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17-05-2018 | Theoretical / Philosophical Paper

Animal Experience: A Formal-Indicative Approach to Martin Heidegger’s Account of Animality

In the present paper I attempt an interpretation of Martin Heidegger’s analysis of animality, developed in winter semester 1929/1930. My general purpose is to examine Heidegger’s analysis in the wider context of formal-indicative phenomenology as …

09-05-2018 | Theoretical / Philosophical Paper

The Philosophical Anthropology of Heinrich Popitz

This analysis places the English translation of Heinrich Popitz’s (2017) Phenomena of Power: Authority, Domination, and Violence in the broader tradition of philosophical anthropology. It is argued anthropological arguments such as that offered by …

08-05-2018 | Scholar's Symposium

Power, Discourse, and Ethics

Despite Heinrich Popitz’s non-ideological, carefully descriptive account of how power is initiated and maintained, he too easily dismisses the Frankfurt School’s call for domination-free discourse as merely a subject for academic speculation.

04-05-2018 | Theoretical / Philosophical Paper

Shame, Belonging, and Biopolitics: Agamben Among the Phenomenologists

How are we to understand Agamben’s philosophical anthropology and his frequent invocations of the relation between bios and zoe? In Remnants of Auschwitz Agamben evokes a quasi-phenomenological account of shame in order to elucidate this question …

09-04-2018 | Empirical Study/Analysis

The Knowledge of People Disappeared During Argentina’s Military Rule

Antonio Ruiz (a pseudonym) is an officer who took part in the Argentine 1976–1983 military rule and disappeared the body of a tortured woman. My aim is to offer an ethnographic account of the embodiment of the knowledge of bodies—the local moral …

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About this journal

Human Studies is a quarterly journal dedicated primarily to advancing the dialogue between philosophy and the human sciences. Coverage addresses the logic of inquiry, methodology, epistemology and foundational issues in the human sciences exemplified by original empirical, theoretical and philosophical investigations. Phenomenological perspectives, broadly defined, are a primary focus.

The journal benefits scholars in a variety of fields who seek a forum addressing these issues, in order to bridge the gap between philosophy and the human sciences.

The wide-ranging coverage includes contributions from sociology, psychology, anthropology, history, geography, linguistics, semiotics, communication studies, ethnomethodology, political science, and philosophy.

Human Studies is the official journal of the Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences.

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