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Information Age Economy

Information Age Economy
14 Volumes | 1998 - 2005


In der Reihe Information Age Economy erscheinen hochqualifizierte und richtungsweisende Forschungsarbeiten an der Schnittstelle von moderner Betriebswirtschaftslehre und Wirtschaftsinformatik. Die Reihe bildet ein internationales Forum für herausragende Publikationen, die mit innovativen Antworten den betriebswirtschaftlichen Herausforderungen des Informationszeitalters Rechnung tragen. Es werden Arbeiten in deutscher und englischer Sprache veröffentlicht.

The series Information Age Economy publishes expert, cutting-edge research studies in the closely interrelated fields of modern business economics, management science and information technology. The series creates an international forum for outstanding publications that provide innovative answers to the challenges facing business management in the information age. Works are published in English and German.

All books of the series Information Age Economy

2005 | Book

Formation and Early Growth of Business Webs

Modular Product Systems in Network Markets

Networks of firms have been in the focus of management research for several years. Recently, special attention has been paid to so-called business webs. Business webs are networks of firms which provide complements to a common product architecture

2005 | Book

Leveraging Mobile Media

Cross-Media Strategy and Innovation Policy for Mobile Media Communication

Mobile communications and next generation wireless networks emerge as new distribution channels for the media. This development offers exciting new opportunities for media companies: the mobile communication system creates new usage contexts for m

2004 | Book

Economics of Standards in Information Networks

Standards play a prominent role in systems characterized by interaction. In information systems, standards provide for compatibility and are a prerequisite for collaboration benefits. More generally speaking, standards constitute networks. In this …

2004 | Book

The Sourcing of Application Software Services

Empirical Evidence of Cultural, Industry and Functional Differences

2003 | Book

Modeling Software Markets

Empirical Analysis, Network Simulations, and Marketing Implications

As social beings, humans are not living in isolation but rather interact and communicate within their social network via language, meant to convey parts of some conceptualization from the sender to a single recipient or a set of recipients.

2003 | Book

New Strategies for Financial Services Firms

The Life-Cycle-Solution Approach

The theme of this book "New strategies for financial services providers" is an equally relevant and important topic in science and practice. In the (post) informa­ tion age economy, the German financial services market and many big financial …

2002 | Book


Standardization, Infrastructure, and Applications

New information and communication technologies unquestionably brought about enormous changes that resulted in an ever-increasing networked society. Indeed, there is no area in the social and economic world which is unaffected by the recent …

2002 | Book

Elektronische Märkte

Spieltheoretische Konzeption und agentenorientierte Realisierung

2001 | Book

Information Technology in Supplier Networks

A Theoretical Approach to Decisions about Information Technology and Supplier Relationships

The present work by Sascha Weber addresses procurement which deals with business partners beyond the boundaries of one's organization. Procurement refers to the function of purchasing goods and services from suppliers, whether raw material used to …

2000 | Book

Elektronische Handelssysteme

Innovative Konzepte und Technologien im Wertpapierhandel

1999 | Book

The Economics, Concept, and Design of Information Intermediaries

A Theoretic Approach

The Internet provides an infrastructure that makes the steadily increasing amount of information accessible efficiently, quickly, and inexpensively. Closely connec­ ted with this opportunity is the danger that the available information will over­ …

1999 | Book

Finanzanalysen in der Investitions- und Finanzierungsberatung

Potential und problemadäquate Systemunterstützung

1998 | Book

Dezentralität und Markt in Banken

Innovative Organisationskonzepte auf der Basis moderner Informations- und Kommunikationssysteme

1998 | Book

Direktvertrieb kundenindividueller Finanzdienstleistungen

Ökonomische Analyse und systemtechnische Gestaltung