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Information Systems Frontiers

Issue 5/2022

Content (21 Articles)

Introducing the Special Topic on “Mitigating Cyber Threats and Defense in Data Intensive Smart Cities”

Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, Deepak Puthal, Charles Zhechao Liu, Chonggang Wang

Information Privacy Assimilation in IT Organizations

V. S. Prakash Attili, Saji K. Mathew, Vijayan Sugumaran

Cashless Japan: Unlocking Influential Risk on Mobile Payment Service

Wei-Lun Chang, Li-Ming Chen, Takako Hashimoto

Predicting Blood Donors Using Machine Learning Techniques

Christian Kauten, Ashish Gupta, Xiao Qin, Glenn Richey

Open Access

A System to Access Online Services with Minimal Personal Information Disclosure

Antonia Russo, Gianluca Lax, Baptiste Dromard, Menad Mezred

On Group Ownership Delegate Protocol for RFID Systems

Yu-Ju Tu, Gaurav Kapoor, Selwyn Piramuthu

On the Popularity of Internet of Things Projects in Online Communities

Taher Ahmed Ghaleb, Daniel Alencar da Costa, Ying Zou

Open Access

A Bilingual Comparison of Sentiment and Topics for a Product Event on Twitter

Irina Wedel, Michael Palk, Stefan Voß

Open Access

A Conceptualisation of Crowd Knowledge

Till Blesik, Markus Bick, Tyge-F. Kummer

Ontology-Based Approach for the Measurement of Privacy Disclosure

Nafei Zhu, Baocun Chen, Siyu Wang, Da Teng, Jingsha He

Open Access

Artificial Intelligence and Business Value: a Literature Review

Ida Merete Enholm, Emmanouil Papagiannidis, Patrick Mikalef, John Krogstie

Identifying Structural Holes for Sentiment Classification

Zheng Xie, Guannan Liu, Jinming Qu, Junjie Wu, Hong Li

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