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Health and Technology

Health and Technology 3/2021

Issue 3/2021

Table of Contents ( 21 Articles )

21-04-2021 | Obituary | Issue 3/2021

Professor John Mallard, 1927 – 2021

Slavik D. Tabakov

10-04-2021 | Review Paper | Issue 3/2021

Healthcare scheduling in optimization context: a review

Zahraa A. Abdalkareem, Amiza Amir, Mohammed Azmi Al-Betar, Phaklen Ekhan, Abdelaziz I. Hammouri

14-03-2021 | Review Paper | Issue 3/2021

Understanding current states of machine learning approaches in medical informatics: a systematic literature review

Najmul Hasan, Yukun Bao

24-03-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021

Dosimetry comparison and evaluation of 3D and IMRT for left breast cancer radiotherapy techniques treated at ain wazein medical village hospital in Lebanon

Ibrahim Duhaini, Bilal Shahine, Youssef Zeidan, Ahmad Maarouf, Mahmoud Korek

08-04-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021

Usability of mobile phones for personal health care by people living with HIV/AIDS

Williams E. Nwagwu

25-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021 Open Access

Feasibility of implementing a behavioral economics mobile health platform for individuals with behavioral health conditions

Barry Granek, Aja Evans, Jorge Petit, Mary Crawford James, Yixuan (Matt) Ma, Matthew Loper, Michael Fuccillo, Rudy Schmidt

30-03-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021

Enhanced end-to-end security through symmetric-key cryptography in wearable medical sensor networks

Jori Winderickx, An Braeken, Nele Mentens

27-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021 Open Access

A digital tumor board solution impacts case discussion time and postponement of cases in tumor boards

Richard D. Hammer, Donna Fowler, Lincoln R. Sheets, Athanasios Siadimas, Chaohui Guo, Matthew S. Prime

24-03-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021

Decision tree modeling in R software to aid clinical decision making

Elena G. Toth, David Gibbs, Jackie Moczygemba, Alexander McLeod

16-03-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021

Assessing the potential use of blockchain technology to improve the sharing of public health data in a western Canadian province

Sarah Murphy, Paul Reilly, Teresa Murphy

24-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021 Open Access

Assessing the uptake, engagement, and safety of a self-management app, COPD.Pal®, for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: a pilot study

Liam Knox, Rachel Gemine, Sarah Rees, Sarah Bowen, Phil Groom, David Taylor, Ian Bond, Keir Lewis

13-03-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021 Open Access

Optimizing the innovation and development process of medical devices - a study based on angiographic equipment

Erik Busch, Norbert Strobel, Kai Nobach, Clemens Bulitta, John W. Hirshfeld, Lin Wu, Marcel Gama de Abreu

04-03-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021 Open Access

Exploring the acceptance of telehealth within palliative care: A self-determination theory perspective

Joseph Keenan, Rachel Rahman, Joanne Hudson

03-03-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021

The use of mobile health applications for the prevention of non-communicable diseases

Martina Zangger, Cornelia Wälchli, Ulrich Stefenelli, Petra Stute

02-03-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021 Open Access

Characterization of blood donors and non-blood donors in Germany using an online survey

Benita Stock, Luis Möckel

10-03-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021

A computational model for cardiovascular hemodynamics and protein transport phenomena

Marcel Ilie

18-03-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021

Comparison of different machine learning approaches to detect femoral neck fractures in x-ray images

Koray Açıcı, Emre Sümer, Salih Beyaz

27-02-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021 Open Access

Evaluating a computerized maintenance management system in a low resource setting

Farah Beniacoub, Fabrice Ntwari, Jean-Paul Niyonkuru, Marc Nyssen, Stefaan Van Bastelaere

19-04-2021 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021

A comparative study and analysis of LSTM deep neural networks for heartbeats classification

Srinidhi Hiriyannaiah, Siddesh G M, Kiran M H M, K G Srinivasa

07-03-2021 | Short Communication | Issue 3/2021

Wearable devices as a valid support for diagnostic excellence: lessons from a pandemic going forward

Gloria Cosoli, Lorenzo Scalise, Angelica Poli, Susanna Spinsante

05-04-2021 | Short Communication | Issue 3/2021

Solution of Lagrange's equation of motion form the first principle for volumetric modulated arc therapy delivery

Biplab Sarkar, Prasad Basu

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