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18-05-2022 | Report

Characteristics of land-subsidence evolution and soil deformation before and after the Water Diversion Project in Beijing, China

Beijing is a major metropolis in China, which shows characteristics of significant land subsidence because of long-term overexploitation of groundwater. Since the South-to-North Water Diversion Project Central Route was first operated in December …

18-05-2022 | Paper

Comparison of microbial indicators and seasonal temperatures as means for evaluating the vulnerability of water resources from karst and siliciclastic springs

Spring water is a critical resource in many parts of the world, however, there are few effective and efficient means of evaluating the vulnerability and sustainability of those resources. This study compares two approaches to evaluate the relative …

Open Access 17-05-2022 | Report

A three-dimensional numerical groundwater flow model to assess the feasibility of managed aquifer recharge in the Tamne River basin of Ghana

Increasing population growth and global climatic changes threaten water security in semiarid regions such as Northern Ghana. The Tamnean Plutonic Suite aquifer is the main source of water supply for the inhabitants of the Tamne River basin, which …

17-05-2022 | Report

Geostatistical analysis and hydrofacies simulation for estimating the spatial variability of hydraulic conductivity in the Jianghan Plain, central China

This study evaluated the spatial variability of hydraulic conductivity (K) along the Han River watershed in the Jianghan Plain (China) by using different geostatistical methods. The K distribution was estimated from 58 borehole measurements, and …

Open Access 14-05-2022 | Paper

Data-driven decision management of urban underground infrastructure through groundwater-level time-series cluster analysis: the case of Milan (Italy)

The significant increase in urbanization has resulted in greater use of the subsurface in urban planning and, therefore, increased interaction between groundwater and underground infrastructure. Numerical models are the primary tool adopted to …

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Hydrogeology Journal was founded in 1992 to foster understanding of hydrogeology; to describe worldwide progress in hydrogeology; and to provide an accessible forum for scientists, researchers, engineers, and practitioners in developing and industrialized countries. Since then, the journal has earned a large worldwide readership.

Its peer-reviewed research articles integrate subsurface hydrology and geology with supporting disciplines, such as: geochemistry, geophysics, geomorphology, geobiology, surface-water hydrology, tectonics, numerical modeling, economics, and sociology. Articles explore theoretical and applied aspects of hydrogeologic science, including studies ranging from local areas and short time periods to global problems and geologic time; innovative instrumentation; water-resource and mineral-resource evaluations; and overviews of hydrogeologic systems of interest in various regions.

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