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Information Systems Frontiers

Information Systems Frontiers 4/2018

Issue 4/2018

Special Issue on Disaster Management And Information Systems: Insights To Emerging Challenges

Table of Contents ( 14 Articles )

05-07-2018 | Issue 4/2018

Disaster Management and Information Systems: Insights to Emerging Challenges

Ghassan Beydoun, Sergiu Dascalu, Dale Dominey-Howes, Andrew Sheehan

28-08-2017 | Issue 4/2018

A Capability Assessment Model for Emergency Management Organizations

Xinzhi Wang, Vijayan Sugumaran, Hui Zhang, Zheng Xu

18-08-2017 | Issue 4/2018

Is the Frontier Shifting into the Right Direction? A Qualitative Analysis of Acceptance Factors for Novel Firefighter Information Technologies

Julian Weidinger, Sebastian Schlauderer, Sven Overhage

11-09-2017 | Issue 4/2018

Social Roles and Consequences in Using Social Media in Disasters: a Structurational Perspective

Fang Liu, Dongming Xu

14-08-2017 | Issue 4/2018

Participation Patterns and Reliability of Human Sensing in Crowd-Sourced Disaster Management

Robert I. Ogie, Hugh Forehead, Rodney J. Clarke, Pascal Perez

21-08-2017 | Issue 4/2018

Institutional vs. Non-institutional use of Social Media during Emergency Response: A Case of Twitter in 2014 Australian Bush Fire

Babak Abedin, Abdul Babar

25-08-2017 | Issue 4/2018

Modeling human behavior during emergency evacuation using intelligent agents: A multi-agent simulation approach

Sharad Sharma, Kola Ogunlana, David Scribner, Jock Grynovicki

31-08-2017 | Issue 4/2018

Robust Platelet Logistics Planning in Disaster Relief Operations Under Uncertainty: a Coordinated Approach

Afshin Kamyabniya, M. M. Lotfi, Mohsen Naderpour, Yuehwern Yih

19-08-2017 | Issue 4/2018

Agent-Based Knowledge Analysis Framework in Disaster Management

Dedi Iskandar Inan, Ghassan Beydoun, Simon Opper

07-10-2015 | Issue 4/2018

MobileCDP: A mobile framework for the consumer decision process

Suleyman Ozarslan, P. Erhan Eren

26-10-2015 | Issue 4/2018

Behavioral data mining to produce novel and serendipitous friend recommendations in a social bookmarking system

Matteo Manca, Ludovico Boratto, Salvatore Carta

14-09-2016 | Issue 4/2018

An impactful crowdsourcing intermediary design - a case of a service imagery crowdsourcing system

Soe-Tsyr Daphne Yuan, Ching-Fang Hsieh

26-09-2016 | Issue 4/2018

Practical parallel string matching framework for RDF entailments with GPUs

Chidchanok Choksuchat, Chantana Chantrapornchai

27-09-2016 | Issue 4/2018

An approach to evaluate large-scale ICT training interventions

Silvana Rossy de Brito, Aleksandra do Socorro da Silva, Eulália Carvalho da Mata, Nandamudi Lankalapalli Vijaykumar, Cláudio Alex Jorge da Rocha, Maurílio de Abreu Monteiro, João Crisóstomo Weyl Albuquerque Costa, Carlos Renato Lisboa Francês

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