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Information Systems and e-Business Management

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22-01-2019 | Original Article

Research on sales information prediction system of e-commerce enterprises based on time series model

Sales forecasting plays an important role in guiding the sales and marketing of e-commerce enterprises, and warehousing department planning warehouse location. At the same time, sales data can better reflect future sales trends. This paper …

21-01-2019 | Original Article

E-commerce information system data analytics by advanced ACO for asymmetric capacitated vehicle delivery routing

Logistic industry is experiencing its golden era for development due to its supportive role of electronic commerce operation. Big data retrieved from electronic business information system is becoming one of core competitive enterprise resources.

21-01-2019 | Original Article

Construction of fast retrieval model of e-commerce supply chain information system based on Bayesian network

Bayesian network is a kind of uncertainty knowledge expression and reasoning tool, and it is an effective means to solve problems in related fields such as information retrieval. Considering the characteristics of e-commerce supply chain supply …

19-01-2019 | Original Article

Research on spatial spillover effect of E-commerce information system in China’s agricultural industry

Based on existing measurement studies and data from Alibaba’s e-commerce platform, this paper constructs a spillover effect model of regional core cities and studies spatial spillover effect of electronic commerce information system in China’s …

19-01-2019 | Original Article

User information protection of e-commerce platform business based on credit evaluation system

Self-governance of e-commerce platform business has become a governance model recognized by the e-commerce industry and state agencies. However, the leakage of user information during the online transaction process, the abuse problem has occurred …

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