description, analysis, and …

2020 | Book

Values and Functions for Future Cities

This book features a selection of the best papers presented at two SIEV seminars held in Venice, Italy, in September 2017 and 2018, in the context of the Urbanpromo Green events. Bringing together experts from a diverse range of fields – …

2020 | Book

Chemical Additives for Gas Hydrates

This book offers a straightforward, informative guide to the chemicals used for gas hydrate formation and inhibition, providing the reader with the latest information on the definition, structure, formation conditions, problems, and applications …

2020 | Book

Sustaining Resources for Tomorrow

This book reflects the current state of knowledge on sustainability in a wide range of fields, from engineering to agriculture, to education. Though primarily intended to offer an update for experts and researchers in the field, it can also be …

2020 | Book

Utilising Biomass in Biotechnology

A Circular Approach discussing the Pretreatment of Biomass, its Applications and Economic Considerations

This book addresses the developing area of biomass for technological applications. Written by leading researchers in the field, the book differs from other literature available by providing a detailed, in-depth discussion of the characteristics of …

2020 | Book

The Sun and Photovoltaic Technologies

This book covers solar energy and the use of solar radiation in connection with lighting. It provides a detailed introduction to solar energy, photovoltaic (PV) solar energy conversion, and solar lighting technologies, while also discussing all of …

2020 | Book


Production and Applications

This book discusses biomethane and the processes and applications downstream from biogas production. Biogas is a result of anaerobic digestion of agricultural or general household waste, such as manure, plants or food waste, and as such is …

2020 | Book

Environmentally-Benign Energy Solutions

This book provides high-quality research results and proposes future priorities for more sustainable development and energy security. It covers a broad range of topics on atmospheric changes, climate change impacts, climate change modeling and …

2020 | Book

Heat Pumps for Sustainable Heating and Cooling

This book highlights the significance of using sustainable energy to prevent the deterioration of our planet using heat pumps. Energy sustainability can be achieved through improved energy efficiency. In this regard, heat pumps offer an …