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Group Decision and Negotiation

Published in cooperation with the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences and its Section on Group Decision and Negotiation


Group Decision and Negotiation OnlineFirst articles


A Multi-Criteria and Multi-Agent Framework for supporting complex decision-making processes

A framework for modeling multi-criteria and multi-agent decision making processes as a non-cooperative game including a phase for solving the game by using the concept of equilibrium solution is presented. In the presence of a non-singular …


A Novel Group TODIM Method Based on Multi-Granularity Proportional Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Term Sets for Water Resources Risk Evaluation

The risk of water resources has become a serious crisis threatening the human survival and social development. Based on the establishment of a comprehensive risk evaluation system from perspective of water quantity and water quality, this paper …

Open Access 20-07-2022

Elaborating Team Roles for Artificial Intelligence-based Teammates in Human-AI Collaboration

The increasing importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in everyday work also means that new insights into team collaboration must be gained. It is important to research how changes in team composition affect joint work, as previous theories and …


Managing Group Confidence and Consensus in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Large Group Decision-Making Based on Social Media Data Mining

Social media has played an increasingly important role in decision-making for public issues, and the concerns of the public, an important reference for which is in social media, have increasingly attracted attention in the field of large group …


Group Multi-Objective Optimization Under Imprecision and Uncertainty Using a Novel Interval Outranking Approach

This paper deals with group multi-objective optimization problems with imperfect information (imprecision, uncertainty, ill-definition, arbitrariness). Since collective preference, belief, and attitude towards conservatism are ill-defined …

About this journal

Group Decision and Negotiation is published in cooperation with the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences and its Section on Group Decision and Negotiation. The journal focuses broadly on relation and coordination in group processes by exploring the entire process or flow of activities relevant to group decision and negotiation.

Among the evolving approaches to group decision and negotiation processes, the journal explores computer group decision and negotiation support systems; artificial intelligence and management science; applied game theory, experiment and social choice; and cognitive and behavioral sciences. Descriptive, normative, and design viewpoints are all represented.

In addition to theoretical and empirical research, the journal presents real-world applications and case studies. It also covers new software development that supports group decision and negotiation.

Group Decision and Negotiation
Volume 6/1997 - Volume 31/2022
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