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01-07-2019 | Issue 4/2019

Automatic Control and Computer Sciences 4/2019

Influence of Nonlinearity of Fast Sawtooth Voltage on Stroboscopic Transformation of Signals in Receivers of Sensors Locators

Automatic Control and Computer Sciences > Issue 4/2019
V. Aristov
Important notes
Translated by S. Kuznetsov


Sawtooth voltage with the possibility of changing its nonlinearity was modeled for a stroboscopic signal converter used in pulsed ultrawideband gigahertz sensor locators. The pattern of automatic shift in signal sample pulses is described mathematically, on the basis of which the formula of the law of shift in the aforementioned pulses at a nonlinear fast sawtooth voltage has been obtained. The effect of the nonlinearity of sawtooth voltage on the output signal of the stroboscopic converter is shown.

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