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Historical Geography and Geosciences

Historical Geography and Geosciences
7 Volumes | 2018 - 2020


This book series serves as a broad platform for contributions in the field of Historical Geography and related Geoscience areas. The series welcomes proposals on the history and dynamics of place and space and their influence on past, present and future geographies including historical GIS, cartography and mapping, climatology, climate history, meteorology and atmospheric sciences, environmental geography, hydrology, geology, oceanography, water management, instrumentation, geographical traditions, historical geography of urban areas, settlements and landscapes, historical regional studies, history of geography and historic geographers and geoscientists among other topically related areas and other interdisciplinary approaches. Contributions on past (extreme) weather events or natural disasters including regional and global reanalysis studies also fit into the series.

Publishing a broad portfolio of peer-reviewed scientific books Historical Geography and Geosciences contains research monographs, edited volumes, advanced and undergraduate level textbooks, as well as conference proceedings. This series appeals to scientists, practitioners and students in the fields of geography and history as well as related disciplines, with exceptional titles that are attractive to a popular science audience.

If you are interested in contributing to this book series, please contact the Publisher.

All books of the series Historical Geography and Geosciences

2020 | Book

Historical Geography, GIScience and Textual Analysis

Landscapes of Time and Place

This book illustrates how literature, history and geographical analysis complement and enrich each other’s disciplinary endeavors. The Hun-Lenox Globe, constructed in 1510, contains the Latin phrase 'Hic sunt dracones' ('Here be dragons'), warning …

2020 | Book

Decolonising and Internationalising Geography

Essays in the History of Contested Science

International scholarship is increasingly aware that the ‘geographical tradition’ is a contentious and contested field: while critical reflections on the imperial past of the discipline are still ongoing, new tendencies including de-colonial …

2019 | Book

The Genesis of Geopolitics and Friedrich Ratzel

Dismissing the Myth of the Ratzelian Geodeterminism

This book discusses the influence of Friedrich Ratzel's ideas in more contemporary geopolitical analytical systems and the geodeterminism commonly attributed to him. The author thoroughly analyzes the structural components of Ratzel's thought.
The …

2019 | Book

History, Exploration & Exploitation of Oil and Gas

This edited volume discusses scientific and technological aspects of the history of the oil and gas industry in national and international contexts.
The search for oil for industrial uses began in the nineteenth century, the first drills made in …

2019 | Book

The Oil of Brazil

Exploration, Technical Capacity, and Geosciences Teaching (1864-1968)

This book investigates the role of the National Petroleum Council (CNP) and especially of Petrobras in the construction and shaping of courses in Geosciences, as part of the historical process of the search for and exploration of oil, which began …

2019 | Book

Farming Communities in the Western Alps, 1500–1914

The Enduring Bond

This monograph explores traditional farming communities in French-speaking areas of the western Alps for the period 1500-1914 and how they endured in such an environment despite the many problems and risks which it posed for their subsistence and …

2018 | Book

Historical Farmland in China During 1661-1980

Reconstruction and Spatiotemporal Characteristics

This book explores various approaches to reconstruct the spatial and temporal distribution of historical farmland in China. The book contains background information about political regimes, economic and social development, population changes and …