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Information Systems Frontiers

Issue 1/2023

Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Information Systems: Perspectives to Responsible AI

Content (22 Articles)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Information Systems: Perspectives to Responsible AI

Denis Dennehy, Anastasia Griva, Nancy Pouloudi, Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Matti Mäntymäki, Ilias O. Pappas

Ethics and AI Issues: Old Container with New Wine?

Fred Niederman, Elizabeth White Baker

Open Access

Toward AI Governance: Identifying Best Practices and Potential Barriers and Outcomes

Emmanouil Papagiannidis, Ida Merete Enholm, Chirstian Dremel, Patrick Mikalef, John Krogstie

Is #SDG13 Trending Online? Insights from Climate Change Discussions on Twitter

Prabhsimran Singh, Surleen Kaur, Abdullah M. Baabdullah, Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Sandeep Sharma, Ravinder Singh Sawhney, Ronnie Das

Open Access

Self-Building Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Empower Big Data Analytics in Smart Cities

Damminda Alahakoon, Rashmika Nawaratne, Yan Xu, Daswin De Silva, Uthayasankar Sivarajah, Bhumika Gupta

Open Access

Success and Failure Retrospectives of FinTech Projects: A Case Study Approach

Dakshitha N. Jinasena, Konstantina Spanaki, Thanos Papadopoulos, Maria E. Balta

Open Access

Exploring the use of IoT Data for Heightened Situational Awareness in Centralised Monitoring Control Rooms

Flávio Horita, João Baptista, João Porto de Albuquerque

Open Access

Social Media Data in an Augmented Reality System for Situation Awareness Support in Emergency Control Rooms

Jennifer Fromm, Kaan Eyilmez, Melina Baßfeld, Tim A. Majchrzak, Stefan Stieglitz

Open Access

Shaping a Smart Transportation System for Sustainable Value Co-Creation

Jun Zhang, Shuyang Li, Yichuan Wang

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