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Hydrogeology Journal

Hydrogeology Journal 4/2015

Issue 4/2015

Table of Contents ( 15 Articles )

01-06-2015 | Essay | Issue 4/2015 Open Access

Aquifer design for freshwater storage and recovery in artificial islands and coastal expansions

Marloes van Ginkel

01-06-2015 | Paper | Issue 4/2015

Can shallow open-loop hydrothermal well-doublets help remediate seawater intrusion?

François De Keuleneer, Philippe Renard

01-06-2015 | Paper | Issue 4/2015

Groundwater vulnerability maps derived from a time-dependent method using satellite scatterometer data

Stefania Stevenazzi, Marco Masetti, Son V. Nghiem, Alessandro Sorichetta

01-06-2015 | Report | Issue 4/2015

Conceptual groundwater flow model of the Mekelle Paleozoic–Mesozoic sedimentary outlier and surroundings (northern Ethiopia) using environmental isotopes and dissolved ions

Ermias Girmay, Tenalem Ayenew, Seifu Kebede, Mulugeta Alene, Stefan Wohnlich, Frank Wisotzky

01-06-2015 | Report | Issue 4/2015

Hydrological characterisation of geological lineaments: a case study from the Aravalli terrain, India

Chandrashekhar Bhuiyan

01-06-2015 | Report | Issue 4/2015

Traçadores químicos e isotópicos que indicam a interação águas subterrâneas/águas superficiais dentro da bacia hidrográfica de um lago boreal na Finlândia

Anne Rautio, Kirsti Korkka-Niemi

01-06-2015 | Report | Issue 4/2015

Stable and radio-isotope analysis to determine recharge timing and paleoclimate of sandstone aquifers in central and southeast Libya

Mohamed Al Faitouri, William E. Sanford

01-06-2015 | Report | Issue 4/2015 Open Access

The effect of long-term regional pumping on hydrochemistry and dissolved gas content in an undeveloped shale-gas-bearing aquifer in southwestern Ontario, Canada

Stewart M. Hamilton, Stephen E. Grasby, Jennifer C. McIntosh, Stephen G. Osborn

01-06-2015 | Paper | Issue 4/2015

Recharge and pumping hydraulics in a till drumlin above fractured bedrock (Massachusetts, USA)

David W. Ostendorf, William G. Lukas, Camelia Rotaru

01-06-2015 | Report | Issue 4/2015

Determining the vertical evolution of hydrodynamic parameters in weathered and fractured south Indian crystalline-rock aquifers: insights from a study on an instrumented site

A. Boisson, N. Guihéneuf, J. Perrin, O. Bour, B. Dewandel, A. Dausse, M. Viossanges, S. Ahmed, J. C. Maréchal

01-06-2015 | Report | Issue 4/2015

Discrete wetland groundwater discharges revealed with a three-dimensional temperature model and botanical indicators (Boxford, UK)

Andrew R. House, James P. R. Sorensen, Daren C. Gooddy, Andrew J. Newell, Ben Marchant, J. Owen Mountford, Peter Scarlett, Peter J. Williams, Gareth H. Old

01-06-2015 | Report | Issue 4/2015

Comparative study of climate-change scenarios on groundwater recharge, southwestern Mississippi and southeastern Louisiana, USA

Ehsan Beigi, Frank T.-C. Tsai

01-06-2015 | Paper | Issue 4/2015

Evaluation of the effects of the radial constant-head boundary in slug tests

Yunfeng Dai, Zhifang Zhou, Yanrong Zhao, Ziteng Cui

01-06-2015 | Paper | Issue 4/2015

Top-down groundwater hydrograph time-series modeling for climate-pumping decomposition

V. Shapoori, T. J. Peterson, A. W. Western, J. F. Costelloe

01-06-2015 | Technical Note | Issue 4/2015

HydrogeoSieveXL: an Excel-based tool to estimate hydraulic conductivity from grain-size analysis

J. F. Devlin

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