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Hydrogeology Journal

Hydrogeology Journal 5/2006

Issue 5/2006

Table of Contents ( 18 Articles )

01-06-2006 | Paper | Issue 5/2006

Climate change impacts on groundwater recharge- uncertainty, shortcomings, and the way forward?

I. P. Holman

01-06-2006 | Paper | Issue 5/2006

Bayesian approach to daily rainfall modelling to estimate monthly net infiltration using the Thornthwaite water budget and Curve Number methods

E. Zimmermann

01-06-2006 | Paper | Issue 5/2006

Contribution to the identification of the sea intrusion mechanism of brackish karst springs

Athanasios Maramathas, Panagiotis Pergialiotis, Ioannis Gialamas

01-06-2006 | Paper | Issue 5/2006

Characterisation of recharge processes and groundwater flow mechanisms in weathered-fractured granites of Hyderabad (India) using isotopes

B. S. Sukhija, D. V. Reddy, P. Nagabhushanam, S. K. Bhattacharya, R. A. Jani, Devender Kumar

01-06-2006 | Paper | Issue 5/2006

Groundwater flow modelling within a coastal alluvial plain setting using a high-resolution hydrofacies approach; Bells Creek plain, Australia

T. R. Ezzy, M. E. Cox, A. J. O’Rourke, G. J. Huftile

01-06-2006 | Paper | Issue 5/2006

Contact zone permeability at intrusion boundaries: new results from hydraulic testing and geophysical logging in the Newark Rift Basin, New York, USA

Jürg M. Matter, D. S. Goldberg, R. H. Morin, M. Stute

01-06-2006 | Report | Issue 5/2006

Spatial assessment and redesign of a groundwater quality monitoring network using entropy theory, Gaza Strip, Palestine

Y. Mogheir, V. P. Singh, J. L. M. P. de Lima

01-06-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Evaluation and numerical modeling of seawater intrusion in the Gaza aquifer (Palestine)

Khalid Qahman, Abdelkader Larabi

01-06-2006 | Report | Issue 5/2006

Groundwater study using remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS) in the central highlands of Eritrea

Semere Solomon, Friedrich Quiel

01-06-2006 | Paper | Issue 5/2006

Tracing stable isotope values from meteoric water to groundwater in the southwestern part of the Chad basin

I. B. Goni

01-06-2006 | Report | Issue 5/2006

Application of a resistivity survey and geographical information system (GIS) analysis for hydrogeological zoning of a piedmont area, Himalayan foothill region, India

M. Israil, Mufid Al-hadithi, D. C. Singhal

01-06-2006 | Report | Issue 5/2006

Localization of water bearing fractured zones in a hard rock area using integrated geophysical techniques in Andhra Pradesh, India

Sushobhan Dutta, N. S. Krishnamurthy, T. Arora, V. A. Rao, S. Ahmed, J. M. Baltassat

01-06-2006 | Report | Issue 5/2006

Integrated studies for characterization of lineaments used to locate groundwater potential zones in a hard rock region of Karnataka, India

Subash Chandra, V. A. Rao, N. S. Krishnamurthy, S. Dutta, Shakeel Ahmed

01-06-2006 | Report | Issue 5/2006

Hydrogeological and hydrochemical features of an area polluted by heavy metals in central Nicaragua

J. A. Mendoza, T. Dahlin, G Barmen

01-06-2006 | Issue 5/2006

Identification of sources of chemical constituents in groundwater from the Vilnius wellfields, Lithuania

Algirdas Klimas, Mantas Plankis

01-06-2006 | Report | Issue 5/2006

Hydrochemistry and isotope geochemistry as tools for groundwater hydrodynamic investigation in multilayer aquifers: a case study from Lomellina, Po plain, South-Western Lombardy, Italy

Giorgio Pilla, Elisa Sacchi, Gianmaria Zuppi, Giovanni Braga, Gianfranco Ciancetti

01-06-2006 | Report | Issue 5/2006

The hydrogeology and hydrogeochemistry of the Barwon Downs Graben aquifer, southwestern Victoria, Australia

B. Petrides, I. Cartwright

01-06-2006 | Report | Issue 5/2006

Mixing of shallow and deep groundwater as indicated by the chemistry and age of karstic springs

David J. Toth, Brian G. Katz

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