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Session 1 includes 109 papers selected from 2011 3rd International Asia Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics (CAR 2011), held on December 24-25, 2011, Shenzhen, China.

This session will act as an international forum for researchers and practitioners interested in the advances in and applications of Intelligent Control Systems. It is an opportunity to present and observe the latest research, results, and ideas in these areas. Intelligent control is a rapidly developing, complex, and challenging field of increasing practical importance and still greater potential. Its applications have a solid core in robotics and mechatronics but branch out into areas as diverse as process control, automotive industry, medical equipment, renewable energy and air conditioning. So, this session will aim to strengthen relationships between industry, research laboratories and universities. All papers published in session 1 will be peer evaluated by at least two conference reviewers. Acceptance will be based primarily on originality and contribution.

Table of Contents


A Neural Network Based Temperature Control for Air Handling Unit

In this paper, a neural network (NN) based temperature control scheme is presented for cooling coil of Air Handling Unit (AHU) to overcome the unknown system dynamics and its inherent nonlinearities. First of all, by utilizing the standard thermodynamic formulas, the cooling coil is modeled by a discrete-time uncertain nonlinear system instead of a linear one, in order to accommodate its different behaviors under various cooling loads. Thereafter, a two-layer NN is utilized to approximate the unknown dynamics within the system. The online tuning algorithm of the NN weights is also provided with no offline training needed. Consequently, the identification process of the cooling coil unit is obviated. Theoretical results show the stable tracking performance of the close-loop system, while the effectiveness of this method is demonstrated under simulation environment.

Binhui Zheng, Jiangang Lu, Qinmin Yang, Youxian Sun

Exploration on Principles of Engineering Network Course Design

Network course is an important carrier of modern distance education, it has its own particularity, and the learning theory must be a design principle in the design of courses. Based on some basic views of the three modern learning theories which have great influences on the current network education, the engineering curriculum definition and characteristics were introduced; ways to realize the engineering training objectives of network course were discussed, and some principles more suitable for engineering course design were tried to put forward.

Ying Xiao, Yan Shi, Xiaoping Li

A Combined Modular Parametric and Non-parametric Method for Planar Ship Motion’s On-Line Prediction

A combined modular model is presented for planar ship motion prediction by assembling parametric and non-parametric forecasting method. This parametric module and non-parametric module represent the holistic and local time-varying dynamics of system, respectively. The nonlinear auto-regressive with exogenous input model is implemented for on-line prediction, and variable-structure radial basis function network is employed to represent the time-varying dynamics of system. The experiment of planar ship motion prediction is conducted and the results demonstrate the accuracy and robustness of the presented combined model.

Jianchuan Yin, Zaojian Zou

Ultrasonic Sensor Based Material Level and Liquid Level Measurement Technology

In order to accurately and efficiently apply ultrasonic measurement technology to the fields such as industry, materials and liquid levels to realize the factual measurements of measured objects, the present measuring technology based on ultrasonic waves is analyzed and researched. The measurement principles, hardware selection and calibration, and data transmission and acquisition of the ultrasonic waves are detailedly introduced. By adopting the ultrasonic measurement technology to detect and analyze the raw oil liquid level of an oilfield oil storage tank, the results show that the ultrasonic measurement technology has the characteristics of high measuring accuracy, safe and reliable operation, low cost, etc.

Gong-chang Ren, Hai-chun Guo, Yong Yang, Zhi-wei Yang

Design of a 23-DOF Small Humanoid Robot with ZMP Force Sensors

This paper presents a design of a 23-DOF small humanoid robot with force sensors for zero moment point (ZMP) measurement. Piezoresistive strain gauges are used under the feet of the robot to measure ground reaction force which is used to locate ZMP under the robot foot support area. The robot also uses gyroscope and acceleration sensor for motion control.The robot developed is capable of all directional walking, running and performing different kung fu like actions.Design specifications, joints distribution, walking planning of the robot, ZMP measurement scheme and vibration control using gyro sensor are discussed in this paper.

Awais Yasin, Qian Xu, Bo Chen, Qiushi Lu, M. Waqas Khan

An Advanced Ontology Mapping Framework Based on Similarity Calculating

Ontology is a powerful tool to realize knowledge sharing and reasoning, but it is difficult to achieve ontology interoperation because of heterogeneous ontology. Ontology mapping is an effective method to solve ontology heterogeneity. This paper presents an advanced ontology mapping framework based on similarity calculating. The framework includes three main modules, and it could narrow the scope of the concept judging by setting the similarity threshold, so as to increase the mapping speed, it also has good flexibility. It provides a new method for ontology mapping.

Hao Tian

Analysis and Design for the Financial System in ERP Simulation Instruction Based on SOA

According to the ERP simulation instruction system’s problems, such as the rigidified software architecture and incompleteness of comprehensive functions, the paper analyzed the functions and designed the business processes of the financial management system based on the ERP simulation instructional environment after analyzing the advantage of the SOA. SOA-based the financial system architecture was designed, which has realized the multilayer reuse of business processes layer, service layer and data layer. As the main line with business processes, the paper designed the granularity of the services. It made the system with loose coupling and flexibility, which can meet to college teaching needs better.

Gao Chang-yuan, Chen Zhi, Yang Cai-xia, Tian Shi-hai

Variational Surface Reconstruction from Sparse and Nonparallel Contours for Freehand 3D Ultrasound

3D reconstruction for freehand 3D ultrasound is a challenging issue because the recorded B-scans are not only sparse, but also non-parallel. Both conventional volume and surface reconstruction methods can’t reconstruct sparse data efficiently while they are arbitrarily oriented in 3D space. We developed a new surface reconstruction method for freehand 3D ultrasound based on variational implicit function. In the new method, we first constructed on- & off-surface constraints from the segmented contours of all recorded B-scans, then used a variational interpolation technique to get a single implicit function in 3D. Finally, the implicit function was evaluated to extract the zero-valued surface as reconstruction result. One phantom experiment was conducted to assess our variational surface reconstruction method, and the experiment results have shown that the new method is capable of reconstructing surface smoothly from sparse contours which can be arbitrarily oriented in 3D space.

Shuangcheng Deng, Yunhua Li, Lipei Jiang, Yingyu Cao, Junwen Zhang

STGRs over Topological Spaces for Value-Passing Processes

In this paper we introduce a variant of symbolic transition graphs over topological spaces for value-passing processes based on CCS with infinite assignments, namely, a symbolic transition graph with a binary equivalence relation, which is abbreviated to STGR. It relies on topological spaces for value-passing processes, which is different from the original STG. These results apply to partition domains of conversations of cryptographic protocols that run in an infinite concurrent way. We work out a highly efficient solution to reduce computational complexities to prove safety properties of cryptographic protocols running in an infinite concurrent way. Our STGR can be also used to describe ordinary concurrent systems.

Huanbao Wang

Memetic Algorithm for a University Course Timetabling Problem

Evolutionary algorithm is a part of evolution computation. It often induces well approximated solutions to several kinds of hard optimization problems. This paper applies Memetic algorithms - a hybrid evolutionary method to a real-world university timetabling problem in Vietnam. Memetic algorithm and genetic algorithm are both experimentally tested on six real-world instances and obtained results show that memetic algorithm could speed up the convergence much more than genetic algorithm.

Khang Nguyen, Tien Lu, Trung Le, Nuong Tran

A Class of Autonomous Robots Prepared for Unfriendly Sunny Environment

We present an electrical caterpillar autonomous robot demonstrator, which consists of two independent tracks with an operational platform, a system with photovoltaic panels for converting solar energy into electricity, and a system for connecting different devices to the robot chassis. One goal is to reduce operational costs in terms of fulfilling the missions and maintaining safe human operations in unfriendly environments. Other goals, imbedded in the demonstrator’s design, are: mobility, lowered energy consumption, the usage of ecological energy, and an increased energetic independence. These characteristics would allow the development of a class of robots that may be used in unfriendly and isolated areas, in which solar energy is adequate. Yet another goal is to develop a database documenting how the demonstrator operates under various conditions.

Lucian Grigore, Recep Ileri, Cristian Neculăescu, Anton Soloi, Ticuşor Ciobotaru, Valentin Vînturiş

Step by Step Modeling and Tuning for Fuzzy Logic Controller

Fuzzy logic is a mathematical tool for dealing with uncertainty using numerical parameters. Until now many fuzzy controllers have been constructed instead of systematically designed using trail and error method guided by designers experience on fuzzy control. The contribution of this paper is to propose a systematic with step by step methodology on how to design fuzzy PID fuzzy controller and to find the effect of tuning of many parameters (e.g., membership function shapes and number , rules types and input /output scaling gain) on system output response so that the researcher can be find the most useful in learning the finer point about tuning and design of fuzzy controllers.

Mohammed Majid Mohammed Al-Khalidy, Fatma Abdulnabi Al-attar

A Novel Method for BLDCM Control Based on Phase Back-EMF Observation

This paper proposes a new zero-crossing point detection method for BLDCM without using the position sensor. Regarding phase current and phase back-EMF as state variables, the observer model of the phase back-EMF could be obtained from derivation of the mathematical model of BLDCM. This observation model could observe the value of the phase back-EMF real-timely, and the zero-crossing point could be directedly detected through measuring the back- EMF at high speed. But the phase back-EMF is relatively smaller at low speed, and it is possible to cause unexpected commutation. A kind of zero-crossing point detection method is proposed based on this model for low-speed control. Combining the observation model and the zero-crossing point detection method, it could realize the zero-crossing point detection of the BLDC in full speed range. The simulation and experimental results show the feasibility of this method.

Pan Lei, Wang Beibei, Gong Wei

Design of Wireless Monitoring System Based on CAN Bus and ZigBee Technology of Tower Crane

A design of wireless monitoring system based on CAN bus and ZigBee technology of tower crane has been proposed according to characteristics of the traditional safety monitoring system of tower crane and defects of cable transmission system in this paper. The application of CAN bus and ZigBee technology meets requirements of function and performance and also accomplishs the modular design of software/hardware system in wireless monitoring system of tower crane. It provides a new method to design the wireless monitoring system of tower crane.

Xijian Zheng, Hong Zhang, Zhengyi Xie

A Security Risk Model Using Game Theory

This paper uses game theory to model the strategies against the threats based on the cost.If the frequencies of threats occurrence are known, the optimal pure strategy can be found by expected effectiveness. However, if those frequencies are unknown, the optimal strategy is a mixed strategy provided by game theory. The problem can also be solved by linear programming method.

Marn-Ling Shing, Chen-Chi Shing

HDR Image Synthesis Based on Multi-exposure Color Images

In digital camera, it’s difficult to exceed the dynamic range of 60~80dB because of the saturation current and background noise of CCD/CMOS image sensor in a single exposure image. In order to obtain more information and detail of a scene, we should extend its dynamic range, which was called HDR technology. Recent years, HDR imaging techniques have become the focus of much research because of their high theoretical and practical importance. By applying HDR techniques, the performance of different image processing and computer vision algorithms, information enhancement, and object and pattern recognition can also be improved. In this paper, a new tone reproduction algorithm is introduced, based on which may help to develop the hard-to-view or nonviewable features and details of color images. This method applies on multi-exposure images synthesis technique, where the red, green, and blue (RGB) color components of the pixels are separately handled. In the output, the corresponding (modified) color components are blended. As a result, a high quality HDR image is obtained, which contains almost the whole details and color information.

Hua Wang, Jianzhong Cao, Linao Tang, Yao Tang

The Further Decomposition of Actuarial Notation’s Expression on Credibility Space

In order to further simplify the calculation of life insurance actuarial notation on credibility space, this paper deduced the ultimate expression of life insurance actuarial notation about life distribution function and gives the value determinative conditions only by the life distribution function to determine, based on the basic properties of credibility distribution, through decomposing and discussing of every portion of the expression and seeking for the sufficient and necessary condition of judgement. Thus, the calculation of life insurance actuarial notation on credibility space is transformed from calculation of purely theoretical credibility measure to the simple arithmetic of life distribution function.

Min-ying Yuan, Da-jun Sun

Research on the Layout of Shipbuilding Steel Structure Machining Plant Based on CATIA

The steel structure machining plant is an important process locale of modern ship manufacture. A 3-Dimensional visual layout project of this kind machining plant has been put forward based on software CATIA, seeking the optimization of plant’s layout. After the initial plan was made, the Maximal Element Method were used to establish the mathematical model, and then to look for the most optimum and smallest value of plant logistics volume. Using the results, the manufacture resource library and the 3D visual model of this steel structure were constructed, and an evaluation was also made on the acquired visual parameter model. So a useful method and way is brought out for the digital manufacture plant’s layout optimization.

Yang Liu

High-Speed Facial Recognition Using Log-Polar Transformation

Log-Polar transformation is an approximate model of human vision. If using it to recognize human faces, a reference point for the transformation is necessary, and the position of the reference point influences the recognition accuracy directly. However, it is difficult to extract an appropriate reference point from an image automatically. This paper proposes a face recognition method that detects the face center point as a reference point for Log-Polar transformation automatically. It is easier than before to recognize the faces by using Log-Polar transformation with the propose method.

Yue Bao, Bin Qi, Fei Gu

Farmland Water Potential Soft-sensing Network Based on WSN

According to the needs of modern agriculture on the crop micro-environment information, the farmland water potential (FWP) soft-sensing network based on WSN could achieve crop micro-environment information collection, processing and transmission. The system was made up of the imbedded gateway and several WSN nodes, and configured relevant WSN nodes based on the requirements of the FWP soft-sensing, such as humiture collection node, illuminance collection node and CO


concentration collection node etc. The imbedded gateway received the data of all microenvironment information nodes, estimated the FWP value in real-time and communicated with the remote data center. In practical application, it works well.

Liguo Tian, Meng Li, Zhiliang Chen, Shengli Lu, Yue Liu

A Method for Searching Image Using Characteristic Point

The image processing method to discover a specific pattern out of the image is called template matching. Template matching searches the image by calculating the degree of coincidence to all pixels. However, this method has a problem which takes a long time for processing. In order to solve the problem, in this paper, we propose the image matching method using the characteristic points of the image. In the proposal method, first the original image and the template image is prepared. Next, we make the edge images which extracted from images which were prepared. And corners are extracted from edge images. In this paper, the corner is used as a characteristic point. It will use the characteristic points of those two images, when the image matching is done. As a result of the experiment, the template image was able to be searched from the original image using the proposal method.

Yusuke Umeda, Yue Bao, Fei Gu

One Step Method for Capturing a Multi-view 3D Image

When creating a multi-view 3D image with one camera, the camera has to be moved from one viewpoint to another viewpoint. It would take a long time and high cost, and it can not get the image of a moving object. In this paper, we proposed the method for capturing a multi-view 3D image by one step. In order to capture a multi-view image, the lenticular lens is used in our proposed system. The captured multi-view image became reverse when we use the lenticular lens, it needs to perform reversal processing, and it also needs to calculate the best observation distance. When displaying a multi-view image, 3D image is possible to display using the same lens. As an experiment result, we got the multi-view image by our proposal system. And when we laid the multi-view image under a lenticular lens, the multi-view 3D image was confirmed.

Tashuya Haga, Yue Bao, Fei Gu

A Method for Searching Image Using Color Sketch

In recent years, the number of photograph files which user holds is huge with the increase in a diffusion rate of a digital camera, and decrease in the price of storage media. For that reason, it will take a lot of times for discovering the target image from them. In this paper, searching image using a color sketch image is proposed. A color sketch image is drawn by user. The input image is changed from the value of RGB into the value of HSV for searching. It is compared with the images in the database with the value of HSV, and picture search is performed. As the result of an experiment, we confirmed validity of the proposal method.

Masaya Hashimoto, Yue Bao, Fei Gu

A Touch Screen Using One Camera and Two Mirrors

We have at least one touch-screen devices. The most major touch screen is used resistive. However, resistive touch screen is not suitable for upsizing. This study proposes touch screen method with two mirrors and one camera. By using mirrors, we calculate the coordinates of the finger on one camera by triangulation. Experiments were performed to confirm the proposed method. We confirmed the effectiveness of the proposed method by the experiment results.

Akinobu Shimoyama, Yue Bao, Fei Gu

Hamiltonian of Line Graph under Condition of Constraint

In this paper, a


-closed trail problem for a class of the graph


under condition of constraint is discussed. We prove line graph




) of


is a Hamiltonian graph by using the method of induced sub-graph’s degree analysis. The main result of this paper is that let


be a simple connected, almost bridgeless graph of order





1,n − 1







, if




)≥2n-6 for each induced sub-graph


isomorphic to



, then,


has a


-closed trail. Accordingly, line graph




) of


is a Hamiltonian graph.

Yong-Zhi Kan

The Performance Persistence of Mutual Fund: The Empirical Research Based on Cross-Sectional Regression

Based on cross-sectional regression, this paper investigates the performance persistence of stock fund. The empirical result shows that there is some persistence in the stock fund’s short, interim or long-term performance, though it is not stable. However, there is even some reversal in several periods.

Cunzhi Tian, Qiuping Guo, Haijun Wang

A Driving Method of the Electro Hydraulic Proportional Valve Based on Compensation Network

The electro hydraulic proportional valve is usually driven by the low frequency signal of PWM. However, the amplitude of chatter signal which proportional valve needs cannot be controlled independently. This is a big problem in the valve’s application. In this paper, the driving theory of proportional valve is analyzed firstly. Then by deriving the driving current formula of proportional valve, the amplitude formula of chatter signal is obtained. At last, the method that compensation network is connected to the driving circuit of proportional valve is proposed. The method can bring independent control of chatter signalamplitude. The validity of the method is proved by digital simulation.

Wei Shen, Junzheng Wang

The Structure and Realization of a Compact Weeding Robot in Stamping Mode for Paddy Fields

A structure of a weeding robot in stamping mode for paddy fields is put forward, which includes an auxiliary supporting device, a weeding device in stamping mode and a striding device. The weeding device in stamping mode realize the evulsing and cutting of weed by walking over and stamping it flat in between the rice shoots with the crawler mobile mechanism. The stamp on weed, which also destroys its habitat, will contribute to the suppression and removal of weed. The turning radius is reduced by the striding over method with tendon-outer-tube transmission system, which greatly enlarges the planting area. The auxiliary supporting device and the striding device, which can avoid slipping and stalling caused by the paddy field pit, cooperate to make the stable movement in the bad condition possible. On the basis of this, the work process of the robot is analyzed, and the strategy of the wedding robot’s movement is then proposed.

Qin Zhang, Huan Xia, Xiaogang Huang

Study on the Identification of Noise Sources and Reducing Noise for Diesel Engine

The noise of the main parts of high pressure common-rail diesel engine was analyzed in this article. The near-field noise of main parts of diesel engine was measured at different speed and load conditions. The major impact components on the engine noise were covered with composite materials, and the noise was measured. The noise of different fans on the diesel engine was analyzed. The results show that: Oil pump, oil pan, crankshaft pulley and air cleaner were the main noise sources of the engine. The near-field noise of Silicon-oil clutch fan was lower than crankshaft fan and the fan of the original machine. When composite material was covered, the noise of oil pan fuel pump diesel engine could reduce effectively. The near-field noise of main components reduced about 1 dB (A) ~ 2dB (A) and the engine noise reduced 1.5 dB (A).

Liu Shuai, Wang Zhong, Chen Lin, Xia Heng, Zhang Yifeng, Xu Guangju

The Design of UART Controller Based on FPGA

This paper introduces a method to implement UART based on Field Programmable Gate Array(FPGA). Its baud rate can be set and the states can be read. The structure of this system is divided in modularization so that can fit the method Top-Down. The hard core of this system is implemented with finite state machine (FSM)[1]. It makes the logic of control more intuitionistic and more briefness. The efficiency of the design is improved in a wide range. Simulating experiments, present at last to proved the validity and reliability in the whole design.

Ying Wang, Zhan Shen

Synchronization of Fractional-Order Chaotic System with Application to Communication

This paper studied the synchronization of fractional-order chaotic system based on the theory of fractional calculus, and the synchronization between the two identical fractional-order Chen systems is realized after 0.6s by using the active control, and the simulation results verify the effectiveness of the examined method. Furthermore, the control scheme can be used in secure communication via the technology of chaotic masking. Numerical simulations coincide with the theoretical analysis.

Tan Wen, Jiang Fengling, Liu Xianqun, Liu Jian Xun, Wu Feng

Infrared Smoke Online Automatic Monitoring System of Multi Components of Stationary Pollution Sources

The high temperature molecular state heating tracing sampling technology was applied to eliminate the interference of steam and the loss of SO


. The multi- components of infrared luminosity analysis technology, which combined single beam double wavelength spectrophotometry method with gas filtering correlation method, was also used in smoke analysis. The multi-component smoke continuous monitoring with the fixed pollution source was obtained through microprocessor filtering effectively the influences of sum multiplier, auto quantitative measurement, long-range control, remote transmission, abnormity alarm, data storage and report can be met, form a set of gaseous contaminants analytical system.

Dan Zhang, Chengying Li

Servo System of 6 DOF Electro-hydraulic Shaking Table

Electro-hydraulic shaking table (EHST) is a useful experimental apparatus to real-time replicate the desired acceleration vibration signal for evaluating the performance of the tested specimen structural systems. A three axis six degree-of-freedom (DOF) EHST system with eight hydraulic actuators is presented in the paper. A decouple control method is employed to lower the acceleration couple among the six DOF. The procedure of the decouple controller is programmed in MATLAB/Simulink, and then compiled to a real-time PC with Microsoft Visual Studio.NET for implementation. The experimental results demonstrate that a better tracking performance with the improved servo controller is achieved in experiments by using actual EHST.

Liyi Yin, Zhengmao Ye, Gang Shen, Junwei Han

Study and Design of Vehicle Black Box Hardware System Based on ARM and DSP

A design of vehicle traveling data recorder is presented, in which the microcontroller S3C2410 and TMS320DM642 are adopted. Assembly language is used to develop programs. The experiment show the system is effective and safe.

Xu Hui, Li Jing-zhao, Yin Zhi-xiang, Sun Xia

The Perfect on Urban Natural Function Space under Artificial Environment

The continue loss of urban natural function space produces a fact that urban residents can not really enjoy nature, result in many problems about urban residents, so we should improve the urban natural environment features, the perfect on urban natural function space mainly focuses four aspects: to take full advantage of natural space, to layout natural function space contiguously, to establish the corresponding management departments and to develop valuable benefits. The article make urban function space more reasonable by perfecting natural function.

Fugang Zhang, Qiong Xue, Shanshan Jiang

Development of Real-Time Temperature Monitoring System Based on GPRS

Temperature data collection and manage system plays an increasingly important role in modern agriculture and industrial fields and even daily works. The design and development of a slow changed real-time temperature detecting and monitoring system is presented in this paper. It is composed with two parts: the computer side and the sensor side. An 8 bit MCU board with its peripheral devices and temperature sensor is used to collect data continually and transmit the processed true time data to monitor program in GPRS way. A Delphi program is designed to collect temperature and monitor the fields on the spot, while the main features including dynamic temperature displaying, top limit and bottom limit threshold setting their exceeding alarming, data analyzing and storing. This study could be implemented in real-time remote temperature monitoring situations.

Jianzhong Wu, Jianping Cai, Meimei Huo, Minghui Wu

Multi-Signal Intelligence Data Fusion Algorithm Based on Pca

By combining Neural Networks with Principal Component Analysis, an algorithm about multi-signal intelligence data fusion is proposed, which is an effective feature selection method. The experiments in sampling real time ship’s sensor data show that its performance is better. The proposed method can prove the fusion rate effectively and reduce the PCA computation time. The discussed algorithm has strong practicability.

Jianbin Xiong, Qinruo Wang, Haoyi Wu, Baoyu Ye, Jinghong Zhang

Research on Simulation of Motion Compensation for Omnidirectional Platform Based on Neural Network

In order to improve the accuracy of omnidirectional platform, this paper makes an analysis of kinematics and builds the dynamic virtual prototyping. The anisotropy of slippage and its influence on translation is simulated by virtual experiment. A method of neural network is proposed for nonlinear motion compensation. Simulation results show that motion error can be reduced and the performance is greatly improved, which indicates that the method is effective and feasible.

YuNan Zhang, ShuangShuang Wang, Peng Tian, YuHui Zhao

Study of Thrust Lever Control Loading System in Flight Simulator

Aiming at computing the force feel to be simulated at real time, thrust lever control loading system’s simulation model is set by software called SimMechanics after its control mechanism being analyzed. The dynamic characteristics of control systems and model torque are studied based on the simulation model. Then the counter potential, primary element to cause the surplus torque, is pointed out according to the dynamic characteristics of control. To make the loading system not only flow the model torque precisely but also retrain surplus torque effectively, the low frequency of the current loop is designed due to frequency spectrum of counter potential and follow-up component in model torque, while the medium frequency is on basis of the step component in model torque. Finally, the reasonableness of the designed current loop is verified by computer simulation of the torque output by motor and loading torque.

Jinsong Zhao, Zhengmao Ye, Gang Shen, Junwei Han

Survey of BMI Distribution among University Students Aged 17 - 24 in Wenzhou

To study the body mass index of university students of different ages in Wenzhou, a screening of underweighnt, overweight and obesity is carried out according to the “Body Mass Index Reference Norm for Screening Overweight and Obesity in Chinese Children and Adolescents” issued by WGOC. The result shows that the BMI percentile fluctuates little among students aged 17 - 24. BMI P85, P95 are both lower than the norm issued by WGOC, particularly among female students. About 79% students have a normal BMI and 21% students are in exception. While the screening of obesity rate is comparatively low in both genders, the overweight rate and underweight rate exhibit a gender difference with the former favors male groups aged 21-23 and the latter favors female group. In terms of the normal BMI distribution, the two genders show little difference at each age except 18. But for underweight rate and overweight rate, there is a significant difference between two genders at the age of 19 – 23. Obesity rate only shows a gender difference in the age group of 18. It is concluded that the BMI classification norm for Chinese adults should be adopted in evaluating overweight and obesity situation in university students. With the increasing of age, male students have the tendency of overweight and obesity and female students have the tendency of underweight. At each age, the underweight rate in female students is higher than that of male students and the overweight and obesity rate in male students are higher than those of female students.

Chen Jun

Robotic Sound Source Localization with Mirror Effect of Echo from an Obstacle Board

This paper studied a special echo scenario. Three micro-phones are used for 360° in an azimuth plane. Results of real-time robotic experiments are compared and analyzed, which has shown an mirror effect for sound direction path.

Juan Huo, Alan Murray

An Multi-agent Artificial Immune Network Algorithm and Its Application

An multi-agent artificial immune network algorithm (Maopt-aiNet) is introduced in this paper. Unlike other intelligent algorithms, Maopt-aiNet combines the idea of immune mechanics and multi-agent technology to overcome premature problem and fully make use of the agent ability of sensing and acting on the environment. The operators of Maopt-aiNet include neighborhood clonal selection, neighborhood competition, self-confidence motivation, and neighborhood collaboration. The performance of the proposed method is studied with the use of six benchmark problems and compared with other well-known intelligent algorithms. The experiments conducted show that Maopt-aiNet outperforms the other algorithms. Furthermore, it is applied to determine the murphree efficiency of the distillation column, and satisfactory results are obtained.

Xuhua Shi

A Novel Anti-collision Protocol Based on Binary Tree without Prior Information about RFID Tags

In order to enhance radio frequency identification (RFID) tag identification efficiency, people proposes a anti-collision protocol in tree slot ALOHA .The new protocol adopts FKSS (Fast k-Slot Selection) algorithm and BFKSS (Binary Tree Fast k-Slot Selection) algorithm, the former which adjust the value of the slot’s number, or the frame size in dynamic, through judging whether the first k-slots are all idle or all collision in each frame; and the later decompose the collision slot in binary basing on the former. The most advantage of the proposed protocol is no prior information about RFID tags. No matter how abrupt the tag number increase or reduce, the system can always keep the frame length and the number of tags at a reasonable level, thus can let the system efficiency not be affected by the changes tag number; and the advantages of binary decomposition is that it won’t produce estimation error and reduces the computational complexity, meanwhile once again improve the system throughput. In our simulations, the proposed protocol’s system efficiency reached at 0.43, BFKSS in the most optimal value is little higher than FKSS when to 0.432, and above the conventional dynamic frame slotted ALOHA and Q algorithm protocol, furthermore, compared with TSA, the system efficiency curve is above during the tag number is not close to the initial frame size.

Deng Zhongting, Wu Haifeng, Wang Qian, Shi Wenyu

Application of Visual Attention in Object Search for a Mobile Robot with an Omni-directional Vision System

A visual attention method for object search for a mobile robot with an Omni-directional vision system is presented. Firstly, the explored scene is separated into salient and non-salient regions in the image and some salient objects in above salient regions are detected with a kind of saliency detection method. And then, SIFT feature points of the salient objects are extracted. The 3D coordinates of the object feature points, which are used to represent the spatial positions of the objects, are computed from the Omni-directional 3D reconstruction method. At last, the first searching region is determined by synthetically considering some factors, such as the number of detected objects in each region and the distance between the objects and the mobile robot. To validate the effectiveness of the proposed method, the experiment is performed in a realistic indoor scenario.

Dongyi Lin, Bingwei He

Monitoring System Design of Suspension Bridge of Health Status Based on CAN-BUS

The article introduces a data acquisition system of multi-channel suspension bridge vibration acceleration with the core of STC12C5606AD single chip. The system used CAN Bus to accomplish the communication between the front extension and IPC. The IPC could quickly get up to 42 channels acceleration value of mean-square deviation in a second and the real time oscillogram from the partial channels after the front machine had the statistical process. The article also analyses problems in the process of system design such as A/D data acquisition rate, transport protocol, and establishing database more than 10 G bytes storage.

Yang Yu, Ming-ye He, Ying-ji Hao

Research on New Neural Oscillator in CPG Model Used in Robotic Fish

CPG control method is a modern control way in robotic control area. The problem is how to design a CPG model which can control the robot well. Neural oscillator is an important part in CPG model, in this paper, a new kind neural oscillator has been designed for CPG model. With this new neural oscillator, detailed analysis work has been done. The most achievement thing is the meanings of the parameters in CPG model are clear. With these parameters, the amplitude and the period of the CPG model’s output can be set to fit the robotic control. In this paper, we make a three-joint robotic fish as prototype, the simulation results show the new neural oscillator in CPG model can well used in robotic fish control.

Wang Gang, Zhang Daibing, Shen Lincheng

Synthesis of Adaptive Control System for Formation of Program Speed of Multilink Manipulator

The paper deals with adaptive control system of multilink manipulator. This system taking into account power restriction of executive elements is capable to set to the gripper the greatest possible speed at spatial trajectory. For providing necessary dynamic accuracy at high speeds of work, the self-turning correcting device has been entered into control chain of each drive. Results of simulating have completely confirmed high quality of the synthesized control system.

Vladimir Filaretov, Anton Gubankov

Optimal Single Quantum Measurement of Multi-level Quantum Systems between Pure State and Mixed State

We derive analytic solution of the particular case of the optimal quantum measurement between pure state and mixed state of the multi-level system. In order to figure out the physical essence rather than the facial complex mathematical expression, we restrict the system to be 3-level and the mixed state to be a diagonal matrix to get a obvious result. Generally the optimal solution is determined by the 9 free elements of the transformation unitary matrix. To our surprise, the results actually are so simple that we just have to search 3-dimensional Hilbert space for the optimal solutions. However, the optimal solutions depend on the relative scale among the diagonal elements. Some guessing analytical solution of the optimal target function is given, but the general cases of transformation between mixed state and pure state without imposing these restrictions is still unavailable.

Haiwei Liu, Yaoxiong Wang, Feng Shuang

Development of the Infrared Thermal Wave Detection System and Experimental Study

As a new non-destructive testing technology, Infrared wave testing technology has lots of virtues, as testing fast, large detection area, non-contact, and etc. Based on studying Systematic on infrared heat wave theories and key technologies, we developed a set of thermal wave detection system, which was suitable for detecting defects in the composite materials and steel shell. We designed several types of specimen which simulated common defects in the solid rocket motor case, and we did experimental study too. The experimental results show that: the infrared thermal wave method for testing the corrosion and the tack defects of the composite materials and steel shell, and detected fast.

Wei Zhang, Guo-wei Wang, Zheng-wei Yang, Yuan-jia Song, Guo-feng Jin

A Study on Micro Grooving Using PZT Actuator

Flat display panels are becoming more popular, day-by-day. Therefore, optical quality has been a major concern in recent years. In flat display panels, micro-features with such optical features as grooves and lens should be manufactured within tight form accuracy because it is directly related to their optical performance. This study presents a PZT based vibration cutting method to ensure a smoother and more uniform cutting surface in machining of micro grooves using a single crystal diamond tool. Experiments prove that the proposed method is an efficient way to produce high quality micro grooves on a flat plate die surface.

Pradipta Vaskar Biswas, Se-Yun Lee, Kyung-Hwan Hwang, Dong-Bae Kang, Jung-Hwan Ahn

The Test Principle and Algorithm of Laser Measuring Tree Height

Survey of tree height always plays an important role in forest production, investigation, scientific research and education. This paper presents works, measurement process of measuring tree height in laser and the precision compute. This paper presents two measurement methods, to elucidate the conceptual and practical feasibility of the measurement provided in this paper, respectively by comparing the two typical measurement methods which significantly reduce the measurement error. The result reveals that its better performance, much more efficient and convenient to deploy and work than previous altimeter instruments.

Hong-e Ren, Wei Yan

A Method of Calculation for the Shearer Drum Cutting Path

The paper studies an automatically heightened technology in the shearer drum. It establishes a mathematical model of spacial status in coal minning mechine, Structures of the coal mining machine test-bed and determines the space coordinates of the shearer drum and its body, in addition it derives the relevant formulas. The cutting path of shearer drum is computed based on the cubic spline fitting. The correctness and feasibility of the proposed method is verified by the computation algorithm with VB6.0 program.

Wei Guo, Ning Zhu, Shuanfeng Zhao

Study on Vapour Insulation Technology in MOSS-Type Tanks of LNG Carrier

The paper introduces the importance of LNG carrier cargo tank insulation, the principle of vapour insulation technology and practical applications. Then, gives the vapour insulation mathematical model and the boil off rate calculation methods and through simulation of 125000 m


example of the mother-ship and the results comparison with the actual ship, reaches a conclusion that vapour insulation technology can reduce the boil off rate of tanks cargo greatly. Finally, provides vapour insulation system optimization design of the cargo tank.

Boyang Li, Yunqiu Zhang, Diyang Li, Lixun Ding

Study of Whole Network Control Based on Ethernet for FAST Main Reflector

The control of Main Reflector is one important part of FAST. This article introduces the control of the Main Reflector with Ethernet network technology, using TCP/IP protocol, cross-platform programming tool—Qt to accomplish the interface and network communication program running in upper computer. After testing and debugging the design on site for the 30 meters Model of FAST, the result illustrates that controlling the FAST Main Reflector based on Ethernet is feasible.

Haitao Shen, Lichun Zhu, Yi Sha

Design and Implementation of the Marine Environmental Monitoring Database Construction-Cum-Visual Management System

According to the investigation, monitoring of hard-won Marine environmental data, design the Marine environmental monitoring database construction-cum-visual management system. In this paper, the function of the system and the module design are discussed, realized the monitoring database import, export, monitoring data query, the analysis and evaluation of monitoring data and other functions, to meet the ocean environment monitoring data management.

Xiaohui Gao, Xiangyu Zhao, Juan Wang

One Multi-ocular Image Mutual Segmentation Method

A segmentation method of parallel multi-ocular image is introduced. The camera is rectangle arranged four channel multi-spectral camera, the four channels is R, G, B and NIR respectively. The corn canopy images are captured in field by the camera. The main corn leaves in NIR are segmented based on CV model. One matching method of the multi-ocular image is applied to all images of one group, the main corn leaves in R, G and B images can be matched with the corn leaves in NIR image based on matching transforms. So the main corn leaves in R, G and B images are segmented.

Li Xin, Zhu Jingfu

Simulation and Analysis Groove of Wet Friction Based on Computational Fluid Dynamic

Applying 3D graphics software UG to create three kinds of typical oil groove structure for wet friction plate model, using T / Grid hybrid mesh for the model grid and finally using Fluent RNG



turbulence model and the moving reference frame for simulation, one can get to know the different flow field of cooling oil in three kinds of typical oil grooves. Comparatively analyze the inner flow fields of three kinds of oil grooves, so as to understand cooling characteristics of the different oil grooves and provide certain reference for the design of oil groove.

Yu Long Lei, Jie Tao Wen, Han Yong, Zhenjie Liu, Hua Bing Zeng

Study on Dynamic Simulation Model of Telescopic Cylinder Based on Power Bond Graph and Simscape

The power bond graph is used to establish the dynamic model of telescopic cylinder. Simscape platform enables modeling and simulation of the hydraulic system. Analysis of the telescopic cylinder position characteristic curve and speed characteristics curve demonstrates the accuracy and reasonableness of the simulation model. All of this provides theoretical basis for the analysis and design of multistage hydraulic cylinder.

Yulong Lei, Huabing Zeng, Zhenjie Liu, Xingzhong Li, Jietao Wen

Progress of Coal Gangue Research

China is carrying out a large-scale energy bases in the early stages. Historical experience shows that a large number of coal gangue will be produce in the development of coal process. The coal gangue will occur environmental pollution when the improper disposal. This paper summarized the domestic and international coal gangue researching issues, such as basic characteristics, pollution mechanism, model research, and utilization and pollution control. Furthermore, the research directions in future were prospected.

Jianguo Feng, GuiHua Li, Liping Zhang

Verb Consciousness Passwords in the Fingers (2)

The process from the body motion studied by Aristotle before the 4th century BC to the Newton’s Law of Motion and the Law of Universal Gravitation Established by Newton 1687 AD, took Human 2000 years, the Nature Science obeys the Western Logic; The process from the Feminine and Masculine, the Eight Diagrams found by Fuxi 7000 years ago to the breakthrough point of Consciousness Passwords, took Human 7000 years, the Humanities obey the Eastern logic. The basis of Intelligent Science is the Consciousness Passwords. When Human and Robots own the same set of Consciousness Passwords, we can achieve the Human-Robot interaction.

Yunfeng Zhu

Sparse Representation-Based Face Recognition for Single Example Image per Person

A new algorithm is proposed to deal with single training sample face recognition. After geometric normalization of human faces, we generate 13 virtual samples for each face by using geometric transformation and svd decomposition. The distribution of gray value of each image is processed to be normal standard distribution. Finally sparse representation is used to recognize faces. The result of experiments on ORL database shows that our algorithm is better than classical algorithms and new algorithms proposed recently.

Zhen Wang, Ming Zhu

Analysis of Zero-Sequence Circulating Current in Parallel PWM Inverter System with Difference of Carrier Wave Phases

Disaccord of inverter instantaneous output voltages is the ultimate factor that causes circulating current between inverters in parallel inverter system. As a familiar control method of inverter, sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation is widely used to control output voltage of inverter to realize energy transformation. In this paper, the circulating current characteristics in parallel PWM inverter system with same sinusoidal modulating waves and different phase triangular carrier waves are analyzed. By using Fourier Transform of circulating current, the principle of zero-sequence circulating current changing with carrier wave phase difference is obtained. Simulation results are presented to verify the proposed analytical method.

Jianbao Liu, Xinxin Qin, Zhonglin Yang

A Novel Robust Controller for the Speed Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

A robust speed controller which is designed by employing fuzzy logic control and particle swarm optimization (PSO) is presented for a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) drive system. The prime problem of fuzzy PI controller is the design of fuzzy rules with expert experience. The performances of fuzzy PI controller are degraded because of expert experience. In order to solute default of conventional fuzzy PI controller, the PSO is used to optimize the parameters of membership functions of fuzzy logic controller to automatically acquire the fuzzy space structure of system Simulation results show that the proposed approach gives a better dynamic speed response and is robust to external load disturbance.

Wei Guo, Jian-Ping Wen

Micro Machined Diaphragm Based Fiber Fabry-Perot Acoustic Sensor

This paper presents the design and characterization of the micro machined Diaphragm and the Fabry-Perot interferometer of the fiber Fabry-Perot acoustic sensor. The design for micro diaphragm-type acoustic sensors have been established by characterization of the relationships among diaphragm thickness, side length, sensitivity, and resonant frequency. According to the study, the thickness need to be thin and the side length need to be small in order to get the sensitive diaphragm with high resonant frequency. Theoretical equations for the sensitivity, visibility are proposed. The relations between the reflectivities of the F-P surfaces and the visibility are discussed. Design of different cavity lengths and reflectivities are proposed for the diaphragm-based micro machined optic F-P sensors which have the visibility up to 100%.

Li Zhenyu, Shao Jie, Wu Zhizong, Chen Jianyong

Catastrophe Modeling of a Nonlinear System

Catastrophe theory is widely used in almost every aspect since it was founded, and usually the research target is the nonlinear system. However, how to build the catastrophe models of a nonlinear system is a hard problem. Catastrophe models are the key points to analyze the catastrophe characteristics of a system. This paper discussed the universal transformation methods of four elementary catastrophe modeling, which are fold catastrophe modeling, cusp catastrophe modeling, swallowtail catastrophe modeling and butterfly catastrophe modeling. Once the catastrophe model of the system is deduced, the catastrophe analysis of the system then can be applied.

Zengkun Qi

Dynamics of a Tuberculosis Model with Treatment and Self-cure

A tuberculosis (TB) model with treatment and self-cure is investigated. The basic reproduction number is found and its epidemiological interpretation is given. It has been shown that the dynamics of the model is determined by its basic reproductive number. If the basic reproduction number is less than or equal to one, there exists only the disease-free equilibrium which is globally asymptotically stable, and the disease dies out eventually. When the basic reproduction number exceeds one, there exists a unique endemic equilibrium which is uniformly persistent. At last, some measures to control the spread of TB are discussed.

Yayi Xu, Guorong Huang, Zhan Zhao

Headland Turning of Autonomous Robot in Corn Field

Headland turning operation has been difficulties in field application for autonomous agricultural vehicles based on machine vision. A method using variable field of view of camera to solve deficiencies in blind spots or limited image information with a settled field of view, which is controlled by two DC motors to rotate in vertical and horizontal planes, is proposed to detect crops near the end of crop rows, guide an agricultural robot and implement headland turning operation in corn field. The lateral field of view of camera was chosen firstly to detect crops near the end of corn row and guide the robot according to guidance information from crop images by using the image processing technology based on mathematically morphological operations. Headland turning was mainly composed of two 90˚ turning and one backing control. Three repetition tests were conducted to perform the headland turning operation in corn field. A maximum error of 17.4mm when using the lateral view and good headland turning operation were observed. It was successful for variable field of view to implement headland turning operation in corn field.

JinLin Xue

The Study on Wide Area Antenna Array Algorithm and Its Experiments

In wide area antenna array, it is difficult to combine the signal of each element because of the big delay and phase offset. Prior values of delay and delay rate, calculated according to the position and velocity of space probe and ground antennas, are used for correlation of antenna signal. The signals from each array element could be combined using residual delay, delay rate and phase offset obtained by correlation .Observation data received by Shanghai Sheshan 25-meter-diameter antenna and Beijing Miyun 50-meter-diameter antenna during Chang’E-2 lunar satellite mission are processed to verify the above algorithm. The experiment result indicates that the signals from each antenna could be combined successfully.

Zhu Xinying, Kong Deqing

Performance Evaluation of Listed Household Appliance Enterprises Based on Factor Analysis and Cluster Analysis

This paper chooses 28 listed household appliance companies in China’s stock market as examples, extracts four factors: ability to pay debt, profitability, operation capability and development capability and then evaluate the performance of listed household appliance enterprises by factor analysis and cluster analysis.

Yiwei Guo, Wenting Liu, Jia Han

Research of the Correlation between EVA-Based Corporate Value and Stock Yield

This paper selected 261 listed manufacturing companies in China’s stock market as samples, made an analysis of the correlation between the EVA-based corporate value and stock yield. The study result had shown that there is significant linear relationship between the EVA-based index system of corporate value and stock yield. The paper established a linear model to reflect the linear relationship between the stock yield variable and the comprehensive corporate value variables.

Yiwei Guo, Fulian Shi, Xu Zhang

Analysis of Pollution Abatement Status and Policy Recommendations of China’s Agro-Food Processing Industry

This paper is to expound the development of agro-food processing industry from three aspects: the scale of the industry, the production and marketing situation and the output of major products. In an effort to analyze the current situation in light of the pollution abatement of the agro-food processing industry in China, emphasis with elaborate details and graphs, is then to be turned onto the consumption of energy, emission and control of “three wastes” and output value of comprehensive utilization. In the end, feasible suggestions concerning pollution abatement are proposed.

Yiwei Guo, Jing Guo, Pingdan Zhang

Rapid Prototyping for Preoperative Planning of Fibula Free Flap in Mandible Reconstruction

The most frequent cause of defect in the mandible is tumor-related surgery. Larger defects cause severe morbidity due to disturbances in function and esthetics. A fibular free flap is one way of filling a bony hole in either the upper or lower jaw. In this study, a new method combining preoperative planning and rapid prototyping for mandible fibula free flap reconstruction after preoperative planning was made based on Mimics software simulating surgery on a workstation. The preparatory work of surgery is divided into two parts: software simulation and model building. During software simulation the authors were able to choose the best site for the osteotomy regarding circulation and the model building can increase the precision and speed of treatment. A description of our surgical approach is presented and is supplemented by an illustrative case.

Chen Yadong, Wang Hang, Qin Xingjun, Wu Wenzheng, Li Hu, Wang Wanshan

Numerical Simulation of Inner Hydro-field and Comfortable Evaluation Based on Human Thermal Comfortable Model in Cockpit

Traditional research on inner hydro-field of cockpit only paid attention on the airflow itself except human thermal comfort, which is not really consistent with the rule “human center”. This paper builds Human Thermal Comfortable Model based on Radtherm platform. The model, combined with CFD results, focuses on human comfort and can output the human thermal sensation. Utilizing this model, virtual cockpit has been evaluated and the conclusions have been obtained. The evaluation method for hydro-field of cockpit is effective. And it can be used in engineering applications.

Junwei Zhao, Xuming Mao, Ruhua Wang, Wenjiang Wang, Zhenwei Zhang, Hongjun Xue

Research on the Correlation between Extraordinary Profit and Loss and Financial Report’s Quality of Chinese Listed Companies

This paper is an empirical research which regarded audit report opinion given by Certified Public Accountants as dependent variable, treated main business revenue change ratio, Insolvency Index and the natural log of total assets as control variable, which regarded 146 listed companies listed in shanghai or Shenzhen stock market as the main research samples. The research shows that there is significant linear relationship between extraordinary profit and loss and financial report’s quality and listed company’s management layer can manipulate its financial reports through handling extraordinary profit and loss, especially the companies whose main business are in the crisis. This article assumes and provides the evidence to show there is negative correlation between extraordinary profit and loss and financial report’s quality of listed company. Besides, there also has significant correlation between company growth and company size.

Fulian Shi, Jing Guo, Zhongzheng Xiang, Yan Zhang

Internal Influence Factors Study of Cash Dividend Policy of China’s A and H Share Listed Companies

Dividend policy is one of core content and sensitive issues of modern corporate financial decision-making, playing an extremely important role in the management and development of listed companies. For the same listed companies, different listing destination caused the difference cash dividend policy research has important theoretical and practical significance. This paper Selects both listing in the mainland A share market and Hong Kong H share market in 2007, 44, 2008, 50, 2009, 53 companies as samples, during the period 2007-2009, studies cash dividend policy of A and H share listed companies’ internal influence factors by SPSS17.0 software, Logarithm of total assets, current ratio and net capital gains rate is different on the A share and H share companies, the main affect factors is different between the two places, the levels of internal affect factors is different between the two places.

Fulian Shi, Jing Guo, Yan Zhang, Ran Li

Correlation Study of EVA and Corporate Value

This paper selects 2006~2008 data of 261 listed manufacturing companies in Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange as investigative samples, corporate value as dependent variable, EVA-based index system and traditional financial index system as independent variable. By single-element and multiple regression analysis, the paper verifies the correlation of EVA-based indexes and traditional financial indexes, and constructs a corporate value model of comprehensive index system. The research results show that the comprehensive index system which includes EVA-based indexes and traditional financial indexes has higher explanatory power to corporate value.

Fulian Shi, Yuanbin Jiang, Xu Zhang

Study of the Impact of Legal Protection of Investors on the Cash Dividend Policy

This paper select both listing in the mainland A-share market and Hong Kong H-share market in 2007, 44, 2008, 50, 2009, 53 companies as samples to study the impact of legal protection of investors on cash dividend policy of A and H share double listed companies. The result shows that the impact of legal protection of investors on cash dividend policy of A and H share double listed companies is significant, which verified the result model of legal protection and dividend policy, and different degrees of legal protection lead to different cash dividends policy between two places.

Fulian Shi, Jing Guo, Ran Li

Design of Greenhouse Environment Wireless Monitoring System Based on ZigBee

In the greenhouse environmental monitoring, the wired sensor networks have some problems, for example, complex wiring, inflexible sensor location, cable aging and corrosion and so on. To solve the above problems, we use ZigBee technology to build a wireless sensor network for monitoring temperature, humidity, light intensity, carbon dioxide concentration. And each node is low-power design. Based on the Modbus protocol, we built RS-485 bus to achieve the communication between a number of greenhouse sensor networks and upper computer (PC). The system has advantages such as flexible sensors placement, low power consumption, easy installation maintenance and expansion, low cost, strong practicability.

Hui Wang, Xue-ren Dong, Yu-zhen Ma, Xiao-wei Yang, Feng-nan Liu

A Novel Method to Measure the Projectiles Velocity and Position of Twin-Tube Volleyed Weapons with Multi-screen Target

The velocity and position measurement of projectile is two important parameters in ballistic research. The multi-screen target is one approach to obtain the two items. In this paper, we present a novel method to measure the projectile velocity and position of twin-tube volleyed weapons with the multi-screen target and use Matlab software to take a simulation test. The designed system has a new structure and shows the capability of precisely detecting the velocity and position of two projectiles at the same time.

Yugui Song, Wenbo Wang, Guohui Wang

The Improvement on Lucene Text Analyzer

This paper extract the text from non-text documents. Then it indexes them by lucene. The experimental results show that it can greatly enhance retrieval adaptability by improving Lucene text parser.

Wu Daiwen

Satellite Pseudo-range Positioning Based on Time Series Analysis

A novel real-time positioning model for single frequency receiver is proposed. The position parameters are expressed in the form of linear time series combination, and the positioning problem is converted into estimation problem of time series coefficients. Space mapping method is presented to process the measurement information of single-frequency pseudo-range. It is used to deduct clock bias, ionosphere refraction, amend residual error and other system errors. Error transfer function is improved for high precision.

Guojun Zhang, Siliang Wu

H ∞  Control for Inverted Pendulum: Input Time Delay Considered

In this paper, H


control for single linear inverted pendulum with input time delay is studied, which is an unavoidable factor influencing the stability of inverted pendulum system. An H


feedback controller of the system has been obtained by using Lyapunov function combined with linear matrix inequality method, and the criterion can be readily tested by using standard numerical software. And the uncertainties are also considered. The simulation results show the availability of the proposed method.

Keyong Shao, Miaomiao Tian, Qingyu Wu

Energy Saving of Plant Cultivation System Using LED Control System Based on Ultrasonic Sensor

For great economics and capable commercialization of fully controlled plant factory, various researches are required such as energy-efficient design of artificial light which is major of energy consumption and the best environmental controlling technology for plant photosynthesis and so on. To reduce energy consumption and promote the plant growth, appropriate combination of wave length and PPFD(Photosynthetic Photon Flux density) must be supplied according to the stages of plant growth and the sort of plants. Therefore, this paper suggests the architecture of LED control system based on ultrasonic sensor to promote plant growth by supplying appropriate PPFD. Using ultrasonic sensor, the distance between the light and plant according to the stages of plant is measured to supply proper PPFD and light equipment is moved directly. Using proposed system, it is verified that PPFD heavily influences the growth of plant and supplying of suitable PPFD according to the stages of growth promotes the plant growth. Promotion of plant growth reduces the periods of plant cultivation and leads to reduce energy consumption in plant factory.

Hyung-Sun Kim, Jae-Hyun Lim

Context-Aware Architecture for Improvement of Energy Efficiency and Growth Promotion of Plants

To product steadily high-quality plants in a plant factory, proper PPFD should be supplied according to the sort of plants. In order to produce the plant, the artificial lighting system should be installed in the greenhouse. This system is controlled itself according to the quantity of sunrays (dynamic changes of sunray). This phenomenon cause to supply the required quantity of rays without any interpretation process and also the PPFD of the artificial-rays equal to the PPFD of sunrays. This paper suggests context-aware architecture to improve energy efficiency by controlling artificial-rays.

Hyung-Sun Kim, Heon-Taek Kong, Jae-Hyun Lim

Trajectory Estimation of Hypersonic Vehicle Based on Observations from Infrared Sensor on LEO Satellite

Strong nonlinear observation model of satellite infrared sensor is established and transformed into linear pseudo-measurement equation by unscented transform method. A kind of noise adaptive three-dimensional constant acceleration model is constructed for non-cooperative and strong maneuvering target. Real-time estimation on process noise is carried out to reduce dependence of the model on prior information. The trajectory of hypersonic vehicle is estimated using Kalman filter based on the proposed model and linear pseudo-measurement equation. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm has high filtering precision, strong robustness and adaptability. It is applicable to the state estimation of strong maneuvering target with fuzzy or unknown dynamic characteristics and nonlinear measurement equation.

Nan Wu, Lei Chen

Improvement of Energy Efficiency in Plant Factories through the Measurement of Plant Bioelectrical Potential

To create the best environment for plant growth, research is needed to resolve the economic challenges faced by plant factories using methods such as energy-efficient artificial lighting and light control technology. Plants react sensitively to environmental changes in temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide, and to changes in the wavelength and intensity of light. Among these environmental factors, light is essential for photosynthesis. Therefore, to promote plant growth and improve energy savings in plant factories, we need a better understanding of the appropriate light wavelength and the PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) required by each type of plant. In this paper, a system has been designed to measure and analyze the plant bioelectrical potential which differs depending on the type of plant and the lighting conditions. This experiment identifies the optimal lighting environment for different types of plants through a comparative analysis process of growth rate and energy consumption.

Sookyoun Kwon, Jaehyun Lim

The Identification Algorithm Study of Given Area Weld Image

In this paper, a idea based on given area weld image is proposed, based on the idea, this thesis designs a vision sensor, and discusses the way the device work, designs a new seam tracking algorithm based on a circular and given point of view. Through simulate experiments conducted on MATLAB, it can receive desirable result, and prove that the algorithm is effective.

Qing Jia, Ma Guo-hong, Wang Cong

Application of an Improved Performance Evaluation Model Based on Cloud Theory

Scientific research performance evaluation is to make qualitative and quantitative evaluation to the achievements of projects. It is critical for its sustainable development to reduce the fuzziness and randomness in the academic scientific research performance evaluation by scientific and objective methods. Based on the Cloud Theory, this paper proposes an improved scientific research evaluation model. The model transforms qualitative indexes to countable quantitative descriptions with Cloud Theory, and then makes an integrated evaluation by Cloud Center of Gravity Evaluation method (CCGE). Finally, the experimental result shows that, this model increases scientificity and objectivity of scientific research evaluation.

Li-jun Xie, Zhi-qiang Zhu, Zhe Chen, Yuan-ning Liang

Study on Ontology-Based Reference Model of Software Configuration Management

When dealing with hundreds of components, keeping track of version changes and various dependency constraints imposed on the system, Software configuration management (SCM) can be defined as the control of the evolution of complex software systems. In recent years, researchers have argued that using ontology to represent and drive knowledge infrastructure of software projects provides procedural knowledge. The advantages of using ontology for SCM are immense and cover various aspects of software development and evolution. In this paper, key challenges must be face for designing and implementing SCM is summarized. One of them is the limited capability on interoperating in different SCM tools. An ontology-based reference knowledge model base for SCM is presented. The reference model allows depicting complex relations between concepts and services operating in configuration management.

Zhe Chen, Xin Li, Hong Yao, Yuan-ning Liang

The Discuss on the Machine Design Course Teaching Method

This paper in view of the Machine Design course characteristics and research problem rules summarizes the systemic and the regularity of the Machine Design course content, to improve the students’ learning effect. In the process of teaching, some common knowledge is completed and summed up in order to train students’ ability to analyze and solve problems. In the classroom teaching, the contents are set mainly in accordance with design, and through the great homework of the corresponding design type to consolidate the training, strengthen practice links, the students’ learning interest and design ability will be raised.

Li Xing-hua

Automatic Recognition Algorithm of Traffic Signs in Road Tunnel

We conduct feature extraction and feature selection of the pattern of traffic signs based on environmental characteristics of the road tunnel, and the color and shape information of traffic signs, then further accomplish multi-level classification of traffic signs using decision tree method. The method proposed in this paper based on decision tree classification algorithm can convert a complex multi-class problem into several simple classifications. Experimental results show that the algorithm has good recognition results.

Wang Weizhi, Liu Binghan

License Plate Localization Based on Edge Detection and Morphology

This paper presents a new method based on edge detection and morphology for the license plate localization, in this method ,first pre-processing of license plate image, then using Sobel operator for edge detection, and then using mathematical morphology processing image, then according to the priori knowledge and license plate aspect ratio to get the exact location of the license plate, and finally use horizontal projection and vertical projection to accurate positioning of the license plate. Simulation results show that the algorithm speed, high accuracy, to achieve the desired effect.

Ying Wang, Wei Wang

Oilfield of Video Monitoring and Alarm System Based on DM642

In order to enhance the oil production safety management and to detect the abnormal state production and curb illegal phenomenon in time, design video alarming system of petroleum. The central chip of system is TMS320DM642,and system is divided into three parts, video acquisition module for real-time monitoring of oil field, the function of video processing module is image processing and analysis, when the abnomalies occurred, alarm wireless alarm module, achieve remote monitoring of oil fields.

Ying Wang, Xiao Feng Guo

The Application of Multi-scale Modeling Technology in Artificial Bone Graft

In view of the preparation of the individual implants for artificial bone grafting procedures, this paper puts forward a new kind multi-scale modeling idea for artificial bone. First, build up the corresponding macro-level CAD model of the patients based on CT data; Secondly, realize the bone’s internal property by analyzing the gray-scale of the patients’ CT image and build up the micro-scale model in Pro/E; Finally, obtain the multi-scale CAD model of the artificial bone that match with the remaining parts by combing the macro-scale and micro-scale model and convert it into STL files to complete the preparation of implants. The further mechanical analysis was finished for the structure selection of multi-scale implantation.

Hu Li, Yadong Chen, Zhiguang Zhang, Tianbiao Yu, Wanshan Wang

Observer Generalized Representation for Unstable Delayed Systems

This paper proposes a method for representing a delayed input system through state variables. The main idea is to use a finite-dimensional approximation for the delay operator in order to find a state-space representation of an input-delay system. This representation is based on the canonical observer form, and a Luenberger-type observer has been proposed. The delay has a rational representation and it is obtained by means of a classical Pade approximation. A linear observer is used to estimate the delay-free output, which is used within a compensation scheme to stabilize the real process by means of a suitable controller.

Omar Jímenez-Ramírez, Mario A. Quiroz-Juárez, Rubén Vázquez-Medina

Model Driven Synthesis of Behavioral Models from Textual Use Cases

Software system’s requirements are often specified by textual use cases due to their concrete and narrative style of expression. However, textual use cases have limitation in the synthesis of behavior since they have a poor basis for the formal interpretation. Existing synthesis techniques are either largely manual or focused on the use case interactions. In this paper, we present a framework from a model-based point of view to automatically synthesize system behavior from textual use cases to Petri net model. The generated Petri net model can describe component module interactions, and can be checked with the model checking tools. We have implemented our framework and demonstrated the synthesis process via an example.

Zuohua Ding, Mingyue Jiang

A New Design of PC104 Host Controller Based on STM32F103

In order to deal with some small scale or low power dissipation applications, this paper presents the STM32F103 as the core to construct PC104 host controller. This design can efficiently save costs, reduce power dissipation and enhance reliability. For hardware design, uses the rich General Purpose Input/output (GPIO) resources provided by STM32F103 to map address bus, data bus and control bus of PC104 bus. For software design, simulate PC104 bus by configure and operate the GPIO, and package the operation as library function for easy use. Use STM32F103 to simulate PC104 bus is proved to have high performance for its 72 MHz clock rate. The design has been tested on 8 bit and 16 bit PC104 bus functional card.

Sun Shuying, Li Jun, Chen Zhijia

Design of Auxiliary Power Supply for the Solar PV Inverter

In order to design PV inverter auxiliary power supply, circuit with isolated single-ended anti-flyback current-control mode,is obtained by experimental design of the circuit for the conclusions of PV Inverter. This experiment involves some of the basic switching power supply design specifications,the transformer core and winding design,feedback and regulation circuit.The auxiliary switching power supply is already used in the inverter,which is high stability,output ripple is small and the phenomenon of transformer no fever,meets the design objectives.

Yunhai Hou, Shihua Sun, Ershuai Li

Modeling Method for Centralized Control of Load-Tap-Changing Transforms Based on Neural Networks

The paper presents a modeling methord of neural network based centralized control scheme for load tap-changing transformers. To implement the coordinated tap adjustment, the developed scheme employs successive linearization techniques to evaluate the interactions among different trnasformers represmted by a sensitivity matrix. Through updating the matrix using neural network methods, only the local information associated with the participating transformers is desired to perform the centralized tap control. The developed scheme has been verified to be superior to conventional decentralized methods in terms of avoiding unnecessary dynamics and enhancing voltage stability of power systems.

Yu Sun

Design of System for High-Frame Frequency Image Acquisition and Remote Transmission

The high-frame rate camera can capture, store and display the high-speed moving subject in real time, it can analyze the mechanism and the motion law of the high speed transient event by video playback. Therefore it has been widely used in the field of measurement of the high-speed moving subject. This article has proposed a parallel data bus FPGA image acquisition and transmission system which successfully solves the problem of a large amount of data quantity, fail to store and transport in real-time during the image acquisition process with high frame. The system’s hardware composition and the working principle have been described; meanwhile, the image output structure and algorithm have been introduced in detail. Experimental results show that the system is reliable and absolutely fulfill the requirements of real-time performance.

Dingjin Huang, Tao Zhang, Honglu Hou, Wenfang Zhang

A New Video Feature Extraction Method Based on Local Class Information Preserving

Video feature extraction is the first step of video shot boundary detection. In this paper, a more useful and discriminating video feature extraction method based on local class information preserving is proposed. Maximum margin criterion is a very famous feature extraction method, which seeks to preserve global structure of samples, and can resolve small sample size problem. But this method ignores the local structure information of samples. To address the issue, we develop a new method namely local class information preserving (LCIP). We redefine the local between-class scatter matrix and within-class scatter matrix with the local structure information of each sample. Experimental results show the effectiveness of the proposed method.

Yongliang Xiao, Shaoping Zhu, Weizhong Luo, Xiangbao Li, Wenbin Liu, Gelan Yang

Quadrature Kalman Probability Hypothesis Density Filter for Multi-Target Tracking

A new Quadrature Kalman-Probability Hypothesis Density filter is proposed for nonlinear system model multi-target tracking. The algorithm estimates first-order statistical moment of posterior multi-target states with Probability Hypothesis Density (PHD) Filter, and updating targets’ states from the recursion of Quadrature Kalman. Quadrature Kalman filter uses statistical linear regression method through a set of Gaussian-Hermite quadrature points to linearize nonlinear functions, Jacobian matrix solving is unnecessary and the linearized error is reduced. Simulation results prove that influence on the algorithm by non-linear system model is effectively decreased, the estimating accuracy of targets’ number and states is advanced, and the tracking exactness is improved.

Pu Zhang, Hongwei Li, Yuan Huang

Kaiser Window Function Non-Local Means for Image Denoising

Kernel function has a great influence on the results denoised by Non-Local Means (NLM), the original NLM method uses the gaussian kernel function to product the patch pixels, and the central pixel’s 4-neighborhood and its 8-neighborhood are given the same kernel value. While in the fact that different neighborhood should be given different kernel values, and in this case, we proposed an improved NLM algorithm based on Kaiser Window function, in which the central pixel’s different scale neighborhood has been assigned different values from the Kaiser Window function. Through a myriad of experiments, both visual quality and PSNR proved that our method is better than the original algorithm.

Hongwei Li, Pu Zhang, Yuan Huang

A Method Based on FFT and Invariable Moment Features for UTAN

Traditionally, as the echo sounder is deployed in underwater terrain aided navigation system (UTAN), navigation and positioning accuracy is very low, even a large number of mismatches appear.In this paper, the multi-beam sounding has been introduced into UTAN, the input gray-scale image is transformed based on FFT from spatial domain to frequency domain. The Fourier phase correlation technique is used to estimate the candidate translations in order to decrease searching space. Hu invariable moments are then applied to obtain the best matching from candidate translations obtained from phase correlation. Based on different experiments to obtain the measured seabed topography, navigation data and multi-beam sounding data measured, the experimental result show the proposed method can acquire higher accuracy of the navigation and positioning for the underwater vehicle, the INS error is reduced to about 10% of the original error, especially in the case of large original errors (less than 3km) for INS the accuracy is improved obviously.

Zunyi Xu, Yi Liu, Dongwu Huang

Analysis of Singular Value under Kalman Filtering for Strapdown Inertial System Online Calibration

The observability of the system states are the key indexes to check the convergence accuracy and convergence speed of designed Kalman filter. First of all, the error dynamic system equation and observation equation of strapdown inertial navigation system (SINS) online calibration are described in this paper, and then the system can be demonstrated to meet the law of piece-wise constant system (PWCS).Finally,the singular value of the system states based on the singlular value decomposition, which provides the necessary foundation of online calibration, are described.

Guangtao Zhou, Jian Wang, Kai Li

Design of Automatic Block Section Signalling Layout of Appling Chaos Embedded Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based on Skew Tent Map

This paper analyzes the objectives and related factors in detail and presents an optimization model with two different objectives. In order to work out an efficient signalling layout scheme in combination with the practices of present railway line design, the paper discusses the steps of computer-based signalling layout optimization and the method to solve the model with the chaos embedded particle swarm optimization algorithm combined with STM (STMCPSO). Case study of signaling layout design of an existing railway line is conducted. The results demonstrate that using the STMCPSO to solve the optimization problem of signalling layout design is practicable, and this system is able to work out a satisfactory signalling layout scheme to promote the efficiency and quality of signaling layout design without any manual interference.

Hua Rong

Tourism Demand Forecast and Analysis to Shanxi Based on SVM

This paper intends to present a new support vector machine (SVM) model based on statistical learning theory at the small samples and complicated effect factors in Shanxi tourism demand data, at last, countermeasures are analyzed. Experimental results showed that SVM model used time series data outperforms traditional models.

Jinling Guo

A Divide and Conquer Approach for Obstacles Surpassing of a Legged Robot

Small obstacles are difficult to be detected and having their position precisely established from vision or other stereo obstacle detecting systems thus needing to be treated locally by the robot legs and foot. This work deals with the obstacle overcoming and curved walking capabilities of a four legged walking robot. Obstacle overcoming and avoidance is done using only information from contact sensors installed on the robot’s feet. A divide and conquer approach was used to get over known obstacles. Obstacles considered are going a step up and down, going ramp up and down and overcoming a channel. Results include integrated movement sequence to go one step up in the floor.

Antonio Bento Filho, Paulo Faria S. Amaral, Benedito G. Miglio Pinto

Hallucinating Face by Sparse Representation

A novel face hallucination method is proposed in this paper for the reconstruction of a high-resolution face image from Sparse Representation. By joint training two dictionaries for the low-and high-resolution image patches, the method efficiently builds sparse association between high-frequency components of HR image patches and LR image feature patches, and defines the association as a prior knowledge, Using MAP criteria to guide super-resolution reconstruction with respect to their own dictionaries. The learned Dictionary pair is a more compact representation of the patch pairs, reducing the computational cost substantially. Experiments show that the proposed method generates higher-quality images and costs less computational time than some recent face image super-resolution (hallucination) techniques, and achieves much better results than many state-of-the-art algorithms in terms of both PSNR and visual perception.

Xue Cuihong, Yu Ming, Jia Chao, Yan Gang


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