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18-06-2024 | Heavy Trucks | Editor´s Pick | News

Volvo Launches H2 Trucks on the Market

Author: Patrick Schäfer

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Volvo Trucks is developing trucks with combustion engines that can be powered by hydrogen. The first road tests with H2 trucks are scheduled to begin in 2026.

Commercial vehicle manufacturer Volvo Trucks sees trucks that run on green hydrogen as a way to decarbonize transport. The hydrogen trucks are therefore particularly suitable for long-distance freight transport, but also in regions where the charging infrastructure or the time to recharge batteries is limited. Corresponding tests are already underway, both in laboratories and in vehicles. The hydrogen-powered combustion engines will use high-pressure direct injection (HPDI). To this end, Volvo has signed an agreement with Westport Fuel Systems to establish a joint venture to utilize HPDI technology.

"Trucks where the traditional internal combustion engine remains but runs on hydrogen will have the same performance and reliability as our diesel trucks, but with the added benefit of potentially net zero CO2 emissions well-to-wheel", says Jan Hjelmgren, Head of Product Management and Quality, Volvo Trucks. The market launch of trucks with hydrogen combustion engines is planned for the end of this decade. The hydrogen-powered trucks with internal combustion engines will complement Volvo Trucks' range of alternative drive options.

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