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Heat and Mass Transfer

Heat and Mass Transfer
29 Volumes | 1999 - 2020


This book series publishes monographs and professional books in all fields of heat and mass transfer, presenting the interrelationships between scientific foundations, experimental techniques, model-based analysis of results and their transfer to technological applications. The authors are all leading experts in their fields.

Heat and Mass Transfer addresses professionals and researchers, students and teachers alike. It aims to provide both basic knowledge and practical solutions, while also fostering discussion and drawing attention to the synergies that are essential to start new research projects.

All books of the series Heat and Mass Transfer

2020 | Book

Mathematical Modeling of Emission in Small-Size Cathode

This book deals with mathematical modeling, namely, it describes the mathematical model of heat transfer in a silicon cathode of small (nano) dimensions with the possibility of partial melting taken into account. This mathematical model is based …

2019 | Book

Heat Transfer Due to Laminar Natural Convection of Nanofluids

Theory and Calculation

This book presents a theoretical study of heat transfer due to laminar natural convection of nanofluids, using Al2O3-water nanofluid as an example. An innovative method of similarity transformation of velocity fields on laminar boundary layers is …

2018 | Book

Modeling of Column Apparatus Processes

This new edition includes brand-new developments in the modeling of processes in the column apparatuses. It analyzes the radial velocity component and axial variation in the axial velocity in the column. These models are described in five new …

2017 | Book

Introduction to Computational Mass Transfer

With Applications to Chemical Engineering

This book offers an easy-to-understand introduction to the computational mass transfer (CMT) method. On the basis of the contents of the first edition, this new edition is characterized by the following additional materials. It describes the …

2017 | Book

Model Elements and Network Solutions of Heat, Mass and Momentum Transport Processes

This work provides an enormous contribution to the broad effort of modeling heat, mass and momentum transport in multi-physics problems with the development of new solution approaches. It re-visits the time-honored technique of network application …

2017 | Book

Ignition and Wave Processes in Combustion of Solids

This book focuses on the application of classical combustion theory to ignition and flame propagation in solid-solid and gas-solid systems. It presents experimental investigations in the areas of local ignition, filtration combustion …

2016 | Book

The Modes of Gaseous Combustion

This book provides an analysis of contemporary problems in combustion science, namely flame propagation, detonation and heterophaseous combustion based on the works of the author. The current problems in the area of gas combustion, as well as

2016 | Book

Modeling of Column Apparatus Processes

This book presents a new approach for the modeling of chemical and interphase mass transfer processes in industrial column apparatuses, using convection-diffusion and average-concentration models.

The convection-diffusion type models are u

2016 | Book

Heat Transfer of Laminar Mixed Convection of Liquid

This book presents a new algorithm to calculate fluid flow and heat transfer of laminar mixed convection. It provides step-by-step tutorial help to learn quickly how to set up the theoretical and numerical models of laminar mixed convection, to …

2014 | Book

Introduction to Computational Mass Transfer

With Applications to Chemical Engineering

This book presents a new computational methodology called Computational Mass Transfer (CMT). It offers an approach to rigorously simulating the mass, heat and momentum transfer under turbulent flow conditions with the help of two newly published mode

2014 | Book

The Nature of Motive Force

In this monograph Prof. Pramanick explicates the law of motive force, a fundamental law of nature that can be observed and appreciated as an addition to the existing laws of thermodynamics. This unmistakable and remarkable tendency of nature is eq

2014 | Book

Coabsorbent and Thermal Recovery Compression Heat Pumping Technologies

This book introduces two of the most exciting heat pumping technologies, the coabsorbent and the thermal recovery (mechanical vapor) compression, characterized by a high potential in primary energy savings and environmental protection. New cycles

2012 | Book

Free Convection Film Flows and Heat Transfer

Laminar free Convection of Phase Flows and Models for Heat-Transfer Analysis

This book presents recent developments in our systematic studies of hydrodynamics and heat and mass transfer in laminar free convection, accelerating film boiling and condensation of Newtonian fluids, as well as accelerating film flow of non-Newto

2011 | Book

Theory of Heat Transfer with Forced Convection Film Flows

Developing a new treatment of ‘Free Convection Film Flows and Heat Transfer’ began in Shang’s first monograph and is continued in this monograph. The current book displays the recent developments of laminar forced convection and forced film condensat

2011 | Book

Vapor-Liquid Interfaces, Bubbles and Droplets

Fundamentals and Applications

Physically correct boundary conditions on vapor-liquid interfaces are essential in order to make an analysis of flows of a liquid including bubbles or of a gas including droplets. Suitable boundary conditions do not exist at the present time. This

2010 | Book

Micro and Macro Mixing

Analysis, Simulation and Numerical Calculation

The homogenization of single phase gases or liquids with chemical reactive components by mixing belongs to one of the oldest basic operations applied in chemical engineering. The mixing process is used as an essential step in nearly all processes of

2009 | Book

Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer and Boiling in Micro-Channels

The subject of the book is uid dynamics and heat transfer in micro-channels. This problem is important for understanding the complex phenomena associated with single- and two-phase ows in heated micro-channels. The challenge posed by high heat uxes i

2009 | Book

Charge Injection Systems

Phycical Principles, Experimental and Theoretical Work

C Specific heat at constant pressure p D Displacement field D Diffusion coefficient d D Orifice diameter E Electric field E Electron charge F Force G Acceleration due to gravity I Current J Current flux K Conductivity k Boltzmann constant B L Atomize

2009 | Book

Non-Equilibrium Reacting Gas Flows

Kinetic Theory of Transport and Relaxation Processes

In the present monograph, we develop the kinetic theory of transport phenomena and relaxation processes in the flows of reacting gas mixtures and discuss its applications to strongly non-equilibrium conditions. The main attention is focused on the

2008 | Book

Heat and cold storage with PCM

An up to date introduction into basics and applications

The years 2006 and 2007 mark a dramatic change of peoples view regarding c- mate change and energy consumption. The new IPCC report makes clear that - mankind plays a dominant role on climate change due to CO emissions from en- 2 ergy consumption, an