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About this book

This book gathers peer-reviewed proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Innovative Computing (IC 2020).

This book aims to provide an open forum for discussing recent advances and emerging trends in information technology, science, and engineering. Themes within the scope of the conference include Communication Networks, Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management, Web Intelligence, and any related fields that depend on the development of information technology. The respective contributions presented here cover a wide range of topics, from databases and data mining, networking and communications, the web and Internet of Things, to embedded systems, soft computing, social network analysis, security and privacy, optical communication, and ubiquitous/pervasive computing.

Readers such as students, researchers, and industry professionals in the fields of cloud computing, Internet of Things, machine learning, information security, multimedia systems, and information technology benefit from this comprehensive overview of the latest advances in information technology.

The book can also benefit young investigators looking to start a new research program.

Table of Contents


A Computer-Aided Diagnostic System to Detect Polyp in Computed Tomographic Colonography Images

Colorectal cancer is a type of malignant from the intestinal tract. The accurate diagnosis of colorectal polyps can effectively guarantee the life safety of potential patients. There are supervised radionics methods and deep learning methods when determining whether polyps exist. This paper proposes to obtain global features set from computed tomographic colonography (CTC) images by radionics methods and the local features set using deep convolutional neural network simultaneously. Specifically, we use the chaotic evolution algorithm to optimize the parameters in the support vector machine classifier and random forest classifier. Finally, our hybrid method achieved better classification result by random forest classifier on combinational features in which accuracy is 91.318% from the experiment.

Xiaoyu Zhan, Jianqiang Li, Yan Pei

Image Classification Model Using Deep Learning on the Edge Device

Training and inference are a crucial stage of deep learning. For better performance, it is essential to use an optimized approach during the training stage, as the selection of a system, network, model, and fine-tuning the training and hyperparameters. In this paper, an optimized model of the deep learning training and inference is proposed using insects dataset. The dataset consists of 613 images belonging to 10 classes of insects. In order to accelerate the deep learning training model, this system implemented CPU optimization and hyperparameter tuning. TensorFlow was applied as a framework for the training model with InceptionV3 as the topology. The evaluation of the model is demonstrated by the confusion matrix, precision-recall curve, and receiver operating characteristic (ROC). On the edge part, the model is optimized by the model optimizer technique for a better prediction result and speed. Finally, a Raspberry Pi 4 is used to inference the predictive model as an edge device.

Endah Kristiani, Chao-Tung Yang, Chin-Yin Huang, Yu-Wei Chan, Halim Fathoni

The Implementation of Facial Symmetry Assessment Before and After Orthognathic Surgery Using Transfer Learning

In recent years, deep learning has been widely used in medical care. The implementation of deep learning technology in medical care makes the judgment of medical results more accurate and saves evaluation time. For example, the preoperative evaluation of orthognathic surgery requires a lot of time to observe the facial symmetry of the clinical patient. This paper, in cooperation with Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, studies to judge the degree of facial symmetry through migration learning. The system uses contour map as the training data, and construct the system to classify and score the symmetry of the face. Therefore, doctors can quickly and easily assess the status of clinical patients and save evaluation time. In this case, the contour map of the face from 71 patients provided by the doctor is classified into four equal parts according to the scores given by the doctors. Machine learning is used to extract sample features and a set of trained module. For user interface, the doctor uploads the image through the webpage, and the system outputs the classified result to provide a reference for the doctor so that the doctor can further understand the part of the patient that needs correction.

Tianyi Zhang, Chao-Tung Yang, Hsiu-Hsia Lin, Lun-Jou Lo, Yu-Wei Chan

An Analysis of the Relationship Between Career Decision-Making Self-efficacy and Career Selection Anxiety of Senior Students

In order to explore the relationship between college graduates’ career decision-making self-efficacy and job-seeking anxiety, this paper uses the career decision-making self-efficacy questionnaire and the college graduates’ job anxiety questionnaire to conduct a questionnaire survey of 300 seniors in a normal college in Jilin Province. The results show: ① Career decision-making self-efficacy and job-seeking anxiety are significantly different in some demographic variables such as gender, major, and whether they are student cadres; ② there is no significant difference in career decision-making self-efficacy between the source of life and whether it is only one child; ③ There is a significant difference in job-seeking anxiety in the place of birth, and there is no significant difference in whether or not the only child is born. ④ There is a significant negative correlation between career decision-making self-efficacy and job-seeking anxiety.

Jingbo Ye

File Management Based on Decision System in Human Resource Optimization

With the continuous progress of human society, our society has advanced to the stage of knowledge economy. Affected by the rapid development of science and technology, human resource optimization is becoming a branch of archives management science, which is undergoing a large and rapid development. In order to match the market economic system of our country, the archives management departments of human resources are changing their service consciousness and constantly seeking to change the traditional archives management system. This paper holds that the relationship between the management of personnel files and the development of human resources is closely related and mutually promoting. This article through to the current our country human resource optimization of the existing disadvantages of archives management points out the various problems in the current archives management in our country, analyzes the process of file management in the process of human resource optimization, and introduced the whitenization weight function of grey clustering method to reduce the difficulty of the study, at the same time improve the accuracy of the research conclusion. In the end, the author puts forward some measures to strengthen the archives management system, which can improve the efficiency of human resources utilization and provide a theoretical guarantee of human resources for enterprises to enhance their comprehensive strength.

Jinxiang Zhang

Operation Strategy of Power System Based on Energy Internet

The safety and reliability of power system have a direct impact on People’s Daily electricity quality. With the continuous development of information technology, society puts forward new requirements on the operation mode of power system. Based on this, this article is based on the energy of the Internet under the background of the operation mode of the new energy power system and key technology, firstly analysis the energy Internet applications on the necessity of new energy power system operation mode [1], and then analysis the energy of the Internet under the background of new energy power system operating mode, finally discusses the energy Internet under the background of the key technology of new energy power system.

Xi Chen, Wenjie Fu, Yong Li, Hang Lv, Xiaoliang Chai, Hui Wang

Development of a New Type of Personnel Attendance Machine

In order to detect the number of people in public places, thermopile is used to sense human heat and estimate the number of people present. The infrared thermopile is used as the sensor in the system. The thermopile produces a voltage difference which is proportional to the temperature difference between the environment and the human body. That is to say, if the energy of the infrared light incident in the current visible environment is different, the thermopile will output different voltage values. Accordingly, the number of people in the current visual environment can be detected. In the system design, the thermopile is composed of 8 * 8 lattice. By detecting the voltage change at each point, it is input to the microprocessor for processing through amplification, filtering, and A/D conversion. Compared with the number of image processing detectors, this method has a lower complexity. The actual measurement shows that the accuracy rate is over 95%, which can effectively detect the number of people in the visual area.

Jian Huang

Analysis of the Influence of Extracurricular Knowledge on College Students’ Values Based on Knowledge Mapping Theory

As the main force of the future society, college students are deeply concerned by the cultivation and development of their values. However, the cultivation of college students’ values is mostly at the present stage. In addition to extracurricular activities, college students are exposed to a variety of things, which affects the values of college students as much as the classroom. Therefore, the cultivation of values cannot be limited to the classroom. The influence of extracurricular knowledge on the values of college students is also extremely important. This paper analyzes the influence of college students’ extracurricular knowledge on values based on knowledge graph theory. Research shows that the influence of extracurricular knowledge on college students’ values is a double-edged sword, which has both positive and negative effects. Whether it is negative or positive, it depends on the values that college students choose to be exposed to outside the classroom. That is to say, the influence of extracurricular knowledge on college students’ values depends on the values of extracurricular knowledge itself.

Ying Zhou

Construction of the University’s Intelligent Teaching Model Based on Mobile Technology—Take the Reform of English Curriculum at Chengdu Neusoft College as an Example

With the development of information technology, coupled with the “University English Teaching Guide” on the integration of information technology and curriculum teaching, China’s college English curriculum began to enter a new era of information-based teaching reform. Based on the teaching reform of English courses in our university, the author constructs the university English intelligent teaching model by implementing the hybrid teaching method based on PBL, realizes precise teaching decision-making, instant feedback and evaluation, three-dimensional interaction and intelligent resource push, and comprehensively transforms the traditional classroom teaching structure and constructs the information classroom teaching model in the era of big data.

Yuebi Li, Bi Zhao

Promotion Path of Children’s Literary Works Reading in the New Media Age

Children’s literary works, as the main spiritual food for children’s reading, have a very important impact on stimulating children’s reading interest, and improving children’s cognitive analysis ability and aesthetic appreciation ability. Under the new media environment, various new media technologies are widely used, affecting people’s lives, and also have a huge impact on traditional reading methods. Although the “fragmented reading” with mobile phones, e-books, Internet and other electronic terminal as the main carrier gets both praise and blame, it is undeniable that children’s literature reading in the new media environment presents a richer way of interaction and communication. In the context of new media, the reading of children’s literary works should be actively promoted. Based on the childlike innocence and aesthetic characteristics of children’s literary works, the establishment of an online and offline reading promotion system is proposed, so that reading can promote the healthy growth of children and lay a solid foundation for their future life.

Mingxiu Ding

Development Status and Trend of IoT Communication Technology

In the context of the modern information age, the development of Internet of things (IoT) communication technology is slowly emerging. Today, IoT communication technology is widely used in people’s daily life and work. IoT communication technology is the product of a new era, and it realizes the communication between objects. It will have many changes in the future, and its development must be constantly innovated. This paper mainly elaborates on the development status and trend of IoT communication technology and explores the future direction of IoT communication technology through the introduction of the IoT and the application of IoT communication technology in life based on the current development trend of IoT communication technology.

Zhenhua Liu

Suspension System Based on PID Control

A simple wind tunnel control system is designed to study the suspension motion of objects. The motion of table tennis ball in the wind tunnel is controlled by controlling the rotation of the axial fan to generate wind force. Through ultrasonic ranging, the position of table tennis ball is determined and a closed-loop system is formed. The position PID control motor is used to drive the output PWM wave to control the regular movement of table tennis. The test results show that table tennis can be hovered in any position by PID regulation and parameter tuning. The system has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability, fast response speed, and high precision.

Jian Huang

Public Service of Retired Personnel in Colleges and Universities in the Internet Era

At present, the most remarkable characteristics of social development are networking and informatization, which provide a new choice for retirement service in colleges and universities. Colleges and universities are important institutions undertaking the responsibility of old-age service. How to do the old-age service of retired personnel well is of great significance and has a long way to go. Based on the investigation of the lifestyle, material needs as well as spiritual and cultural needs of retired personnel in colleges and universities, this work obtained the results, put forward the countermeasures, and gave full play to the subjective initiative of retired personnel, so as to help the retirement work office of colleges and universities improve the management style and enrich the elderly life, especially to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of retired personnel.

Yanping Wang

A Review of the Development and Future Trends of Data Mining Tools

Compared with the international advanced level, although China started late in the research and development of data mining tools, it has gradually caught up with European and American countries in recent years. With the rapid development of Internet industry, many important theories and algorithms of data mining have been put forward by domestic universities, scientific research institutes and other professional organizations, and some data mining tools with perfect functions and simple use have been developed with advanced enterprises as carriers, which has significantly narrowed the gap with the advanced level of foreign countries.

Guang Chen, RuiXin Chen, XiaoHui Wang, XinDa Li, Wei Liu, YuBing Kang, YuKun Song

Intelligent Power Consumption Monitoring Device Based on Single-Chip Microcomputer

With the continuous update and continuation of modern science and technology, the application of power system in student dormitory building is more and more extensive, and more and more complicated. This puts forward higher requirements to the testing and management level of power ac parameters in student dormitory buildings. This paper introduces a single-chip microcomputer AT89C51 as the core processor to complete the real-time monitoring of dormitory power consumption and power limit function; this system is composed of LCD screen, current transformer, current signal acquisition, voltage signal acquisition, alarm circuit, relay contact protection circuit, smartphone and communication bluetooth module. The circuit detection module can detect the ac voltage and current continuously in real time and monitor the dormitory electrical appliances in real time with the LCD screen LCD12864 and the smartphone. When the high-power electrical appliances are used, the alarm is prompted and transmitted to the main monitoring unit through the communication bus, so as to realize intelligent monitoring and power limit.

Keqiang Li

Weibo Public Opinion Monitoring System Based on Sensitive Information Mining

This paper aims at the practical requirements, through the research of hotspot automatic discovery and in-depth analysis technology, establishes a sensitive information analysis framework based on data mining, and designs sensitive information mining methods. Sensitive information is a collection of sensitive words, sensitive word associations, their relevance, and associations entered by the user. This system allows users to understand the hot events on the current Weibo and conduct continuous automatic tracking. The design described in this paper effectively compensates for the shortcomings of the traditional public opinion monitoring system that it is difficult to respond to changes in public opinion and enhances the practicality.

Yefan Liu, Keyan Cao

Calculus Teaching Method Based on Artificial Intelligence Application

Calculus plays a very important role in our research on artificial intelligence. From model analysis to method research, the research on calculus teaching method has been integrated into many aspects of our application of artificial intelligence. Calculus belongs to higher mathematics. It is precisely foreign science that uses the concept of calculus to solve the problems in the application of artificial intelligence. According to the current development of calculus and its application in the field of artificial intelligence, the basic teaching methods and contents have remained unchanged. Traditional teaching excessively pursues theoretical study and computational ability. So much of the current mathematics education is theoretical education, and there is no prominent application. Once theory and practice are combined, the shortcomings of students’ weakness in innovation ability are highlighted. The development of society needs more innovative and applied talents. Therefore, based on the deficiencies of back propagation (BP) neural network (one of the applications of artificial intelligence), this paper proposes the teaching reform of the course of Applied Calculus based on artificial intelligence.

Hesong Yang

Application of Disk Burning Technique on Human Centrifuge Data Manage

As the indispensable one part of daily maintain work of human centrifuge, it is deserved to be further exploration and consideration that how to manage and maintain well the record and data of centrifuge by using of modern disk technology. In this study, combining with the work practice, the application of disk burning technology on centrifuge data manage is studied, the disk using principle and the problems which should be attention in application are concluded. The own idea is also elaborated on the aspect which needs to be improved. The application of disk burning technology provides effect technology guarantee for the long-time safe storage of centrifuge big capacity data and can also satisfy well the storage requirement of the record data gradually increasing.

Yifeng Li, Baohui Li, Lihui Zhang, Xiaoyang Wei, Quan Wang, Zhao Jin, Jinghui Yang

Rural Retirement Destination Project Recommendation and Project Development Based on Big Data Analysis

With the rapid development of the social economy and the continuous improvement of living standards, people are more concerned about the living conditions of the elderly. As young people are more busy with work, empty-nest families are gradually increasing. Therefore, the traditional home-based pension is not suitable for the old-age of today’s elderly, and with the booming tourism industry, the combination of the elderly’s old-age life and tourism has become a hot spot of current research. This paper firstly reviews related works and literature on tourism and old-age care for the elderly through literature search and web search and studies the rural tourism pension through window analysis, Euclidean distance method, and rasterization method. The target election index is calculated by using the analytic hierarchy process to calculate the index of the tourism pension suitability evaluation.

Yue Wang, Haisen Lin

Application of Computer “Virtual Reality” Technology in College Physical Training

With the continuous progress and development of the society, the computer technology continues to progress, one of the new technology has been widely used, is the computer “virtual reality” technology, it is an important part of the computer technology, has become an important new technology indispensable in today’s society. At the same time, it can be applied in physical education teaching to help improve the teaching structure and increase new teaching experience. We can understand the characteristics of “virtual reality”, analyze and utilize its advantages, and fully combine college physics training and teaching, so as to improve the skills and training quality of college athletes, improve the quality and efficiency of college physics teaching, and promote the healthy development of modern college physics teaching.

Liwei Li, Chunyuan Liu

Relationships Among Latent Growth Curve Model, Statistic Power, and Sample Size

In many social and behavioral sciences, longitudinal study has become an important research method. Since the data is collected more than one specific point of time, the longitudinal study allows researchers to realize the growth trajectories of the individual in an organization, and even the changes in the whole organizational behavior. Also, the researcher can get the support of the causal relationship for his theory hypothesis by identifying the temporal precedence of variables. Moreover, the data collected at different points in time may avoid common method variance. Although the longitudinal study has such advantages, some researchers have misused it and made their model structure too complicated. Adding too many temporal differences in their model may conclude in the wrong results. Random Coefficient Model, one of the longitudinal study methods, is apt to have an incorrect model specification and result in a spurious regression relationship. This may inflate the Type I error and cause spurious results. In the present study, we attempt to apply the framework of the Latent Growth Curve Model as the basis of our research design. We also use Monte Carlo simulation to calculate the sample size and to test statistic power and effect size. At last, hopefully, we may provide a different aspect to the researchers who are intended to conduct longitudinal studies.

Yan Xu, Jui-Chan Huang, Tzu-Jung Wu, Ching-Chang Lee

Fault Feature Extraction of Rotating Machinery by Using EMD and ICA

As the noise-signal ratio of a signal is smaller, its intrinsic mode functions (IMFs) cannot be decomposed correctly by using empirical mode decomposition (EMD). It will bring about critical deterioration of time domain and frequency domain, and produce vague meanings of a single IMF. In order to eliminate these shortcomings of EMD, ICA is applied to EMD to make the decomposed components orthogonal to each other and eliminate the information redundancy among components. Finally, good decomposition quality can be obtained. The noise impact on EMD could be effectively eliminated in this way, so the decomposition performance was improved to ensure the validity of EMD in all cases and the correct IMFs were obtained. The effectiveness and feasibility of this method were verified further with a real-world case of rub impact signal.

Fengli Wang, Yuchao Song

Fault Feature Extraction of Diesel Engine by Using Ensemble EMD and Morphological Fractal Dimension

The vibration signals generated by the diesel engine can be regarded as a typical nonlinear signal. The fractal geometrical theory offers an effective tool to describe the nonlinearity of such a signal. Aiming at the characteristics of nonlinearity and low noise–signal ratio of engine vibration signals, in this paper, the condition monitoring of diesel engines based on ensemble empirical mode decomposition (EMD) and morphological fractal dimension is studied. First, vibration signal is decomposed into a set of intrinsic mode functions (IMFs) by ensemble EMD in order to suppress the noise interference and obtain the fault feature information of the characteristic IMF. Then the fractal dimension of the characteristic IMF is calculated and used to evaluate the fault type of the engine. The analysis of diesel engine vibration signals at different states has been done. It is noted that the ensemble EMD can effectively separate the characteristic components from engine vibration signals, and the fractal dimension can quantitatively describe the geometric characteristics of the engine vibration signals. The studies show that this method can effectively extract the fault feature of diesel engines.

Fengli Wang, Yuchao Song

Analysis of Diet Nutrition of Long-Distance Runners Based on Big Data Monitoring

Long-distance athletes in track and field have higher requirements on body shape and physical quality than athletes in other sports, so they need more reasonable and scientific dietary habits and higher nutritional requirements. This article under based on Big Data Monitoring found track and field athletes in dietary nutrition has many unreasonable places through investigating the athletics middle-distance race athletes dietary nutrition conditions in Shandong, and made nutritional guidance which has important theoretical and realistic significance to establish reasonable dietary structure and create an excellent performance for runners based on Big Data Monitoring.

Dengfeng Zhang

Multi-source Cooperative Dispatching Technology for the AC/DC Hybrid Grid

In order to realize an efficient, safe, and reliable operation of AC/DC Hybrid Grid, in-depth research is needed in operation control and scheduling strategy. Therefore, the AC/DC Hybrid Grid voltage control and multi-source coordinated dispatching, AC/DC network mutual support and load transfer control technologies are mainly studied to support the dispatching control strategy system. In addition, constant power loads with negative impedance will cause system instability. The equivalent circuit of the AC/DC hybrid power system with a flexible interconnection device is established. Under two methods for controlling: master-slave and droop way, the impedance ratio is obtained through the equivalent circuit. Stability analysis is done by the Nyquist curve and MATLAB simulation studies for the constraint of dispatching.

Qing Fang, Bing Qin, Siqi Guo, Jingyan Liu, Yushu Zhang, Fubo Cui, Zhensheng Wu, Junfeng Gui

Application of Computer Intelligent Control Technology in Physical Education Teaching

Research purposes: In the current society, information technology has penetrated into all aspects of people’s daily life and work; in the current process of college physical education, more and more schools began to use computer intelligent control technology; its importance is also highlighted, this paper focuses on the analysis of its specific application. Methods: The research was mainly carried out by searching literature and materials. The main results are as follows: Computer intelligent control technology is very important to improve the level of physical education teaching in colleges and universities. The role of. Main conclusions: On the basis of this development, the advantages of computer intelligent control technology itself are becoming more and more obvious, which can make the teaching resources and teaching methods of physical education more diversified, and also conducive to the emergence of new teaching ideas.

Xiaoming Su, Xin Zhou

License Plate Character Segmentation Algorithm in Intelligent IoT Visual Label

One of the most important core technologies in intelligent visual Internet of Things is visual labeling technology. It identifies, understands, and classifies the content in a video or image, “tags” it, and displays the contents of the label information corresponding to the identified object. In the intelligent Visual IoT vehicle visual label production process, including access to vehicle images, license plate positioning, license plate correction, character segmentation, character recognition and other processing, and finally identify the license plate number to provide the most important vehicle information for the vehicle visual label. This paper mainly focuses on the research of character segmentation algorithm for intelligent Visual IoT vehicle visual label making and puts forward some better-improved algorithms through the experiment, comparison, and analysis of three character segmentation methods of horizontal projection, template matching, and c-mean clustering analysis. For example, a given type of class center method is used in clustering analysis, and the steps of upper and lower boundary detection are added to template matching and clustering analysis.

Honglin Xie

Computer Simulation on the First Secretary of Poverty Alleviation

This paper takes the first secretary of poverty alleviation as the research object, uses computer simulation technology to analyze the competency of the first secretary of poverty alleviation, and builds the competency model of the first secretary of poverty alleviation. The simulation model was used to analyze the E country in Yunnan Province, and the SPSS computer software was used to verify the correlation hypothesis between the demographic characteristics of the first secretary of poverty alleviation and competency, then the corresponding research conclusions were obtained. From the perspective of simulation technology, how to improve the first secretary of poverty alleviation is only effective in reducing poverty.

Fang Du, Zhuo Wang, Meldanjiang Rezik

Construction of School-Enterprise Cooperation Training Platform for Preschool Education in the “Internet +” Era

In the information age, the school-enterprise cooperation platform for preschool education is facing new development opportunities. This paper proposes the construction of a practical training platform based on school-enterprise cooperation for preschool education in the “Internet +” era, so as to provide new ideas and platforms for the development of preschool education.

Hui Gao, Lifeng Liu

Design and Implementation of Intelligent Garage Monitoring System

The design of the PLC software programming and optimization, to achieve the intelligent monitoring and effective control of the three-dimensional garage. The whole stereo garage is composed of vehicle loading system, transmission system and control system. Through the PLC software programming and optimization, realizes the intelligent monitoring and control of three-dimensional garage. The whole garage consists of a car loading system, a drive system and a control system. The internal program of PLC is used to control the operation of the whole system, and the automatic vehicle access is realized by driving the lifting and horizontal movement of the car parking board through the forward and reverse motor rotation. In the demonstration experiment of this paper, the access state of the vehicle, the positive and negative rotation of the motor, the release and closure of the hook and other processes and the required time are replaced by the light on and off time of the display lamp. Through the configuration of PC and PLC primarily the lower machine implementation of effective connection, to all parts of automatic control system are closely together, finally realizes the intelligent automatic monitoring of the garage.

Junhua Li, Guobao Hao

Numerical Control Machine Tool State Monitoring System Based on Multidimensional Information

It is known that information collection is the first link in fault diagnosis. Whether the collected signal contains sufficient and effective fault information directly affects the final diagnosis result. The lack, one-sided and incomplete fault information is one of the main causes of uncertainty in fault diagnosis. Therefore, first of all, combined with the structural characteristics of numerical control machine tools equipped with a variety of precision sensors and the uniqueness of the numerical control mode of the machine tools, based on the concept of big data and the characteristics of different types of signals, this paper proposes and constructs a multidimensional sensing numerical control machine tools state monitoring system and discusses the online acquisition mode of a variety of information, so as to ensure comprehensive and effective acquisition of fault information and provide reliable original data for numerical control machine tools state monitoring and fault diagnosis.

Mei Tian, Yanhong Sun

Capacity Building of Urban Community Mutual Volunteer Assistance for the Aged in Hangzhou Based on Intelligent Cities

Under the current aging situation, the construction of social pension service system in China is still facing many practical difficulties, such as weakening family functions, lack of standardization of service management, and community home care services are also difficult to meet the needs of the elderly. In the case of insufficient care capacity of the whole society, mutual volunteer assistance for the aged is an important way to achieve active aging and an effective measure to cope with insufficient care resources. It is also in line with the traditional Chinese pension culture. This paper investigates 892 community residents’ willingness of mutual volunteer assistance for the aged, service demand, ability improvement demand, and their perception of time bank in Hangzhou. Based on the analysis of the problems existing in the mutual volunteer assistance service for the aged in urban communities, it suggests that we should strengthen the application of intelligent technology to enhancing the ability to meet the demand of mutual volunteer assistance for the elderly, implementing professional training to improve the ability of knowledge and skills popularization of mutual volunteer assistance for the aged, and perfecting the “time bank” model to enhance the sustainable development ability of mutual volunteer service.

Yangfeng Shao, Shengyong Zheng, Xueping Chen

Application of Mobile Learning in College English Teaching Under the Background of “Internet +”

The application of “Internet +” technology has accelerated the reform of college English teaching in China and provided new ideas for the English teaching model. Therefore, when conducting relevant teaching activities, college English teachers should make good use of mobile learning methods to guide college students to master more learning skills and improve their English application ability. This work first analyzed the meaning of “Internet +” and mobile learning, then discussed the challenges brought by “Internet +” to college mobile English teaching and finally introduced the application of mobile learning in college English teaching to better improve the quality of college English teaching.

Yu Liu

Standard Influence Evaluation Model Based on SVM—GB Is Affected by ISO

Based on the SVM method, this paper studies the influence of the ISO standards on our country industries standard evaluation. The results show that the classification and regression prediction of support vector machine (SVM) model predicts accurately the industry standard classification and regression. Putting the classification results of the K-means quick clustering to more accurate training inspection, it better supports the accuracy of the K-means clustering results and verifies the influence of ISO standards on our country’s standards. ISO standards have the greatest impact on our country’s machinery, chemical and other industries. The standards of industries that rely heavily on foreign imports such as ships, vehicles, aerospace, instruments and instruments, and medical and health lag behind and cannot meet international level. The industries such as environmental protection, highway and waterway transport are greatly affected by China’s national conditions.

Yunpeng Chen, Long Fan, Hui Shi

Innovative Research on Painting Appreciation Education Based on Big Data

With the continuous development of China’s economy and society, in the new era, with the support of the party and the government, the information industry such as the Internet has made great achievements. Big data has become a hot word in the modern era, and big data has brought new challenges and requirements to the current education industry. In the context of the new era, the education industry in the context of big data should undergo positive reforms to better meet the development requirements of the new era and meet the requirements of the times. In the new era, school education should better help students master, modern skills and better enable students to have the knowledge and skills to face the challenges of the future, helping students solve practical problems in life. The core of art literacy that matches relevant skills is styling, vision, creativity, aesthetics, space, etc. Art literacy has become the core literacy of today’s young people through relevant education. Under the influence of the background of the big data era in the new era, the better innovation and development in the era of big data will help the young people to better adapt to the development of society.

Wei Dong

Professional Teaching Improvement from the Perspective of Teaching Diagnosis Reform

For colleges and universities, teaching quality is the soul and lifeline of colleges and universities, and the most effective way for colleges and universities to discover teaching quality problems and improve teaching quality activities is teaching diagnosis and reform. In recent years, there has been more and more research on professional teaching improvement in teaching and diagnostic reform. Based on the current system of diagnosis and improvement of teaching work, on the basis of the problems found in the diagnosis of specialty and the actual development of the specialty, this paper puts forward innovative talents training mode, builds a reasonable professional teaching team, and implements the classified development of specialty in combination with the planning of school and college, so as to strengthen the foundation and create excellence. Four suggestions are put forward for the development of online and offline curriculum integration by means of information-based teaching. Therefore, based on the perspective of teaching diagnosis and reform, this paper analyzes the current situation of practical classroom teaching in colleges and universities, and puts forward improvement measures on this basis.

Boru Yang, Kai Liu

Strategy of Promoting the Competitiveness of Homestay Under the Background of “Internet+”

In recent years, with the rapid development of Internet technology, all walks of life in our country are in the stage of rapid development, and tourism is constantly rising. Hostel and lodging is an important area in the development of the tourism industry. It is growing rapidly in the core areas of tourism. Because of the increasing demand of people, how to improve the competitiveness of hotel and lodging and promote the future development of hotel and lodging is the top priority of tourism industry. This article mainly carries on the simple investigation to the current situation of the development of the homestay in the background of “Internet +”, and discusses a series of problems existing in the development of the current homestay. Then, it puts forward corresponding suggestions and strategies for the future development of the residential quarters according to the relevant departments, hoping to further enhance the competitiveness of the home and Hostel, and promote the tourism industry. The development of industry enriches people’s spiritual and cultural life.

Qijie Zeng, Yao Gu, Jing Tan

Construction of Agricultural Products Marketing System in the Computer Age

With the advent of the computer age, the traditional agricultural product marketing model has been unable to meet the needs of current social and economic development, and to a certain extent hindered the development of agricultural product marketing. In China’s economic system, the agricultural economy accounts for a large proportion, and it is extremely important to accelerate the pace of agricultural development. In the process of promoting agricultural development, it is necessary to pay attention to the agricultural product marketing system. The traditional agricultural product marketing system is gradually being eliminated. With the development of the computer era, the Internet has entered people’s vision. The construction of the “Internet + agricultural product marketing” system has epoch-making significance. Therefore, in the new era, agricultural products marketing should introduce advanced technology and break the limitations of traditional marketing models, and build an online marketing system with the computer age as the core, so as to effectively improve the marketing volume of agricultural products and lay a good foundation for future development. Therefore, this paper mainly analyzes the problems in the development process of the “Internet + agricultural product marketing” model in the computer age and puts forward specific construction countermeasures, hoping to help the development of agricultural economy.

Ze Gao

Analysis of the Communication Characteristics and Audience Usage Requirements of Animation Apps

With the development of animation art and technology and the innovation of the mobile Internet, the spread of the animated film carrier has experienced the era of film, television, Internet and new media. Animation APP is based on mobile Internet technology, mobile phone, PAD, such as portable mobile terminal and animation playback software system as the carrier to spread. Animation APP has a broad market prospect which can update animation series, meet the demands of popularization and personalized audience, etc. Through the study on the communication of animation apps and the media use needs of audiences, the development strategy of animation apps is proposed, which is of positive significance to optimize the structure and content of animation apps and provide more high-quality animation content.

Chuang Chen

Discussion on Constructing a New System of Pharmacy Experiment Teaching in “Internet +” Teaching

The theory of pharmacy experiment teaching was rather boring, students lack enough enthusiasm for the study of pharmacy experiment, and it was difficult to improve the quality and effect of pharmacy teaching. Large wall charts were still used in pharmaceutical experiment teaching in some modern medical colleges and universities.

Jing Zhang

Construction of Intelligent Library Self-service and Management System of College

The construction of intelligent library is a new direction and hotspot of library construction, and the construction of intelligent library includes many factors, such as intelligent technology, equipment, person, intelligent management and intelligent system; among them, the smart library self-service and management system is the core infrastructure of intelligent library construction. This paper overviews the research of intelligent library management system, from fine management system, seat management system, conference management system, seminar room management system, self-service text printing system, self-service copy system, self-service printing system, automated scanning system, electronic newspaper reading system, library multimedia information publishing system, electronic reading room management information system, self-service borrowing 12 aspects to discuss intelligent library self-service and construction management system of college.

Shuiwang Lei

Development Situation of Integrated Space-Terrestrial Network and Investigation on Key Technologies of Space-Based Communication

Space-based network is a kind of space wireless network system with various types of satellites as network nodes and interconnected by interstellar links. It is applied widely in earth observation, meteorology, communication, and so on. The development status of the integrated space-terrestrial network at home and abroad is analyzed firstly in this paper. Then, the key technologies of space-based communication are discussed in detail. Finally, the future work of the construction of the integrated space-terrestrial network is proposed.

Yuanming Li, Xuejun Meng, Wen Xia, Feng Shao, Fan Zhang

Application of High-Throughput Sequencing Data Mining in Comparison of Gene Expression Profile in Renal Cell Carcinoma and Normal Renal Cell by RNA-Seq

Because of the advantages of RNA sequencing technology, this study selected SOLID technology as the transcriptome research method for clear cell renal cell carcinoma. The transcriptome sequencing of clear cell renal cell carcinoma and normal kidney tissues was performed by SOLID technology. Through analysis of the abundance and function of gene expression, the gene expression profile of these two tissues was established. After further comparative analysis, the characteristics and differences of gene expression profiles between clear cell renal cell carcinoma tissues and normal kidney tissues were studied. In this study, the expression of metabolic process-related genes was found to be downregulated through comparative analysis of gene function clustering, metabolic pathway reconstruction and differential genes. The results would provide some basic information for the diagnosis and treatment of ccRCC.

Yunhai Yu, Hongmei Xu, Shaoning Guo, Na Wang

Malfunction Diagnosis of Scrolling Bearing Based on CS-BP

For the old intelligent malfunction diagnosis method has the problem of low diagnostic precision in the malfunction diagnosis of scrolling bearings, a heuristic search algorithm, cuckoo searching algorithm (CS) is proposed to optimize the BP network, so as to improve the diagnostic precision. First, utilize the BP network to construct scrolling bearings’ malfunction diagnosis classification model, secondly, utilize the cuckoo searching algorithm to optimize the BP’s weight and finally, utilize the optimized BP network for malfunction diagnosis. Simulating effects indicate that this means has better sort effect and is suitable for malfunction diagnosis of scrolling bearing. It has certain practicability.

Li Ai, Wei Xiong

College Oral English Teaching Method Based on Information Technology

Educational informationization is the necessity of the development of the times, and it is also one of the strategic priorities of the development of informationization in China and the only way to the modernization of education. The rapid development of information technology has constantly changed people’s life, work and way of thinking, as well as teaching. Especially in the past ten years, university oral English teaching has been closely linked with modern information technology. University oral English teaching model based on computer network and classroom has been widely promoted throughout the country, which promotes the overall leap of university oral English teaching level. However, in the process of modern information technology gradually changing from assistant teaching to leading teaching, there are also some urgent problems to be solved in university oral English teaching. Based on the interdisciplinary research perspective and the relevant theories of ecology and systems science, this study systematically and deeply explores the university English oral teaching method based on information technology, according to the basic ideas of finding, describing, analyzing and solving problems, and finally puts forward the solution to university English. Strategies and measures for problems in oral English teaching methods.

Yuezhi Hu

Exploration on Reform of Online and Offline Mixed Ideological and Political Teaching Mode in Higher Vocational Colleges

The reason for the traditional higher vocational ideological and political teaching effectiveness is not good, and teaching reform is practically important. Related conclusion of pedagogy analysis shows that the classical ideological and political teaching method does not pay attention to the main role of students in the learning process, cannot achieve the goal of online learning well, and does not pay attention to the effective improvement of individual ability. The above factors have led to the emergence of this problem. In order to achieve better ideological and political teaching effects in higher vocational colleges, it is necessary to systematically analyze the advantages and disadvantages of online and offline teaching, and reasonably propose and improve the class according to the specific situation of students. A program of the effectiveness of teaching activities. Actively carry out a new mode of mixed teaching for higher vocational colleges, so that the teaching of ideological and political theory courses can achieve better results.

Yulong Xie

Practice on Teaching Reform and Innovation of the CAD Course

On the basis of many years of teaching practice, aiming at CAD courses majored in mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance and management in vocational colleges, this thesis constructed the overall design and unit design of that course, and the innovation scheme of this course is designed mainly from the aspects of teaching mode, teaching project design, first course design, last course design, assessment scheme, etc. After many years of practical teaching, it has been proved that that scheme will enhance students’ interest in learning and the ability of initiative learning and then improve the teaching effect. In order to change the traditional teaching method, mobilize students’ learning interest and give full play to students’ subjective initiative, a set of teaching scheme of CAD course is designed.

Chengmei Yan

Mine Cable Fault Precision Locator Based on Atmega16 and FPGA Technology

Cable fault in coal mine will interrupt the power supply system of the mine and affect the normal production of the mine. Accurate detection of cable fault types and timely treatment have important practical significance for coal mine production. This paper introduces the hardware design of cable fault tester based on the principle of the low-voltage pulse reflection method. Inject a pulse into the cable to determine whether there is a fault and the location of the fault point according to whether there is a reflection signal or the time difference between sending and receiving the signal. This system takes AVR single-chip microcomputer and FPGA as the core, composed of pulse sending/receiving, single-chip microcomputer system and high-speed ADC hardware circuit module. The working principle of the system is described in detail.

Jun Wang, Qiang Liu

Comprehensive Evaluation of High-Quality Development of Advanced Manufacturing Industry Based on Entropy Method

Achieving high-quality development of advanced manufacturing industry is the inevitable requirement of sustainable and healthy development of manufacturing industry. Based on the five development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, open, and sharing, this paper constructs a quantifiable multi-dimensional and multi-level evaluation index system to evaluate the high-quality development of advanced manufacturing industry. Based on the evaluation index system, this paper evaluates the development level of Liaoning’s advanced manufacturing industry from 2012 to 2017. Through the multi-dimensional analysis of the evaluation, the existing problems and the causes of the problems in the high-quality development of Liaoning’s advanced manufacturing industry were found out. Finally, combined with the development status of advanced manufacturing industry in Liaoning Province, the development path and countermeasures of advanced manufacturing industry are proposed.

Xiaoyu Wang, Qian Wang, Yuxin Zhao, Ying Zhu

Analysis of the Mechanism of Financing Constraints Affecting Financial Flexibility Based on Big Data

According to relevant data satellite research samples of Chinese listed companies from 2012 to 2017, starting from the concept of big data, this paper chooses appropriate samples and carries out big data research on financing flexibility affecting financial flexible management from different angles. In the current paper, we discuss in detail how corporate financial flexibility is affected by financing constraints and financial development levels. The study found that, on the one hand, financial flexibility is largely influenced by the degree of financing constraints; on the other hand, if there is a relatively high degree of financial constraints, it will lead to higher financial flexibility. In addition, if there are differences in the level of financial development in each region, there may be a certain degree of financial risk. Financing constraints have different effects on the financial flexibility of listed companies. For regions with a high degree of financial development, this impact is less pronounced. If the region in which it is located has a relatively low level of financial development, the impact will be very large. For a situation with a high degree of financing constraints, it will correspond to higher financing flexibility.

Changyuan Qin

Analysis of Hotspots in Domestic Internet Public Opinion Research in Recent Six Years

[Objective/Implication] This paper combs the research context of the domestic field in the past six years, clarifies the research status and development trend of the country, and provides a basis for the sustainable development of online public opinion research. [Methods/Processes] The core journals and CSSCI documents of the 2013–2018 network public opinion surveys included in the CNKI database are used as data sources. The existing literature is visually analyzed in terms of frequency keywords and spatiotemporal distribution and hot topic trends. [Results/Conclusions] Based on objective data and maps, the study analyzes and summarizes the research and development of online public opinion, and reveals the basic research situation, hot topics and research trends in the field of domestic online public opinion, and further research in this field. A reference is provided.

Jingdong Wang, Genhua Shi, Fanqi Meng

Traffic State Division of Typical Two-Phase Intersection Based on Informational Split Analysis

The traffic status of existing intersections is based on the determination of control parameters without considering the constraints of intersection signal control itself. Combining the previous research of the team and the research content of domestic and foreign scholars, typical queue model of two phase of intersection is presented in this paper, using the information technology, flow-split three-dimensional diagrams and queuing-time diagram are given respectively fixed flow rate under the initial queue, the intersection of initial parameters configuration under different traffic state of each phase split the set range, to define the intersection traffic condition. The intersection of Beijing college south road and Jiao Da east road is selected to verify the proposed method. The results show the feasibility and effectiveness of this method.

Weijie Xiu, Li Wang

Improved Metric-Learning in Artificial Intelligence

As artificial intelligence develops, it has become more and more concerned to measure the distance and similarity between different samples, especially in classification. It is known that AI meets the difficulty to properly describe the distance between different samples. Metric-learning is one field of machine learning performed on training samples in order to better describe the distribution of training samples, thereby improving the performance of classification. This paper proposes a new triplet constraint and uses the topology information combined with the unlabeled samples to design the regularizer of the model to ensure that the model meets the three basic assumptions of semi-supervised learning: smoothness, low density and manifold. This paper provides a new semi-supervised metric-learning model by using the new triplet constraint and regular terms. Then, using a gradient descent algorithm to solve the model, the optimal Mahalanobis matrix is obtained, which could ensure the Mahalanobis matrix is positive definite and symmetry during the iterative process. The Mahalanobis matrix solved by the model can be applied in clustering, classification and many other artificial intelligence fields. In this paper, the model is used for classification problem as an application. The experimental results are consistent with the idea of the model, reflecting the advantages of this model compared to other models, providing a new method to measure the sample distance in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Fan Gao

An Intelligent Diagnosis Algorithm for Oxygen Decompressor Manufacturing Process

Oxygen decompressor is one of the important components of aeroengine. It maintains the stable operation of the airframe by providing an appropriate and constant oxygen pressure environment for aeroengine. Aiming at the problems of low export pressure and serious leakage of safety valve, a fault diagnosis algorithm based on artificial intelligence is proposed in this paper. The algorithm can be used to process analysis and decision making of oxygen decompressor production fault adaptively. The core of the algorithm is fault analysis and decision model. In this model, the processing mechanism can deduce the input fault data in real time, intelligently and logically, and output the polymorphic fault processing underlying events. Field tests show that the efficiency of fault location and maintenance is improved when the intelligent equipment based on the algorithm is used.

Yang Wang, Fei Wang, Zhuo Wang

Design of Sensible Antenna Engineering Parameters System

The antenna management in the mobile communication network is still in a state of disorder that the antenna state is unable to obtain directly. Field troubleshooting is only way to find antenna faults when wave alarm and coverage complaint appear, which leads to low efficiency and poor effectiveness. Sensible antenna engineering parameters system can acquire antenna basic information and antenna engineering parameters, which can be real-time monitored and alarmed while they are abnormal. The system can manage the antenna comprehensively to improve the level of wireless planning, optimization, and maintenance.

Wenjun Su, Haitao Chen

HVAC System Design Based on Electromechanical Technology Transformation

With the development of social and economic level, people pay more attention to environmental protection and energy conservation. In building energy consumption, the energy consumption produced by HVAC system occupies a high proportion, so the energy-saving measures and effects of HVAC system are widely concerned by society. The traditional HVAC system has some problems such as insufficient safety and environmental protection awareness, and the HVAC system based on mechanical and electrical technology transformation can solve these problems very well. Therefore, based on the design of HVAC system and the characteristics of mechatronics technology, the HVAC system based on mechatronics technology transformation is designed. The results show that compared with traditional HVAC system, the HVAC system based on mechatronics technology transformation has better performance.

Xingzuo Yue, Lei Wu

Electric Energy Substitution Analysis of Typical Industries Based on Grey Theory

In recent years, energy shortage, climate change, and environmental pollution have become increasingly prominent. Improving energy consumption and mitigating environmental pressures are imminent. To achieve relatively sustainable development in economy and society as well, China has proposed a development strategy to implement energy substitution in the terminal power consumption section. Combining with current development of electric power replacement technology, this paper selects six typical industries in China. Relying on relevant data, longitudinal analysis of the development of alternative energy levels of typical industry horizontally compares the degree of difference in electric energy consumption trends among terminal energy consumption links among typical industries. It also analyzes the influence degree of national policy, technological progress, economic development, and other influencing factors on the difference of energy consumption between industries.

Changzu Li, Chen Cheng, Xiaomin Xu, Qiang Liu, Bo Miao, Dongxiao Niu

Information Service Quality Evaluation Attribute Based on “Cargo Carpooling” Platform

With the development of Internet information technology and the continuous progress of the modern logistics industry, logistics information technology has become a hot topic in today’s society. In order to integrate the logistics resources of the society, better serve the society, and ensure the smooth flow of information throughout the logistics industry chain, the logistics information platform has gradually developed. This paper mainly takes the “Cargo Carpooling” platform as the analysis object, and based on the Web service, studies the evaluation attribute of the logistics resource information provided by each information service provider in the platform. Through analysis, the evaluation attributes are divided into two parts: Web attribute and logistics attribute, and the qualitative index is quantified by the triangular fuzzy function.

Chunqing Tian

Development and Application of Visual Virtualization Tourism Crafts in Northern Guangxi

At present, tourism crafts in China are mainly developed through tourist-oriented services made by travel agencies as the intermediaries. With rapid development of modern information technologies and arrival of the age of information, the development of tourism crafts has gradually been transformed from completely tangible presentation to virtual or partially virtual presentation. Relying on tourists’ vision, such development chain or industrial chain of virtual tourism crafts has become one of the promising development trends of tourism craft industry in the future. Through development of visual virtualization tourism crafts, tourism resources, manpower, materials and capitals can be effectively saved, while optimal utilization of resources can be realized. Tourism crafts boast good prospect in the Chinese market as “purchase,” one of the six tourism elements, has become more and more important these years, drawing attention from the government and market. Through comprehensive analysis of status quos in Northern Guangxi in combination with theoretical discussion of development and application in tourism crafts, the paper expects to provide some feasible suggestions for development and application of visual virtualization tourism crafts in Northern Guangxi.

Zhimeng Huang, Chen Bai

Bayesian Spatial–Temporal Models for Drug Abuse

The drug abuse crisis has become a national emergency in the USA. Based on drug abuse data for Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, and Pennsylvania in 2014–2017, this study used WinBUGS14 to create a Bayesian model. We added time and space effects and socioeconomic factors to correct the model. With the minimum DIC value as standard, we find out the optimal model to dynamically analyze the spatial–temporal trend of the relative risk of drug abuse and its relationship with socioeconomic factors. Besides, We used ArcGIS 10.6 to map drug abuse rates and relative risk in five states and found that the Bayesian space–time model with socioeconomic factors is the best (DIC = 336.282). This paper found that the relative risk of space–time interaction trends has experienced a process from convergence to divergence within four years. Ohio and Pennsylvania are high-risk states, while Virginia is a low-risk state. Although the rate of drug abuse is high, the relative risk is not necessarily high. Then, combined with socioeconomic factors, we found that the lower the GDP, the worse the educational background, the higher the unemployment rate and the greater the relative risk it is. The Bayesian spatial–temporal model is an effective method for analyzing the drug abuse data.

Siyou Wang, Haofan Qin, Hui Fang, Xiufen Wang, Zhihong Ma

A Novel Range-Free Grid Localization Algorithm Based on Support Vector Machine in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

Wireless multimedia sensor networks (WMSN) play an important role in many applications. The location of sensor nodes is the key to achieving sensor data effectively. In this paper, we use multi-category support vector machine (multi-category SVM) to divide the whole network into grids to resolve a localization problem in WMSN. By multi-category SVM localization model, we can predict the location of new nodes, and the result shows that this method can improve the accuracy of localization compared with the same kind.

Xingyue Liu, Jian Liu, Denghui Wang

Inversion Model Design of Chlorophyll a Based on BP Neural Network and Remote Sensing Image

With the continuous deterioration of water quality and gradually worsening of eutrophication in Chinese lakes, the sustainable socioeconomic development has been severely restrained in recent years. Against this backdrop, it is of great necessity to improve pollution regulation. As an important indicator of eutrophication, the concentration of chlorophyll a enables us to make an effective evaluation of eutrophication of lakes. Since the traditional method is time-consuming and energy-inefficient, this paper puts forth the inversion method of chlorophyll a based on BP neural network and remote sensing image. Specifically, this research involves radiometric calibration, geometric correction, atmospheric correction and region clipping as well as other pretreatments of the data downloaded from environment mini-satellites. The BP neural network model is built to extract the features of inverted chlorophyll a of remote sensing image. Based on the field investigation of chlorophyll a concentration in Taihu Lake, the parameters of the BP neural network model are optimized and trained. Finally, the author verifies the accuracy of the proposed model. Through the analysis of verified data, it is proved that the neural network has made an accurate and feasible prediction of the chlorophyll a concentration in Taihu Lake.

Yujie Zhou, Jun Zheng

Self-learning Model of Knowledge Under Uncertain Conditions

At present, knowledge learning under uncertain conditions was less efficient. To this end, an autonomous knowledge learning model was established under uncertain conditions. By studying the uncertainty of decision tables and decision rules; establishing a theoretical framework based on rough set representation, measurement and processing of uncertainty information and knowledge; combined with Skowron’s default rule acquisition algorithm, a data autonomous learning models and methods under uncertainty conditions were proposed to solve this problem. The effectiveness of the autonomous learning method was verified by experiments.

Jianlan Ren

Classification of Students’ Body Shape Based on Deep Neural Network

Research on human body shape is often based on anthropometric measurements. With the development of science and technology, anthropometric techniques and methods have also changed. From the traditional Martin measurement, the length and circumference of various parts of the human body are gradually transferred to the two-dimensional human body photogrammetry, which is developed into the three-dimensional human body shape measurement used today. It makes it possible to quickly and accurately obtain human body data information, which helps to scientifically and systematically classify human body types. This course analyzes the three-dimensional morphological features of the front and side of the human body to determine the control points and their specific values that best reflect the body’s body shape.

Fang Li

Hardware Key of Ultrasonic Detector

With the increasing maturity of ultrasonic detection theory and the rapid development of modern integrated circuits, ultrasonic detection instruments have shown a development speed beyond imagination. At present, digitization, miniaturization, visualization and real time have become inevitable trends in the development of ultrasonic detection instruments. In this chapter, we mainly study the connection of ultrasonic detection transmission circuit, ultrasonic detection receiving circuit and circuit in the hardware key technology during ultrasonic detection. The design of each part of the circuit and the selection of the main components are completed, and a hardware platform is developed under the system, which realizes the ultrasonic detection function of the tested parts.

Zhao Yao, Lei Zhang, Hangyu Wu

Based on the GPS Terminal Highly Dependent on the Efficient Processing of Large Data Upstream and Downstream Data

The data processing of GPS terminal is based on software technology. Through the algorithm model, the topological road of the terminal device is connected to process the huge upstream and downstream data. How to improve the effective processing of massive data is a major problem in the field of GPS data processing. GPS location service is influenced by digital map, positioning technology and other external objective environment, and the acquired GPS trajectory data often deviate from the actual location to some extent. The GPS terminal is highly dependent on huge data for application, which is designed to solve this error. It can compare the received trajectory data with the electronic map data, correct the predetected deviation information, and map the GPS data to the actual location. In order to reduce the errors in data matching, this paper will improve the data processing through GPS map matching algorithm, and analyze and verify the accuracy and real-time performance. The experimental results of this paper show that the proposed GPS map matching algorithm has a good effect on the application of GPS in the processing of huge data, and this paper will also apply it to the management of students’ location on the basis of the validity verification of the algorithm.

Fangming Liu, Yichang Fu

Specialized Crowd Garment Design Model Based on Information Technology

With the development of information technology in fashion design, traditional fashion design methods have been unable to follow the new requirements of the development of the garment industry, and new trends such as intelligent interconnection have gradually appeared in the garment industry. In order to help the different demands of the special crowd on clothing, this paper analyzes the clothing elements in the clothing design. Firstly, it analyzes the various elements of the special crowd’s clothing and their coupling state. By studying the relationship between several local features needed in the process of garment design for special people, mining the structural correlation and the degree of interaction between the clothing elements, using the correlation of different elements to find the design rules of the special crowd’s clothing, and finally realizing the correlation of design features at all levels. In this paper, the data mining model of clothing design is built by using the human parameters of firefighters. The experimental results show that the prediction method based on RBF has obvious nonlinear relationship between the feature parameters of human circumference and width and thickness.

Yumei Liu

Target Detection Experiment Method and Process Based on YOLOV3

Moving target detection is mostly based on the detection of the underlying video information. This paper discusses the five aspects of target detection concept, YOLOV3 principle introduction, experimental method and process, experimental results and discussion, and YOLOV3 application scenario. Moving target detection is the basis for achieving target recognition tracking. Since the video sequence is composed of a sequence of image frames having a certain continuity in time, the detection of the moving object in the video is performed by extracting the sequence of image frames from the video sequence according to a certain period. We use YOLOV3 for target detection experiments. The first step is to configure the model training environment. The second step is to download and open the YOLOv3 project from Github. In the third step, we use Label Img to label the data. In the fourth step, after the model training is over, we test the trained model.

Mengqiao Wang, Yan Zhuang

Analysis the Service Quality of China’s Service Industry in 2018

The wide scope of service industry is directly related to the growing needs of people’s better life and to the formation of a strong domestic market. Study of the quality of service industry would help to improve the pertinence of service supervision and further promote service quality improvement. By building an evaluation model of customer satisfaction in service industry, we can calculate customer satisfaction in different service industry and identify factors that influence customer satisfaction most. In addition, we expand the service quality analysis dimension by including service trade, service complaints, service certification and service brand in the article. From the results, it is clearly to be seen that China’s service industry quality has remained relatively satisfactory, and there have a gradual improvement in service trade, service complaints and service management.

Yawei Jiang, Huali Cai, Xuemei Wei

The Design of Intelligent Teaching System in Universities Based on Internet of Things and Virtual Reality Technology

The rapid development of network technology provides learners with a variety of platforms, the development of technology to promote the progress of education, education forms and teaching methods have a significant change, effectively promote the education reform. But in the Internet of things and virtual technology’s rapid development today, the traditional digital teaching existing in the informatization construction of the lack of unified planning, distribution system, equipment compatibility is poor, the lack of personalized service and decision support system is increasingly prominent and serious problems influenced the teaching level of ascension, wisdom campus construction based on Internet of things that will become the theme of the current teaching system construction and development. The intelligent classroom learning platform described in this study is a specific solution to the informatization of college education and has certain innovation. The platform is a smart mobile terminal, interactive electronic whiteboard and computer-interactive classroom teaching system, adopting B/S and C/S hybrid architecture model, in order to build a teaching model based on the learning platform, and the implementation of teaching and practice has proved that management platform to help the teacher courses, classroom questioning, realize the interaction between teachers and students, living interaction, is according to the promotion of value.

Jianlan Ren

Design of Centralized Control System for Polymerization Reactor Based on STM32

Aiming at the working process of multiple different material polymerization reactors, a direct controller and upper computer are adopted for network monitoring and management. Each reactor is controlled by ARM series processor STM32 as a direct controller system, and the direct controller is responsible for material stirring, heating, cooling, temperature control and data acquisition and processing of the reactor. Data of each polymerization reactor is sent to PC via 485 communication interface, and the PC monitors the working status of each polymerization reactor. The control method can realize the centralized control management of the reactor and improve the reliability and production efficiency of the equipment.

Wei Bai, Jiading Guo

Construction and Application of Data Warehouse Project of an Automobile Sales Company

In order to assist a certain automobile sales company in scientific decision-making in management, this paper builds a data warehouse through demand analysis, source data preparation, modeling, extraction and other steps, and carries out multidimensional analysis, report visualization and other applications. The results show that the data warehouse can effectively support the company’s sales analysis and decision-making, and also provide some experience for the implementation of similar projects in other enterprises.

Jingjing Jiang, Yao Li, Wei Guan

Innovation of College Counselor’s Work Against Internet + Live Broadcast

Along with the arrival of 5G era, the speed of network transmission has been soared dramatically. The functions that mobile phone owns became more and more various, which enables people to accomplish more things through mobile phones. As well as the revolutionary development occurred in everyone’s reading mode, from the graphic reading era to the generation of video. There is a growing amounts of university students who are willing to accept videos rather than words or pictures. They would spend enormous hours on watching different types of videos, and also they could obtain multiple information with live broadcasting tool. However, this put a brand new challenge on university educators’ work. ‘Internet+’ ideological and political education of university students are a fearless innovation and breakthrough in educational methods and concepts. University tutors make use of new media technologies, especially live broadcasting tool which enables students who were watching the course to interact with the host. It is much appealing to students. It illustrated a fire new means of ideological and political education, and also it is the irreversible trend of future education way.

Xin Zhou

Online Monitoring and Assessment System For Air Compressor Energy Efficiency Based on Wireless Data Transmission

As a key equipment in the production process, air compressor is responsible for the most power consumption among industrial equipments. In order to reduce energy consumption of air compressor, its operation condition should be monitored firstly. Although many air compressor monitoring systems can detect operation status, there are still many problems such as complicated installation, inaccurate data and neglected energy efficiency analysis. To this end, the system for air compressor based on wireless data transmission technology was developed, which can realize the function of real-time data display, energy efficiency analysis, historical data viewing and reports export, etc. In order to verify reliability of the system, a field test of oil injected screw air compressor (Atlas G15PA10FM) was carried out in Suzhou Institute of Metrology. The results showed that the detection data not only was accurate and reliable but also can reflect the running condition of air compressor in real time. Through the energy efficiency analysis, it was found that the operating efficiency of the air compressor was less than 20%. Moreover, specific power and electricity consumption per unit exceeds the standard. As a result, the energy waste is serious, which needs improvement for energy-saving. In conclusion, the developed system has a widely applied prospect in the field of air compressor detection.

Xudong Yang, Xiaobo Li, Chao Huang, Xi Wu, Qilin Cai

On Protection Strategies for Computer Network Information Security and Its Key Technologies

At present, computer network technology is not only widely used in the production activities of all walks of life but also plays an extremely important role in people’s daily life and work. With the rapid development and continuous reform of computer network technology, the problem of network information security becomes more and more serious. While enjoying the convenience brought by computer network technology, people begin to attach importance to the security of computer network information. After entering the information age, our country has made good achievements in the security protection of computer network information and key technology research, but the problem of computer network information security continues unabated and emerges in endlessly. Therefore, we need to improve the security protection mechanism of computer network information constantly and optimize the information security protection system. In this paper, the current situation and threat factors of computer network information security are analyzed, and information security protection strategies are put forward.

Bin Chen

An Exploration on College English Writing Teaching Innovation in the Age of Big Data

We have entered into the age of big data. Driven by social progress and economic growth, information technology grows more and more mature. The deep integration between informatization and education asks for more development for college English teaching in China, while it is to becoming increasingly difficult to cultivate intellectuals with high skills and abilities in the traditional English teaching model. Big data, as one of the most prominent features of the information age, has been widely applied in college English teaching. This paper analyzes the dilemma of college English writing teaching and makes an exploration on the innovation from the perspective of the era of big data.

Hong Wei

Home Endowment Service Individuation Forecast Multi-dimensional Data Analysis

In the recent years, family-based elderly care service in China has made some progress, but there are still many outstanding problems, such as the lack of relevant laws and regulations, supporting policies and banking sustain from the administration, the lack of participation of non-governmental organizations, the community has not become strong support. Based on the national open statistical data, tracking survey data and academic literature data, this paper investigates the supply and demand of elderly home care services in China’s city and towns from three dimensions: the potential demand and availability level of services, the 3-year dynamic change of service supply and demand and the comparison of service furnish and requirement in multiple regions. In this paper, a soft measurement modeling method on account of complex information pelleting and SVM modeling is proposed. Using the method of fuzzy information granulation, characteristics of sample data are extracted and reduce the dimensions of the sample. The extracted feature is used as the import of support vector quantity machine for modeling. The results show that the model has the good predictive ability and can predict the personalized service needs of the elderly at home. It is an effective data modeling method.

Rongqing Zhuo, Zhongxian Bai

Analysis of Web Log Mining Based on Association Rule

With the development of computer technology and the popularity of the Internet, Web data breaks through the limitations of traditional data formats, and it becomes more and more important, becoming an effective way for Web users to better obtain information. Web log data is data that records user access information to Web sites, stores a large amount of path information, and user access patterns obtained by mining these log information, in personalized information services, improved portal site design and services, and targeted E-commerce, building intelligent Web sites and improving the reputation and effectiveness of the site will play an important role. However, due to the particularity of Web data and applications, traditional mining techniques cannot be directly applied to Web mining. This paper first preprocessing the Web Log data through a real estate Web site, after cleaning and deleting invalid data, by using the method of simple association rule to find the characteristics of the user’s search behavior, thereby providing relevant suggestions to the Web site and improving the user experience of the Web site.

Chunya Li, Yan Li, Yang Yang, Yangyang Deng

Analysis of Association Rules of Investment Risk and Accounting Based on Artificial Intelligence Model

In recent years, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, data mining technology has been used in various fields to analyze massive data and obtain valuable information. In the financial field, investment risk exists all the time. In order to better analyze the relationship between investment risk and accounting, this paper proposes an association rule analysis method based on artificial intelligence model. Aiming at the fact that the traditional AI model is disturbed by inaccuracy factors and the association rule analysis method cannot deal with financial data well, this paper studies the association rule analysis method in depth, improves the pruning process based on IUA algorithm, and proposes an interactive association rule mining algorithm HIUA based on Hash structure. By comparing and testing the performance of each algorithm, it is proved that the proposed algorithm greatly improves the mining efficiency.

Xuanjun Chen

Teaching Exploration on Computer Technology and Computational Thinking Based on CDIO Concept

Guided by CDIO concept and fostering students’ computational thinking as the core teaching target, this paper will explore the role of CDIO concept in training applied and practical talents with comprehensive quality, from the aspects of teaching mode, teaching implementation, and teaching evaluation.

Wang Zheng

Network Intrusion Detection Based on Improved Decision Tree

With the rapid development of information construction, the network has been everywhere; this technology has brought a lot of convenience to people, but there are also some security problems. In order to solve these problems, many methods have been proposed, among which intrusion detection technology is an important part of solving security problems. Therefore, the traditional intrusion detection system technology is difficult to adapt to the current security system requirements, and it is necessary to put forward a more effective method. At present, most of the clustering algorithm in a large number of network data set to set the cluster number and the lack of the ability of handling character properties in network transaction this kind of situation, is because these algorithms for clustering number shows the dependence of the determination of K value is very important, with the result of clustering and clustering front is fixed, and the lack of ability to deal with focus on the characters of similar properties, k-means or are using K-center is difficult to solve. Therefore, by combining decision tree classification and ant colony clustering, this paper proposes a multi-level hybrid algorithm based on decision tree and ant colony algorithms. Experiments show that this new method is very effective in intrusion detection, with a very low false alarm rate, while maintaining a relatively acceptable false alarm rate, and can also appropriately detect unknown intrusion detection so as to improve the intrusion detection rate.

Bingjie Liu

Development Trend Analysis of Association Standards

Since the State Council issued the reform plan for deepening standardization in March 2015, Chinese association standards have experienced more than four years of cultivation and development. On the basis of more than four years’ experience in China, this paper comprehensively analyzes the situation and trend of association standards in China from three perspectives of regional, industry, and activity. It tries to present the whole picture of association standards in an all-round way so as to provide reference for relevant standardization work.

Qing Xu

The Reform of the Training Mode of Art Design Talents in Vocational Education in the Context of Artificial Intelligence

In the new era, artificial intelligence based on computer technology develops rapidly. As a milestone in the development of science and technology, the birth of artificial intelligence (AI) sets off a new wave of scientific and technological reform, which also has a significant impact on the economic field. At this stage, this technology development is officially incorporated into the national strategic plan in China. In the process of moving toward the era of AI, the cultivation of art design talents in vocational education has undergone corresponding changes, and the overall development faces new pressures and challenges. In this context, the art design of higher vocational colleges must keep up with the times, bring forth the new through the old, and develop together. On the one hand, it is necessary to maintain the basic teaching quality. On the other hand, it is necessary to enhance the comprehensive quality and personal ability of vocational education talents.

Qunying Li

Application and Research of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Sports

In recent years, artificial intelligence technology has developed rapidly, which has gradually penetrated into the field of sports. Based on the methods of literature and investigation, this paper discusses the application of artificial intelligence technology in the service of sports events and assistant sports training, in order to promote the development of sports events and scientific training in the future.

Wensheng Huang

Research and Implementation of Teaching and Experiment System of Artificial Intelligence Specialty

With the rapid development of information technology, the voice of artificial intelligence is increasing. At present, the talents of artificial intelligence in our country are in short supply, which cannot meet the demand of talents in the market. Therefore, it is very important for colleges and universities to set up the major of artificial intelligence to train talents. However, the traditional teaching method is not suitable for the major of artificial intelligence. Based on this, this paper proposes the research and implementation of the teaching and experiment system of artificial intelligence. The teaching and experiment system proposed in this paper is based on B/S architecture. Teachers and students can complete teaching tasks and experiments on the browser. Considering the increasing number of users and courses, scheduling algorithm is used to ensure the efficiency of task execution and resource utilization. Through the user experience survey of the teachers and students of the system, the results show that 61.2% of the teachers and 65.87% of the students are satisfied with the system, which shows that the system has achieved good results and is deeply loved by teachers and students. Hope this system can provide reference for the teaching of related subjects.

Yaoxue Yue

Target Tracking Problem Based on Visual Image

With the rapid development of society, people began to pay attention to target recognition and target tracking. However, there is no suitable way to achieve the desired results. In order to solve this problem, this paper proposes a target tracking algorithm based on visual image. This paper extracts the covariance features in the visual image to construct the corresponding kernel function, then adds the kernel partial least squares to construct the framework in the modeling, and finally learns the low-dimensional discriminant features. The dimension discrimination feature is closer to the real situation of the data. At the end, the algorithm model of the article uses two different levels to replace the new method strategy and finally achieves a more effective target tracking algorithm. In the traditional target tracking algorithm, a single image block is used to construct a target or a background model. In this paper, the most basic individuals of visual images are extracted, and the covariance features in the visual images are extracted. The kernel functions are constructed between the covariance features. Finally, the kernel partial least squares regression model is used to achieve the target prediction. In this paper, the sparse MOSSE filter is studied, and the non-dense constraints are added to the MOSSE filter, and a new optimization function is finally obtained.

Yiqiang Lai

Discussion and Analysis on the Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Competitive Sports

“Higher, faster and stronger” is the goal pursued by competitive sports. To continuously tap people’s sports potential, improve competitive sports performance and improve the level of sports technology are effective means to promote the realization of this goal. For the development and application of computer, network, and big data technology, artificial intelligence technology has emerged in the field of sports. The integration of scientific training methods with intelligent thinking mode has played a great role in promoting the level of competitive sports. In this paper, the methods of literature research and case analysis are used to explore the technological innovation brought by AI to competitive sports training, and to support AI technology to participate in competitive sports more widely.

Wensheng Huang

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education from the Perspective of Artificial Intelligence

Innovation is the source power of scientific and Technological Development and social progress. As a big economic country, China attaches great importance to the development of innovation and entrepreneurship education. Therefore, the research on innovation-entrepreneurship education from the perspective of artificial intelligence has a certain reference value for how to cultivate innovation-entrepreneurship talents. This paper first briefly describes the era of artificial intelligence, and then introduces the content of innovation-entrepreneurship education in detail. In view of the current situation of innovation-entrepreneurship education, this paper collected samples from different genders, majors and grades. The results of questionnaire survey show that innovation-entrepreneurship education from the perspective of contemporary artificial intelligence has not been recognized by most students. In this paper, an improved BP neural network evaluation method is also proposed. Through the data test and training of the network, it is found that the error of this method is small, and the results of the questionnaire survey are verified.

Min Wang

Campus Landscape Design Under the Background of Internet +

Since the beginning of the new century, the Internet and its surrounding technologies have reached unprecedented heights, especially the popularity of mobile smartphones in the past 10 years has brought tremendous impact on our lifestyle. From the initial online chat to the present Internet of Things, the Internet’s thinking is almost full of all aspects of our lives. Based on this background of the times, I am thinking that the landscape can also be intelligent and digital. Based on the traditional campus landscape planning system, citing new concepts and technologies not only changes the campus landscape from the interactive way, but also changes the traditional campus landscape from all aspects of design management. This paper briefly introduces the application of information technology in campus landscape design and promotes the way of ecological management technology through the basic principles of the pursuit of contemporary campus landscape design.

Jiawei Sun

Coupling Synchronization of HIV Model

In this paper, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV, Abbr.: HIV) model is adopted to study synchronization behaviors of the HIV system under the situation of time lag. Results show that, when the coupling strength remains unchanged, addition of time lag can effectively inhibit coupling synchronization of the HIV system. This plays an important role in acquired immune deficiency syndrome (ADIS) prevention and control.

Ruining Fan

Design and Application of Automatic Report Form Generation by OPC Data Collection Technology in Iron and Steel Enterprises

This paper designs and implements an automatic report generation system which is applied to iron and steel enterprises by OPC data collection technology. The system includes data collection module, data storage module, thread management module, data transfer storage module, report display module and remote process call module. Through the data acquisition server, the real-time parameter data acquisition on the blast furnace is saved to the enterprise information system, which provides data reading support for OPC data acquisition client to collect the blast furnace parameter data. The data storage module, thread management module, data transfer storage module and report display module read the information from the acquisition system and save it to the enterprise information system after processing Yongjiang et al. (Automat Technol Appl 27(4):66–69, 2008 [1]). In this design, the data of blast furnace parameters are automatically collected from OPC client, and the network and database resources are used to support the operation of the system, save the data of blast furnace parameters and operation logs. Without manual operation of on-the-job operators, timely and accurate report of blast furnace parameter operation data can improve the working efficiency of the central control room of iron and steel plant.

Qiaoshun Wu, Xiaoyun Zi, Kun Pi, Haibo Peng

An Optimization Model on the Problem of Shared Bicycle Operation in Beijing Based

The paper has systematically discussed the problem of shared bicycle operation in Beijing. The profitability of shared bicycles has always been a hot issue in social research. We use the “ofo” (i.e., small yellow car) with a large volume and operation volume as the research object, and delineate the data collection in the metro station of a college in Beijing. Using the collected data, statistical analyses of “ofo” share the distribution and use of bicycles, use the (most) optimization model to build a profit model of shared bicycles, get the factors that affect the profit of “ofo” shared bicycles, and finally give the relevant “ofo” shared bicycle operation and delivery volume suggestion and advice. Finally, this paper establishes a reasonable measure of the population and traffic factors of Beijing, measures the degree of matching of “ofo” shared bicycle supply and demand, analyzes the influence of various factors on the target model, and takes the interests of all parties as the premise to obtain the optimal solution. The plan provides a certain reference for the optimization and sustainable development of the city’s shared bicycle industry.

Xinfang Song

Construction of New Cultural and Creative Intelligent Data Platform in Changbai Mountain

Changbai Mountain new cultural and creative intelligent data platform is based on Changbai Mountain regional culture. It divides the data into four functional modules: “landscape guide,” “science popularization of animals and plants,” “myths and legends” and “food culture”. It is built by offline Changbai Mountain IP and designed by cultural tourism derivatives. On line, through image recognition and scanning of IP hand-painted creative patterns, it links WeChat programs and applies AR, VR, voice synthesis, artificial intelligence dialogue, natural language analysis and processing, data analysis, Web crawler and other technologies are used for intelligent guide, popular science reading, cultural introduction and food appreciation of scenic spots; finally, the cloud platform collects the behavior information of tourists, conducts big data sorting and analysis, and generates visual results. The construction of the platform will promote the combination of traditional tourism industry and digital technology, improves the cultural tourism industry chain with tourism big data as the core, and promotes the development of local economy.

Kejin Zou

Application Analysis of Blockchain in the Field of Finance

In response to the impact of technology, financial institutions quickly seized the opportunity. Following the wave, financial technology was born. This article starts from the background of financial technology and introduces the impact of financial technology on the industry. It also introduces a series of applications with great potential in the financial sector, including digital currency and cross-border payment settlement. At the same time, given the problems in the blockchain and its application, this paper proposes a series of solutions, including learning from the experience of foreign “regulatory sandbox” and strengthening cooperation mechanisms to promote the healthy development of blockchain and other financial technologies. In general, the research on blockchain is still in its infancy, and the future situation is optimistic. However, in the process of development and application, financial and legal supervision needs to be improved.

Yangcheng Sun

The Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Physical Education

With the development of science and technology, artificial intelligence began to deeply affect human life. The application of artificial intelligence in the field of sports education also gradually deepened, so to speak, this is the product of the era of progress and also is inevitable result of the new explore physical education teaching mode, and the traditional education mode has no place in the new period. In the field of physical education, artificial intelligence technology can be applied in education robots, virtual reality scenes of education, education content, and other aspects. It can be seen that with the persistent perfection of scientific and technological standard and the persistent development of The Times, the future somatic cultivate will be more personalized, humanized, and innovative under the guidance of artificial intelligence technology, which has an immeasurable impact on physical education and promotes the rapid evolution of sports education. Based on the intelligent algorithm, this paper analyzes the appropriateness of artificial intelligence (AI) and physical education, finds out the existing problems, and puts forward some correct application strategies of artificial intelligence, which has an important impact on the sustainable development of physical education.

Bo Wen

Brief Discussion on the Promotion of 5G to the Internet of Things

This paper will introduce the development process of communication and relevant contents of 5G mobile communication and analyze the communication direction from the most fundamental principle. Communication usually has two modes of transmission. One is the transmission with the help of physical media, which belongs to wired communication, such as the most common fiber optic cable. The speed breakthrough can be achieved through the study of materials, which has also reached a very high speed. The other way is through the air. That is the area that we have been working on. The development of 4 g, although there is a relatively obvious speed of growth, compared with the cable network is still a huge difference. The communication speed of 5G has been significantly improved. On this basis, the development of the Internet of things can be further realized. After 5G breaks through the existing bottleneck, it will bring unprecedented changes. This aspect will be further analyzed in the following text.

Zhenlong Yuan

An Improved Algorithm of Mixed Cooperative Filter Recommendation Based on Project and User

The traditional collaborative filtering algorithm ignores the impact of the time factor when searching the nearest neighbor set, only from the user or item takes into account the similarity of the user or item unilaterally, and ignores the impact of user characteristics on the recommendation. Aiming to the above problems, the paper introduced the time forgotten function, resources viscosity function and the user feature vector, also improved the process of finding the user’s nearest neighbor set, which reflected the time effect, degree of user preferences and user characteristic. The traditional algorithm consumes too many resources to search the nearest neighbor set, as well as the reliability is poor. In the paper, a novel recommendation algorithm based on user clustering of item attributes is proposed.

Yongjun Luo, Hong Zheng

Control Method of Bionic Robot

With the rapid development of computer technology, biological engineering and artificial intelligence, robot technology has made a significant breakthrough. Bionic robots have made great progress. Robot technology includes computer, artificial intelligence, machinery, electronics and sensors. The application field of robot expands continuously after years of development. In this paper, the robot technology is introduced, the research status of the robot platform is explained, the control method of the robot is studied and the application prospect of the bionic robot is analyzed. Finally, it is pointed out that the motion control method and control theory of the bionic robot need to be studied more and more, so as to further improve the theoretical research basis and make greater breakthroughs in the realization of technology and motion control method.

Miao Shang, Jiale Zhang

Dynamic Community Recognition Algorithm Based on Node Embedding and Linear Clustering

Traditional community identification is often based on static network, ignoring the social network variability, and has a great limitation. With the deepening of node embedding theory, it is gradually applied to the field of dynamic community, which provides convenience for dynamic community identification research, effectively reduces the distance between nodes in the structure of dynamic community and makes the composition of nodes become relatively simple. Because the node system is very complicated in the process of dynamic community identification, the error of dynamic community identification is large and even the identification is invalid. In order to better identify the dynamic community, this paper explains the concept of node embedding and illustrates the advantages of node embedding for dynamic community recognition based on node embedding technology. On this basis, using spectrum clustering algorithm, and carries on the improvement introduced an incremental dynamic community recognition algorithm, is used to identify the relevant experimental study on the dynamic community and obtained the dynamic community recognition of the two methods: one is based on social network topology delta identification method and the second is a dynamic community recognition method based on node force, which not only broke through the limitations of traditional static community research, and improve the reliability of the dynamic community identification, accuracy and flexibility, to a certain extent, the relevant dynamic community recognition of the future research provides a useful guide.

Xiaoxian Zhang, Jianpei Zhang, Jing Yang

On Visual Arts Education Based on Network Information Technology

With the rapid development of globalization and information, information technology is applied to all walks of life, from manufacturing to construction, from education to artistic creation. Network information technology has penetrated into our lives, making us into a network information era (Wang and Wang in Learn Wkly 27:23–24 [1]). With the advent of the network information era, visual arts education cannot stay in the traditional teaching mode. Therefore, the network information technology is integrated into the visual art education to further promote the development of visual art education. This paper expounds the significance of network information technology to visual art education and puts forward some strategies to further promote the development of visual art education according to the current situation of visual art education.

Yan Zhuang

Design Strategy of Wearable Equipment Based on Smart Home Pension System

Wearable device is a new type of IoT product that has the function of directly contacting the human body and collecting physiological physical data and can provide critical intelligent services for the home care system. This paper analyzes the inevitable trend of the development of the smart home pension model, expounds the entry point and function of the wearable equipment applied to the smart home pension system, and puts forward the hardware and software design strategies and challenges for the future development of wearable equipment. The practical application of wearable equipment in the smart home pension system can provide specialized old-age pension services for the elderly, contribute to solving the problems of social livelihood, and provide a new idea for the construction of smart home pension service system.

Ping Xia

Network Security Performance Analysis Based on Netflow

With the continuous development of network technology, the size and complexity of network data are increasing, network security has become a topic of constant concern, so the network environment for real-time detection and control, to ensure that the network security performance continues to improve to become an urgent problem to be solved. Therefore, new methods must be used to improve the performance of network security. Netflow, as a new technology, provides a new path for the improvement of network security performance. Therefore, on the basis of Netflow technology, this paper proposes a network security test method for Netflow network data analysis. It is to take source IP as the main research object, from the perspective of a network attack, to study the manifestation of Netflow network data in network security issues. By analyzing the abnormal behavior of IP access, the corresponding network security problem is simulated through practice. And its feature vector analysis and detection, and then use the algorithm of invalid links, network behavior scanning, network DOS attack, such as abnormal access behavior related IP analysis. So you can get an accurate network security problem.

Jie Xu, JinLing Ye, Wei Xu

Intelligent Image Segmentation and Circular Rectangle Dichotomy Defogging Algorithm

The dark channel prior algorithm calculates the transmittance by dividing the dark channel with fog image into blocks during defogging. Due to the inaccuracy of the blocks, the image after defogging appears “halo”. In this paper, an improvement is made on the basis of the dark channel prior algorithm. When calculating the transmittance, the intelligent image segmentation ant colony and clustering method are used to segment the dark channel of the image with fog, so as to ensure the similarity or similarity of the pixel points in the same block. In order to improve the accuracy of atmospheric light value so as to improve the quality of the image, the circulation rectangle dichotomy method was used to divide the image when looking for the area with high fog concentration. First, the image was divided vertically and then horizontally, and the block area was cycled until it was less than the predetermined area threshold. At the end of the paper, the experiment simulation is given. Using the improved defogging algorithm, the image after defogging has better visual, fidelity and other indicators, which can meet the requirements of image defogging for clarity and information.

Changxiu Dai

Design and Implementation of Urban Traffic Flow Resource Data Management System Based on Deep Learning Algorithm

At present, with the rapid development of the economy, the number of vehicles in the city has increased rapidly; the city has a more serious congestion problem, so this problem has become an urgent problem for urban traffic to solve. In order to improve the traffic situation of the city, it is necessary to analyze the traffic flow situation of the city deeply and establish the data management system of urban traffic flow resources. Only in this way can the traffic flow of the city be monitored in real time, and on the basis of which the traffic area of the city can be predicted accurately, which can greatly improve the problem of urban traffic congestion. Deep learning algorithm is presented in this paper, and on the basis of the urban transportation network in each part of the vehicle traffic conditions and comparison of data collection, and with the aid of stochastic gradient descent algorithm, the current urban resources data management system of traffic flow design support provide a certain amount of data and model for the system set up to provide enough support, promote the design and implementation of data management system. The establishment of this system can realize the in-depth analysis of urban traffic, improve the urban traffic situation and promote the good development of urban traffic order.

JinLing Ye

AI Finance and Blockchain Combine Medical Finance

As we all know, artificial intelligence has long been limited not only to the field of science and technology, but also to various functional departments of many traditional industries and enterprises. In recent years, with the rise of machine learning and deep learning technology, the application of artificial intelligence in various industries has accelerated, and the financial industry is no exception. Coincidentally, the world is also setting off a wave of innovation based on blockchain technology, which can build a scientific trust mechanism and reach consensus among multiple nodes, greatly changing the business model in different fields, and will also trigger a new round of industrial transformation and technological innovation, of course, on the basis of Internet technology, medical finance has more innovative models, and the traditional medical financial service model is seriously affected by these innovative models. This paper analyzes the fusion of artificial intelligence finance and blockchain technology, and also analyzes and predicts the future development of financial health care.

Shifeng Wang

Design of Laboratory Control and Management System Based on Cloud Service

In view of the problems such as low management efficiency, backward management mode and lack of perfect control system, the traditional manual management and control mode is still adopted in most university laboratories, and a laboratory control and management system based on cloud service is designed. The system combines cloud services with state information and control information such as environment, equipment, power load and access control from the laboratory. The function of controlling and managing the laboratory in all directions is realized by using SCM control technology, radio frequency technology, network communication technology, database processing technology and innovative laboratory management concept. The system is deployed in Ali cloud server. Users are not limited by LAN and can remotely control all kinds of equipment in the laboratory, as well as remotely manage all kinds of experimental data in the laboratory.

Xinling Wang, Zhenjun Chen

Traffic Planning Method of Smart City Based on Network Optimization

With the economic development and social progress, China’s urban construction began to gradually turn to the field of smart city construction; this concept is gradually promoted throughout the country. Smart city emphasizes that the informationization of urban construction is more scientific and puts forward more strict standards for the construction of urban infrastructure. As an important part of smart city construction, urban traffic construction is related to the overall process and final result of urban construction. At present, there are still many problems in urban traffic planning in China. As the application of network optimization in various fields is gradually mature in recent years, solving the problem of urban traffic planning with the help of network optimization has gradually become the focus of people’s attention. On the basis of network optimization, this paper analyzes the problems existing in the current traffic planning with the help of user equilibrium model and puts forward the traffic planning method related to smart city on this basis. On the one hand, it provides more scientific guidance for the traffic planning of China’s future smart city. On the other hand, it also provides a certain theoretical basis for future research on related aspects.

Yang Lu

Intelligent Dispatching Platform Based on “Cargo Carpooling”

With the development of technology and the increase in the per capita possession of automobiles, carpooling has been widely used in passenger transportation. For example, Didi carpooling and Uber carpooling are very excellent carpooling platforms. However, the use of carpooling on freight is not yet widespread. This paper intends to explore the intelligent scheduling algorithm of “cargo carpooling” through joint research with “cargo carpooling” company, designs a “freight carpooling” intelligent dispatching platform based on big data, hopes to provide practical foundation and development reference for the development of intelligent technology application in the logistics industry.

Chunqing Tian

Thoughts on the Relationship Between Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy

A new generation of artificial intelligence is currently in full swing and red. Behind the fiery, there is not only the inevitable development of technology but also the promotion of massive funds. There are also people’s eager anticipation for the liberation of mental labor. Of course, there are more media followers. Behind the fiery phenomenon of artificial intelligence, philosophers should calmly view this craze from the perspective of philosophy, not only to follow the trend, to welcome the arrival of the new information revolution, but also to treat artificial intelligence scientifically and dialectically, and not blindly follow the trend. Artificial intelligence is neither as cute as the optimists say nor as terrible as pessimists say. Artificial intelligence is neither a myth nor a joke but requires us to tell the truth. There is a close relationship between philosophy and artificial intelligence, and the two promote each other’s development and progress under the interaction. The development of artificial intelligence has had a profound impact on people’s working methods and lifestyles, and played an important role in promoting social change. In order to better utilize the social application potential of artificial intelligence, relevant staff should analyze the artificial intelligence from the perspective of philosophy. This paper conducts a dialectical analysis of the reasons for the connection between philosophy and artificial intelligence and the mutual promotion between the two, and how to strengthen the interaction between philosophy and artificial intelligence.

Yu Dai

Optimization Strategy of Online Store Marketing Based on Consumer Satisfaction

Online shopping is gradually upgrading into the mainstream shopping model. At present, the online shopping market is developing faster and faster. The quality of online products and after-sales service are increasingly becoming the core reasons for online shopping decisions. There are many choices in the online store, and the categories are complete, and consumers have a high degree of freedom to purchase. The competition among online stores is fierce, therefore, how to grasp the purchasing psychology of consumers, improve the service quality of stores, and increase consumer satisfaction will be the fundamental guarantee of continuous and stable development. According to the author’s own learning and practical experience, the first step of this paper analyzes the relationship between consumer satisfaction and online store service quality, then summarized customer satisfaction model and the factors affecting consumer satisfaction in online store operations, and finally put forward the optimization strategy of online store marketing based on consumer satisfaction.

Junjing Wu

Control Method of Energy Saving and Loss Reduction of Power Grid

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for electricity is higher and higher, which puts forward higher requirements for power grid infrastructure. The state has begun the transformation project of the power grid. In this project, it has become an urgent problem that how to minimize the energy loss of the distribution network to be solved at present. Based on this background, this paper analyzes the distribution network from multiple aspects and puts forward several effective methods about saving energy and losing reduction, so as to make the power network transformation project more efficient, and better serve the people and meet people’s demand for electricity.

Xuliang Dong, Songxiao Xu, Manku Xu, Jingjing Ma, Moran Ma

Analysis of Knowledge Map Characteristics of College Students with Constructing Correct Values

Values refer to the individual’s understanding and pursuit of the relationship between value and value and are the core factors that influence a person’s decision on his own behavior and choice. Especially for the college students’ ideological and moral and scientific and cultural constructions have important significance. As a new era of reform and opening up in China, contemporary college students have been influenced by the multicultural cultures of traditional culture and Western culture in China, which has led to their diversified trends. Therefore, what characteristics do their values present, the overall trend of change, and how the judgment and analysis of the problem can be made are the direction of many scholars. In this paper, we use Citespace software to conduct scientific knowledge map analysis and related feature analysis on the papers on the correct construction of values of Chinese college students in the past 10 years. Through the characteristics of college students’ values research, value orientation, the overall trend, and other future development directions, the combination of quantitative and qualitative methods is used to further study its value.

Yu Wang

Contrasts of University Teachers’ Development on Technology Skills Between China and Australia

With the development of information technology, human society and human life have been influenced intensively, including teaching and studying in the education area. The application of information technology gives people more means to use, acquire, and re-develop knowledge. How to teach and learn efficiently is an urgent problem in front of education, so the reform of education is inevitable, and the inevitable result of the reform is information-based education. This paper mainly compares and analyses the similarities and differences of the informatization background, means and methods between Chinese and Australian teachers, and draws lessons from the informatization development project of Australian university teachers, so as to promote the teaching reform, and accelerate the development of education and the modernization of management means in China.

Yadong Ma

Construction of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Curriculum System Based on New Media Technology

Innovation and entrepreneurship education is an important part of university education and scientific research at the present stage. New media brings opportunities and challenges to innovation and entrepreneurship education. Therefore, great reforms have been made in the educational teaching mode of universities. Making good use of new Internet technology to promote construction of curriculum system is a major measure to adapt to the changes of the times. Universities may innovate their own ideas, integrate relevant media resources, and build a cross-platform new media support system, so as to provide endless impetus for students.

Liya Yao

Impact of Internet of Things on Computer Communication Networks

With the rapid development of China’s social science and technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) is also developing at a rapid pace. The development of IoT has driven the development of computer communication networks. Today, IoT communication technology is widely used in people’s daily life and work. It is the product of a new era and realizes the communication between objects. The IoT communication technology will have many changes in the future, and its development must be constantly innovated. This article mainly analyzes the impact of the IoT on computer communication networks to give full play to the advantages of the IoT and realize the value of the IoT on social and economic development.

Zhenhua Liu

Hybrid Filtering Recommendation System for Libraries

The use of information filtering technology can effectively avoid information overload. The reader can use the library recommendation system to search the books of interest, and the retrieval process automatically filters out the information that the reader is not interested in, and plays a role in optimizing the traditional book retrieval function. This paper takes the book borrowing history of the university information management system as the data source, intelligently predicts the reader’s reading preference, and combines the algorithms of hybrid filtering technology to design the library recommendation system. It uses jieba participle, and D3.js js visualization method is implemented systematically, which effectively enhances the reader’s book retrieval experience and achieves faster access to the purpose information.

Jie Dong, Gui Li

Characteristic of Network Attention for Rural Tourism Based on Big Data

In order to understand the changing characteristics of rural tourism development in the era of big data, this study conducted a search on the network attention of rural tourism in China from 2016 to 2018 based on Baidu Index using keywords. The results show that the daily network attention of rural tourism in China varies regularly from 2016 to 2018. The peak season of rural tourism is from March to June and from October to December. During International Labor Day holiday, there is a high degree of concern. And one to three days before the holidays, the purpose of searching is strong. During the Spring Festival, the daily network attention of rural tourism is not large and the enthusiasm of tourists to choose rural tourism is not high.

Chunyan Wang, Qinglan Luo, Hyungho Kim

Development Strategy of Rural Ecotourism Based on “Internet +”

With the improvement of Internet technology in China, the form of rural ecotourism has changed to a certain extent. The rural areas need to change the extensive tourism mode of “Agritainment” in the past but pay more attention to the combination of ecology and benefit as well as Internet and rural areas. Under this background, this work firstly analyzed the influence of “Internet +” on the development of rural ecotourism and then discussed the development strategy of rural ecotourism based on “Internet +” in order to improve the influence of rural ecotourism and achieve good rural development.

Ning Hu

Measurement of Cross-Border E-commerce Convenience Level in Countries Along the Belt and Road Initiative

The liberalization and openness of the “Belt and Road” strategy have brought new opportunities for trade development to China and its countries along the route. Since the initiative of General Secretary Xi Jinping in September 2013 proposed the “Silk Road Economic Belt,” the level of trade facilitation in the countries along the “Belt and Road” has changed to varying degrees, in order to promote economic development and reduce trade between China and countries along the route. Cost should be in line with the development of the times, compare the level of cross-border e-commerce facilitation and analyze how to promote the rational development of China’s trade layout. This paper first analyzes the construction of the trade facilitation index system, then studies the cross-border e-commerce facilitation between countries, analyzes the impact on China’s trade layout, and finally proposes countermeasures to promote the trade development between China and the countries along the “Belt and Road” in order to communicate with relevant parties.

Yao Gu, Jing Tan, Qijie Zeng

Informatization Innovation for Agricultural Products Marketing Under the Background of “Internet +”

With the introduction of the national “Internet +” strategy, agriculture in the context of “Internet +” has become the key and core for promoting and improving the quality and safety of agriculture. However, at present, the network marketing of agricultural products in China lacks standardized management, the logistics distribution system is not perfect, and the overall rural network coverage is low. The research on agricultural marketing under the background of Internet + is insufficient. The purpose of this paper is to innovate the marketing method of agricultural products for the convenience of the network and to innovate a set of well-managed marketing models. This paper mainly analyzes the four aspects of rural network resources, agricultural products online trading, agricultural product distribution methods, and network construction and proposes innovative methods for the shortcomings. By discussing the development prospects of the network and making recommendations for the construction of agricultural product brands, research shows that making full use of the network marketing methods and increasing the coverage of the network can promote the sales of agricultural products more effectively.

Ning Zhai

Problems and Countermeasures in the IP Construction of Domestic Animation

Under the impetus of the Internet and new media, animation IP becomes a new topic, animation and the integration of the Internet has become increasingly close, both in the mode of transmission and present a new signature on every creation method, the study of the characteristics of animation in the context of Internet + IP, to build a competitive animation IP has positive significance. This paper takes the Internet + context as the entry point, combined with the development trend of new media and the Internet, analyzes the characteristics of animation IP, and puts forward corresponding opinions and suggestions for the construction of animation IP in China.

Chuang Chen

Ways and Countermeasures to Improve Collaborative Capacity of Virtual Maker Space

Enterprises will be more flexible to organize production, more agile to meet individual customer custom in the age of Industry 4.0, which requires that the manufacturing enterprise training must comply with the trend and reform soon. Through investigating different types of manufacturing enterprises and analyzing typical case, manufacturing enterprises should analyze the main problems existing in the training system based on Industry 4.0. The research shows that the orientation of staff training will focus on intellectualization, the professional ability of employees will be transferred from a single structure to a compound structure structural transformation, staff training will be promoted from single ability to compound ability, the improvement of employees’ innovation ability will be the core of training the heart demands and lifelong education will be the core of the enterprise staff training system. The paper puts forward countermeasures and suggestions on employee training from training needs analysis, training plan, training courses, training teachers, training organization and implementation, training effect evaluation, training support and training achievement transformation.

Chunzhao Liu, Xinyi Liu

Introduction of Video Analysis Technology in Basketball Teaching Under the Background of “Internet +”

The basketball teaching methods of frontline teachers are traditional and lack of scientific, innovative, and attractive. As the science of basketball teaching video analysis technology software can let the student see own technique and tactical implementation effect, precise analysis of the information in a timely manner, and makes the language training guidance into a visual image, under the background of Internet + to realize on-site communication between teachers and students, training for the basketball teaching provides an effective auxiliary means, greatly improves the effect of physical education teaching.

Hao Feng

Up-Regulated Genes in Cell Cycle Pathway of ccRCC Discovered by High-Throughput Sequencing Data Mining

To sequence the transcriptome of renal clear cell carcinoma with RNA-seq technology, so as to verify the cell cycle genes, gene combinations, or pathways known to be related to clear cell renal carcinoma (ccRCC) from the transcriptional level. To search for potential gene combinations and pathways that may affect the proliferation, differentiation, and tumor progression of ccRCC. Methods: Samples of renal clear cell carcinoma and normal tissue around were extracted, and then ccRCC and normal renal tissue cDNA libraries were constructed, and SOLID™ 3.0 sequencing system was used for mRNA sequencing. Results: After sequencing and transcriptome related to the cell cycle were obtained, combined with gene expression level data software, the known genes related, combination of genes, or access the expression level of verification, it was found that most of the genes in the ccRCC cell cycle pathway are up-regulated, which leads to the disorder of cell cycle, accelerates cell division, destroys the cell cycle monitoring mechanism, and eventually leads to cancer. Conclusion: The results will provide some basic information for the diagnosis and treatment of ccRCC.

Junyan Liu, Kaixing He, Jinguo Wang, Na Wang

Computer-Aided Inspection and Quality Control System for Automotive Parts

With the emergence of automobile parts automatic detection technology in industrial production, the analysis of traditional detection and control methods can help reduce the impact of human factors on quality. Therefore, the application of computer-aided detection and quality control system makes it possible to complete automatic detection in the production process of automotive parts through the establishment of the system, which is based on the automatic quality detection system. In this paper, computer-aided quality inspection is carried out in each production stage, and the control and guarantee of production quality are completed by data exchange between upper and lower computers.

Xiurong Zhu, Haokun Hu

Short-Term Wind Speed Forecasting Based on PSO-ELM

In view of the low prediction accuracy of short-term wind speed, for ELM, the connection weight and hidden layer threshold of input layer and hidden layer were randomly generated, which led to the decrease of network generalization ability and the distortion of evaluation result caused by over-fitting, a forecasting method based on particle swarm combined extremely learning machine (PSO-ELM) was proposed. The example analysis showed that the model had high prediction accuracy and could effectively track the variation of wind speed.

Ai Li, Xiong Wei

Practice of Informatization and Flipped Classroom in Technical Courses

Compared with theoretical courses, technical courses usually have higher requirements for practical ability. This paper takes the difference between technical courses and theoretical courses as the starting point. Taking the course of PLC technology as an example, this paper explores the mode of flipping classroom. Teachers release videos of theoretical knowledge teaching before class. Students can master the required theoretical knowledge by watching videos before class. In class, the teacher divided the students into several groups. Students introduce their homework in groups and explain their programming ideas. When grading students, this paper does not depend on the number of instructions they remember, but on the proficiency of operation. Excellent students should be able to find reference materials in a short time when they encounter special equipment and operate the equipment according to the reference materials.

Yacan Sun

Evaluation of Competitiveness of Coastal Cities Based on Global Factor Analysis Model

Based on the literature review, this paper constructs the evaluation index system of coastal cities’ competitiveness. At the same time, the representative index data reflecting the competitiveness of coastal cities are collected. The evaluation model of coastal cities’ competitiveness is established by using the method of global factor analysis. Through the operation analysis, three representative global common factors are obtained, which are comprehensive economic competitiveness factor, trade competitiveness factor, and living standard factor. Research shows that combined with the characteristics of coastal cities, trade competitiveness factors have the greatest impact on urban competitiveness, followed by comprehensive economic competitiveness factors and people’s living standards factors. According to the contribution rate of global principal component common factor, the factor score function is obtained by regression method, and then the influence weight of the competitiveness indicators of each city is clarified. Through this study, it provides a theoretical basis for formulating the development strategy of promoting the competitiveness of coastal cities.

Yuxin Zhao, Qian Wang, Xiaoyu Wang, Zihe Zhang

Survey on Hotspots and Frontiers of Online Public Opinion at Home and Abroad

Purpose/Meaning Through the comparative analysis of domestic and international network public opinion literature, understand the development status of network public opinion research. It reveals the similarities and differences of hot topics in online public opinion research at home and abroad and provides a basis for the sustainable development of online public opinion research. Method/Process Based on the literature statistics and CiteSpace data visualization method, this paper conducts statistical analysis on the publication volume, geographical distribution, author institution cooperation network, and high-frequency keywords. The clustering analysis of high-frequency keywords in domestic and foreign literatures is carried out. Results/Conclusions Studies have shown that, in terms of quantity, the development trend of network public opinion at home and abroad is the same and the geographical distribution is uneven. In terms of content, the research theme is different. Foreign countries pay attention to the analysis of people’s sentiment, and domestic pay attention to the spread and governance of public opinion.

Jingdong Wang, Haitao Kan, Fanqi Meng

Employing Machine Learning Algorithms for Stock Index Prediction

Machine learning is a subset within artificial intelligence field. Its fundamental philosophy is learning the general structure from a large amount of data and making predictions with new data. In recent years, more and more academic researchers attempted to apply machine learning algorithms to process stock data and make predictions. This paper predicts the trends of the Chinese CSI 300 index with machine learning algorithms, including support vector machine classifier (SVM), classification and regression tree algorithm (CART), C5.0 algorithm for decision tree (C5.0), back propagation neural network(B-P neural network), and logistic model. In addition to the basic trading indicators, technical indicators, and valuation indicators, this paper constructs quantitative indicators of market awareness and investor sentiment based on Baidu Index. In the empirical results, the accuracy and precision of all models exceed 50%. The performances of CART and logistic model are excellent in the accuracy and precision, while the B-P neural network performs worst. As for the ROC curves, CART performs best, followed by the B-P neural network model. According to the results of back testing, the total returns of CART, logistic model, and C5.0 exceed the index, and logistic model performs best in the three back testing periods. In conclusion, logistic model and CART overperform the other three models in predicting the stock index movements.

Yu Zhang

On the Sustainable Development of Folk Handicraft Culture Based on Multimedia Technology

This paper investigates the current situation of folk handicraft culture in Guangxi, China, and explores the construction and application of multimedia technology in the inheritance and sustainable development of handicraft culture. By combining the multimedia technology to digitally collect, display and classify the folk handicraft culture in Guangxi, this paper is intended to study the way to protect and promote folk handicraft culture in the digital age, thus spreading the Guangxi handicraft culture to the public and promoting the inheritance and sustainable development of folk handicraft in the digital age.

Zhijun Li

Design and Application of Spatial Mapping Object Model Driven by GIS

Geographic information system is built on the basis of spatial data model, no GIS system can get rid of the data model and exist alone. Essentially, some of the key functions and data management of GIS are determined by the spatial data model. The most important point of the GIS driving system is that it can achieve the visualization of geographic information with the help of the GIS topsoil rendering, which greatly improves the data application rate of spatial mapping and makes the design of object model of spatial mapping gradually precise and scientific. Especially in recent years, due to the continuous improvement of spatial data collection methods and technologies, the efficiency of data collection has been greatly improved. How to use a large amount of data in spatial mapping and how to build models and preserve information has gradually become the focus of research. This paper, based on GIS drive, USES the basic mathematical algorithm to design and apply the object model of spatial cartography, and puts forward the advantages of the object model of spatial cartography in cartography. It provides some reference for the later related research.

Fangming Liu, Yichang Fu

Talent and Urban Development Based on Gray Prediction Model

Talents represent the motive power for the innovative development of cities because of their ability to learn better skills, make better products, and master better management methods within a shorter time. Therefore, the research on talent demand has long-term significance for the development of China. First, according to the work requirements of A city in China, the expectations of the profession, the expected educational background, the changes in positions and recruiters over time, analyze the relationship between recruiters and positions and their respective years, and make departments and recruiters. Get a histogram of the distribution of recruiters in each department. Secondly, a gray forecasting model and a seasonal forecasting method were established. Based on the talent demand situation of the A job market and the employment status of Chinese students, the potential talent demand of the city in the next three years was predicted and analyzed. Finally, based on the predicted results and the conclusions reached, we made some suggestions to the government with the target function as the biggest goal.

Qi Liu, Jiatong Xiao, Zhiyu Shi, Cuiping Zhao

Data Retrieval Model of Sports Score Using Cloud Computing

The current sports database establishment and information retrieval are less accurate and the system accuracy is poor. The distributed database of mass sports data in colleges and universities under the cloud environment is established, and the database access module is designed under cloud computing environment. K-means clustering is used to mine sports data, and then the retrieval model of sports performance data in cloud computing environment is realized. The experimental results show that the accuracy of data mining can be improved by using this model to improve the real-time analysis of motion data.

Dan Wang

Regional Food Safety Testing Risk Analysis and Early Warning Research

Food safety issues have become increasingly serious in recent years, and food safety has affected life safety. With the development of the economy, people are increasingly pursuing material life, especially in food. Food safety, which is increasingly demanding, has caused frequent food safety problems due to excessive pursuit of interests, imperfect food safety, and contamination of food materials. In order to solve food safety problems, food safety risk analysis and early warning can effectively improve the quality and safety of food. This paper focuses on the problems of food safety, combined with the needs of food safety development, to study regional food safety testing risk analysis and early warning, and established a food safety early warning model through food safety standards and risk analysis. A useful attempt has been made to promote food safety in China.

Guiling Li, Xiaomin Shang, Qiong Liu

Development and Application of Intelligent System in Mechatronics Control

There are a large number of motors that exist and are used in the fields of national defense, aerospace, and essential appliances in daily life. According to data statistics, each year the electric motor consumes 60–70% of the total power generation in China. Therefore, the development of an energy-efficient electric motor control system has far-reaching significance to both the country and the world. In recent years, there have been fundamental changes in the control system of the motor, and the single-chip microcomputer, DSP, and other microprocessors as the core of the digital system gradually replace the dominant position of the simulation system. According to the requirements of the related principles and design requirements, this design chooses the PIC16F917 single-chip microcomputer introduced by the US Microchip company as the core chip, and uses the principle and function of the Hall sensor to detect the rotor position information, and adjusts the motor speed according to PWM relevant theory knowledge. Finally, after the analysis of a series of test results, the feasibility of the design scheme is determined, the overall and stable operation status of the whole system can be realized, and the ideal result is finally achieved.

Dandan Wang

Platform with Intelligent Repair and Fast Power Fault Disposal Support Based on Panoramic Data

In recent years, with the development of social economy, the demand for electricity has been increasing. In order to meet the demand of social development, the State Power Supply Bureau has increased the investment of funds and manpower in the transformation of power distribution network. In the process of social and economic development, distribution network is an extremely important infrastructure, which affects not only people’s normal life, but also the social and economic development of our country. This paper mainly explores how to deal with power failure effectively and quickly and realize intelligent repair with the support of panoramic data

Yu Wang, Changbao Xu, Jipu Gao, Chenghui Lin, Mingyu Guo

Standardization of Trade Logistics and Its Enlightenment

Logistics industry is a complex service industry integrating transportation industry, storage industry, freight forwarding industry and information industry. This paper systematically combs the development status of standardization of trade logistics. And standardization demonstration construction of trade logistics in Luohe is given. On this basis, conclusions are proposed.

Qing Xu

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Higher Vocational English Teaching in the Information Environment

With the continuous deepening and development of the information environment, artificial intelligence (AI) has been widely popularized and applied in college English teaching, which not only greatly broadens the learning resources of learners, enriches their learning methods and contents, but also provides them with a more suitable and extensive platform for English skills training. In addition, AI can also develop and recommend targeted learning methods and corpus for different learners based on their actual conditions, so as to improve their learning efficiency. Big data, cloud computing, language recognition, deep learning, and other artificial intelligence technologies are widely used in the field of education and teaching, which not only changes students’ traditional learning methods, but also promotes the innovation of teachers’ teaching methods and teaching functions. The application of artificial intelligence technology, especially speech recognition, language translation, language testing, and other technologies in the language service industry, has brought new opportunities and challenges for language teaching in Colleges and universities.

Yongxin Li

Architectural Decoration of Traditional Dwellings in Northeast China Under the Background of Big Data

After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the problem of a large loss of traditional dwellings in the northeast due to certain historical reasons has not been traced. Since the reform and opening up, the rapid development of modern construction techniques and materials has squeezed the living space of traditional dwellings. The hidden dangers of national culture, the disappearance of local architecture and the lapse of national self-confidence need to be resolved from the root causes. In the final analysis, traditional residential buildings are inseparable from the two main factors of regional culture and regional environment. The house is a place where people shelter from the wind and resist the cold. In the understanding and integration of nature, people form the natural adaptation and respect in the spatial pattern of residential buildings. The resulting residential building handles the relationship between people, the environment and architecture. This paper adopts the introduction of BIM technology, based on big data, solves the data protection problem of traditional residential decoration in Northeast China and provides a new idea for the protection of architectural decoration in the future.

Chunxiao Ge

Transformation of Service Capacity of Local Think Tanks in Big Data

With the rapid development and extensive application of modern information technology represented by big data and artificial intelligence, the environment for knowledge creation, dissemination and utilization of local think tanks has undergone fundamental changes. The service capability of local think tanks is affected by many factors, and the influence intensity of these factors on the service capability construction of local new-type think tanks with local characteristics is also changing, forming different driving forces for the service capability construction of new-type think tanks with local characteristics and forming a new service capability system for the innovation and development of local think tanks. This paper explores the changes in the relationship between the service capacity structure and elements of local think tanks brought about by the change of local party and government’s decision-making consultation demand and local decision-making environment in the new era. With the new demand of user-oriented decision-making consultation, local think tanks need to establish new service capabilities that adapt to the new demand, accelerate the transformation of local think tanks’ service capabilities on the basis of improving the guarantee mechanism and build new service capabilities under the environment of network and big data.

Rui Li

Talking About the Application Analysis of Artificial Intelligence in the Financial Field

With the development of social economy and scientific progress, artificial intelligence has gradually entered people’s field of vision. Compared with other traditional technology, artificial intelligence has a more efficient processing mode, which greatly facilitates the expansion of financial industry. In the context of the gradual prevalence of the Internet, the combination of artificial intelligence and the financial industry has become the focus of public attention. Artificial intelligence systems can analyze and process the existing data by establishing models, which can ensure the accuracy of results while high efficiency. In the financial field, the application of artificial intelligence not only promotes the diversified development of the financial industry, but also enables enterprises to break through the current technical bottlenecks and also has made certain improvements in the prevention and monitoring capabilities of financial risks. The paper analyzes the advantages of artificial intelligence in developing financial industry, discusses the feasibility of artificial intelligence application in the financial field, discusses the problems of artificial intelligence in the financial field, and proposes targeted recommendations.

Jiawei Lin

Feasibility Analysis of Baseband Architecture for Multi-constellation GNSS Receiver

At present, Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) has penetrated into many fields around the world, becoming a space information infrastructure providing all-weather navigation and positioning services. In the field of satellite navigation, the concept of GPS is gradually replaced by GNSS. Compared with a single GPS, more satellite constellations will enable GNSS receivers to obtain a more accurate position, velocity, and time (PVT) information. Based on the theory of multi-GNSS receiver baseband architecture, the feasibility of multi-GNSS receiver baseband architecture is analyzed according to the characteristics of the baseband signal itself.

Jun Mu, Shaozhen Zhang, Bin Li

On the Application of Artificial Intelligence Information

In the process of modern social development, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) information is constantly increasing. This paper discusses five aspects of application of AI information, namely policy, technology, product development, market operation and the development of the whole industry by combining the current situation of scientific development and social relations to help AI information develop better and apply better in the production and life of modern society through multi-faceted and multi-angle discussions.

Baoxin Tai, Bo Hu

Application of BP Neural Network Optimized by Stein Loss in Plant Identification

Plant identification is carried out by BP neural network algorithm. However, the traditional BP neural network algorithm can lead to problems such as slow plant identification process or wrong recognition results. In order to further optimize BP neural network algorithm in plant identification and solve or improve these problems, this paper studies the improvement of BP algorithm by replacing the square loss function with Stein loss function. Single-output network, tansig function, and sigmoid function are adopted to complete the algorithm. By taking solanaceae as an example, it is found that the improved algorithm achieves better results in improving the accuracy of plant classification and recognition. It is proved that the improved BP neural network algorithm on the base of Stein loss function can achieve better results.

Yuanjing Li, Jie Dong

Situational Oral English Teaching on Campus Network Information Platform Under the View of “Internet Plus”

With the development of Internet Plus, English teaching in colleges and universities has begun to make more use of the network platform for teaching. In view of the current situation of college students’ difficulty in speaking English, to improve college students’ oral English, this paper puts forward some ideas of using campus network teaching platform to assist college English writing teaching under the view of “Internet Plus”. This paper first introduces the common problems in oral English teaching classes and then discusses the three modules of the English online teaching platform. Finally, it uses empirical research methods such as teaching practice and questionnaire survey to analyze the impact of using the campus network digital teaching platform on learners’ oral English learning, as well as learners’ influence on learners’ oral English learning. The attitude of this teaching method. The research shows that developing situational oral English teaching on campus network information platform can improve college students’ oral English level.

Yanxia Liu

Application of Computer Technology to Human Resources Informatization Management Under the Background of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Under the background of innovation and entrepreneurship, the competition among enterprises is the competition of talents. In the macro environment of the information age, the traditional human resource management mode cannot meet the requirements of enterprises in training organizational ability, technological innovation and acquiring, maintaining, motivating and evaluating talents. Human Resource Management Information System (HRMS) emerges as the times require on the basis of the application of new technology and the ever-developing human resource management theory. At the same time, the application of computer technology in human resources information management has produced important significance for the development of human resources management mode. Therefore, this paper, through a questionnaire survey on the application status of human resources management information system, proceeds from the practice of human resources management, and combines the background of innovation and entrepreneurship environment. Research on the application of human resources information management.

Yue Hao

Performance Evaluation of High-Tech Enterprises’ Science and Technological Input Based on BP Neural Network

Performance evaluation of science and technological input is the basis and premise of establishing competition, incentive and supervision mechanism in science and technology project management. It also is a reliable basis for scientific decision-making and ensuring the accomplishment of scientific and technological tasks. To a certain extent, high-tech enterprises also show that the government attaches importance to scientific and technological innovation and is committed to promoting scientific research performance with high-tech. Standing at the macro level, this paper discusses the system construction of performance evaluation of high-tech enterprises’ science and technology investment. In this paper, BP neural network is used to study and establish a performance prediction model of science and technological input, verify the feasibility of the model and find out a scientific and reasonable evaluation model method. This paper provides a scientific and feasible guidance scheme and information basis for the regional government’s decision-making on science and technological investment in high-tech enterprises.

Qian Wang, Xiaoyu Wang, Yuxin Zhao, Heng Tian

Professional Application and Performance of SketchUp Software Under the Background of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

China strongly promotes innovation and entrepreneurship under the current social background, especially for young students equipped with knowledge and competence. In order to build up a talent-rejuvenation country, it is an important measure to apply the concept of innovation and entrepreneurship into the training and teaching. Among computer courses offered in the curriculum of colleges and universities, computer-aided software design courses are targeted for students majoring in design. Boasted itself with practicality, SketchUp is significant to apply and advance the initiative of innovation and entrepreneurship. This paper firstly goes through the analysis and overview of SketchUp and then explores the necessity of integrating innovation and entrepreneurship concepts into the software based on current application situation. It finally studies how to improve the professional application and performance of SketchUp software under the background of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Wenzhen Li, Chen Bai

Semi-supervised Learning of Database Annotated Data Clustering Method

When using the traditional K-means clustering method for clustering, this number of clusters must be obtained in advance. Aiming at the above problems, improved K-means clustering algorithm based on semi-supervised learning is proposed for database annotation data clustering. First, the spanning minimum tree of the graph is established with a small amount of label data, and the cluster initial and number cluster required for the K-means clustering are alliterative split, and then, according to the defined K-means method flow. Experiments show the number of iterations is smaller than traditional, the stability is greatly improved, and the clustering error is reduced.

Bingjie Liu

Design of Photographic Lighting Placement Virtual Platform Based on Multimedia Technology

The development of computer technology provides a technical basis for the construction of virtual platform. In the photography industry, the problem of lighting placement has always been an unsolvable pain point. Photographic lamp devices are various and difficult to move, and the position and angle of the lamp will have a serious impact on the photographic effect. In order to solve these problems, this paper presents the design and research of a virtual platform for lighting placement based on multimedia technology. Graphic user interface interaction technology is used to enhance the interaction between the platform and users, and streaming media technology is used to ensure the playback effect. Entity detection technology is used to ensure that lighting has the same shadow effect in virtual environment as in reality. According to the survey conducted by the users who placed the virtual platform for photographic lighting after using it for a period of time, the survey results show that 87% of the users hold a positive attitude toward the virtual platform for photographic lighting emission. This shows that the research has very important practical significance.

Lijie Yin, Yuehang Zhao, Qi Wang

Detection and Failure Testing Methods of Automatic Transmission

The rapid development of the automobile industry has brought great convenience to human life. At the same time, the automobile has also brought a series of traffic accidents, for instance, environmental pollution is increasing and energy consumption is increasing. With the continuous optimization of technology in the automotive industry, the automotive equipment is constantly innovating on the basis of the original automotive equipment, especially the research and development of transmission. With the increase of vehicle mileage, the overall situation of the car is deteriorating gradually, and these disadvantages are becoming more and more prominent. Therefore, in order to ensure the traffic safety of automobiles in the process of driving, reduce the environmental pollution and resource waste of automobiles, and increase the service life of automobiles, automobiles should be inspected regularly to diagnose and eliminate the possible problems, and timely maintenance and proper maintenance of automobiles should be carried out.

Yuan Fei

Design of Ultrasonic Reversing Radar Based on Single-Chip Microcomputer

With the development of science and technology, the number of vehicles on modern roads is increasing. People need to reverse when driving a car, so the safety and convenience of reversing when driving are getting higher and higher. Due to its high frequency, ultrasonic waves have the characteristics of high power and high energy and can be applied in many processes. The single-chip microcomputer is a single-chip microcontroller, which is small in size and light in weight, and can realize high-speed processing of data. This paper proposes an ultrasonic reversing radar system based on single-chip microcomputer, which can integrate distance measurement, distance display, azimuth display, and hazard alarm, which improves the safety and comfort of the driver when reversing.

Wanxiong Cai

Application Strategies of Waste Sorting Facilities Based on Internet of Things

The sprawling urbanization in China has given birth to the increasingly prominent “garbage-teeming city,” and hence how to use the Internet of things to turn “garbage-teeming city” into “garbage mineral” is the issue in this paper. Compared with the waste sorting facility systems in developed countries, China is still suffering from single function, imperfect mechanisms and residents’ weak awareness of trash sorting. Through the analysis of the intelligent solar garbage bin developed by Lucia from Cambridge University and the smart sorting system of Canadian “Oscar” and Japanese ZenRobotics Recycler, this paper puts forward an efficient and accurate smart system based on Zigbee technology for the intelligent sorting mechanism, garbage sorting facilities and knowledge popularization. The smart system monitoring environmental and circulating garbage sorting will be implanted with ICL7107 chips, and the thoughtful and reasonable reward and punishment mechanism for garbage classification will also be combined with APP or mini program.

Zhongzhi Lu, Na Xu

Application of Computer Technology in English Micro-class Design

As a popular teaching method and teaching resource, micro-class has played a significant role in promoting the reform of teaching methods and improving teaching effectiveness. At the same time, as an important technical source of micro-courses, the application of computer technology in the practice of micro-classes is deepening, and the application fields and degrees are also expanding. Micro-course teaching is a new teaching form. The school makes use of the convenience of micro-course teaching to improve students’ enthusiasm for learning and the teaching environment of the school. The article mainly studies the utilization of computer technology in micro-teaching; from the perspective of the concept of micro-course, the importance of computer technology for micro-courses is deeply analyzed. The author is looking forward to understanding the application of computers in the field of micro-classes and can give reasonable suggestions for making the two more perfect, which will promote the development of micro-courses.

Xia Wang

Application of Virtual Reality Technology in the Experiment Teaching of Tourism Destination Crisis Management

Tourism destination management is the key course of tourism management major. Destination crisis management is an important part of tourism destination management. However, due to the contingency and uncontrollability of crisis events, students cannot get in touch with the management process of destination crisis events. Moreover, there is no way to strengthen their ability of crisis management through experiment and training. The use of virtual reality technology can effectively simulate the occurrence and whole process of tourism crisis events and help students master the core knowledge of the course. Therefore, virtual reality technology plays an important role in the experiment teaching of the course of tourism management.

Shaoyu Liu, Yan Liu, Xingping Cao

Financial Sharing Model Based on Block Chain Technology

Since the development of financial sharing, it has gradually changed from a high-efficiency department at the beginning to a low-efficiency centralized department, which hinders the further development of enterprises. Since its birth, block chain technology has been widely used because of its unique characteristics of decentralization and tamper-proof. Starting from the essence and characteristics of block chain and financial sharing, this paper analyzes the necessity of introducing block chain technology into financial sharing, expounds the compatibility between block chain and financial sharing, and carries out the system structure of financial sharing based on block chain technology, and then uses cost reimbursement management, centralized accounting, and collection of financial sharing services. In order to provide reference and reference for the process optimization of enterprise Financial Sharing Service Center, this paper proposes a “double-chain” block chain structure model between internal and external companies and tries to provide an optimal scheme to repair the defects of traditional model.

Wei Zhang, Fengnian Zhu

Analysis of Marketing Strategy of Enterprises in the Era of Big Data

Under the background of the new era, the application value of information technology has been highlighted. It is more and more widely used in the process of enterprise development. In the process of operation and management, enterprises have collected a large number of data, which need to rely on modern information technology to process data and adjust development strategies according to market changes. Marketing ability is related to the competitiveness of enterprises. In order to occupy a favorable position in the market competition, it is necessary to find effective marketing strategies based on the background of big data. This paper discusses the influence of big data era on enterprise marketing, puts forward effective enterprise marketing strategies, and promotes the improvement of enterprise marketing ability.

Jing Jia, Lu Chen

Innovation and Development of English Higher Education in the Era of “Internet +”

The rapid development of information technology has brought great influence on people’s daily life. Internet, Internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence technology are constantly changing the world. Among them, the higher education industry is deeply influenced by the concept of “Internet +”. The introduction of Internet technology has completely broken the traditional educational concept and enriched the teaching and teaching means of teachers, and it has been increasingly welcomed by universities and teachers. This paper will deeply analyze the current situation of the integration of “Internet +” and college English higher education and then summarize the current situation and problems of English higher education in the era of “Internet +”. Finally, based on the existing Internet technology platform and teaching concept, this paper will explore effective ways to implement English higher education in the era of Internet plus and then guide the teaching practice of English education.

Juanjuan Qin

Development of Informatization Innovation of University Education Management Under the Era of Big Data

In the era of big data, the development of information management in college education has produced some changes. Under the new situation, how to promote the development of information management in colleges and universities education is a problem that needs to be considered by relevant personnel. Based on the information management development of college education in big data, we propose a new concept of building a teaching model of information management, including strengthening the construction of educational management information standard system, promoting the effective integration of education management system, and improving education administrators. The overall information literacy promotes the educational management information construction and the establishment of a new teaching model based on it.

Feng Gao

Entropy Weight Method and Fuzzy Network-Based Task Completion Rate Prediction Model

This research focuses on prediction model based on entropy weight method (EWM) combined with Fuzzy Network (FN), which is an newly concept in the field of fuzzy logic. EWM and AHP are used to choose the input indicators. FN is used for rule base. And then the FN model is used as a kind of standard fuzzy system (SFS) to predict the task completion rate of a semi-physical virtual training system. The average relative error (ARE) of FN based model is 4.129% and is better than the SFS-based model which has ARE 6.231%.

Xiaowei Wang, Xiaolin Zhan, Hongkai Cheng

Application of Mobile App in Japanese Language Learning System

With the continuous development of modern information technology, smart phones have reached a high degree of popularity, which means that all fields, including school teaching, should actively explore a new mode of operation based on modern information technology, especially in the context of smart phones As an important learning content of language majors in Colleges and secondary schools in China, Japanese has a relatively unique teaching value dimension. In the current context of information technology, making full use of the advantages of mobile app to improve the quality of Japanese teaching is an important proposition in the current context of teaching reform. Based on the actual use of mobile app, what kind of learning effect it has, whether it has repetition with the classroom learning content, how much help it can have and so on. This paper aims to investigate the use of Japanese learning software from the perspective of students, understand the changes brought by the popularization of information technology to students’ learning concepts and learning methods, and provide some reference for traditional Japanese teaching.

Hua Jin

Visual Design Based on Internet and Information Technology Environment

Under the influence of the Internet and information technology, visual design is more inclined to experience the way and multi-sensory, participatory and interactive content-rich, more novel three-dimensional Interactive Design Development, its application is mainly in interface design, APP software design and virtual reality design. Taking the design of virtual user interface model as an example, this paper studies the idea and content of visual design with the help of Internet and information technology and that the future of visual design will be in the screen reading and information fragmentation of the times to play a greater role.

Wei Xiao

Physical Education in the View of Computer Multimedia

With the advancement of the times and the development of science and technology, multimedia technology has gradually matured and been widely used. It has been applied in college physical education and plays an active role. With the increasing usage of multimedia technology in teaching projects and the use of more frequent, it has triggered a reform of education in the construction of a college physical education curriculum system based on a multimedia background of professional physical fitness. The application of multimedia technology for college physical education has unique advantages. Multimedia technology can realize the continuous repeated use of high-quality college physical education resources, the demonstration and repetitive visualization of difficult movements, and the demonstration of cross-academic and cross-class the simultaneous communication and learning activities not only enriched and improved the methods and methods of college physical education reform but also demonstrated the teaching reform better. This article combines theoretical data and scientific methods to analyze the impact of multimedia teaching technology applications, and finally concludes that multimedia teaching technology teaching can promote students’ autonomous learning and learning interest in physical education, which can also improve the competence of physical teachers. Improvement plays a very important role, it is an important means and method applied by new media in physical education, and provides a new teaching method mode for physical education.

Liqun Su, Li Yang

Design and Realization of Electronic Fence Based on GPS Technology

This paper expounds the electronic fence based on GPS technology, the design, and implementation of electronic fence system is a combination of the advanced computer technology platform and GPS to develop, is the core of intelligent era research field, it is very important in various fields of research status, this paper will combine intelligent transportation of electronic fence system based on GPS technology to conduct a comprehensive analysis and research. The application of an electronic fence mainly includes static and dynamic methods. However, for the static electronic fence, the actual position of the monitored object will be far away from the fence without alarm. Therefore, this paper will focus on improving the dynamic electronic fence to improve the precise range of application terminal. The research content of this paper mainly includes the research background and significance of the electronic fence, the development process of the electronic fence, and the key improvement of the electronic fence algorithm made by the text. This paper also introduces the overall design of the electronic fence, the implementation method of the database, and a large number of operational tests after the system deployment. The test results show that the improved dynamic electronic fence system can reduce the range accuracy error to the minimum.

Fangming Liu, Yichang Fu

Effect of Vacuum Treatment on Water Migration in Surimi Gel

With the chub frozen surimi as experimental material, low-field nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy was used to study the effect of vacuum (0.05, 0.07, and 0.09 Mpa) and temperature (35, 40, 45 °C) interaction on the changes in water distribution, state, and content during the process of surimi gel. The results showed that the gel strength and water state of the surimi were similar to those of the two-stage heating at a vacuum degree of 0.09 MPa and 45 °C for 60 min. From the angle of water migration during the transverse relaxation time T2, it can be seen that under the interaction between the vacuum degree and the temperature, the surimi gel process has a similar tendency of change as the two-stage heated water state. The surimi gel water has two states, T21 and T22, when the vacuum degree is 0.05 Mpa at 35 °C; when it is 35 °C, the vacuum degree is 0.07 MPa, the water has one state of T223; and when the vacuum degree is 0.09 Mpa at 45 °C, there are three states of water: T21, T22, and T23. To sum up, the vacuum treatment conditions have a significant effect on the water state of the surimi gel process, which provides basic data for elucidation of the theory of induced surimi gel under vacuum treatment.

Zhisheng Pei, Changfeng Xue, Wen Pan, Yan Jia, Yunsheng Xu

Model of University Education Informationization Maturity from the Perspective of Management

This paper combines the informationization maturity model to construct the education information maturity model and its evaluation system of colleges and universities, and then studies the evaluation system of college education informationization maturity model, and uses the combination weighting method to determine the index weight and give the score calculation. The method and the correspondence between the score interval and the maturity model level. Finally, an empirical study on the development level of college education informatization in China is carried out. The overall development status of education informatization in China’s deaf schools and the differences in the development of colleges at different stages and in the same stage are understood. The existing problems are identified and targeted opinions are proposed based on the maturity model.

Fang Gao

Power Big Data Distributed Retrieval System Based on Cloud Computing Technology

In order to improve the ability of power big data location identification and information fusion, and optimize the design of power big data retrieval system, a design method of power big data retrieval system based on cloud computing technology is proposed. Multi-regression analysis method is used to construct the storage structure model of power large database, analyze the characteristic of the distributed storage data structure of power big data, cluster the information of power big data in the cloud computing environment. The fuzzy feature grouping clustering method is used to detect power big data of different attributes extracts the association rule feature of power big data and realizes power big data distributed retrieval by cloud computing technology. The software of power big data distributed retrieval system is designed in an embedded environment. The simulation results show that the feature directivity of power big data retrieval is better and the data recall rate of data retrieval is higher.

Yubo Liu, Wenjie Zhang, Jun Qi

Coordinated Development of Financial Development, Technological Innovation and High-Quality Economic Development—Empirical Analysis Based on Panel Data of Jiangsu Province in China

This paper analyzes the relationship between high-quality economic development, technological innovation and financial development, using panel data of 13 cities by GMM in Jiangsu Province from 2005 to 2016. The following conclusions are drawn: First, financial development alone restrains high-quality economic development in Jiangsu, which is caused by unreasonable FIR and low FE, and FS is conducive to high-quality economic development; second, it is not financial development that promotes high-quality economic development by encouraging technological innovation, but technological innovation serves the real economy by relying on financial development in Jiangsu Province; third, the relationship among high-quality economic development, technological innovation and financial development has regional differences in Jiangsu.

Rongrong Wei, Ying Xia, Zhaopeng Yu

A New Stylized Edge Generated by the Abstract ETF

Non-photorealistic Rendering (referred to as NPR) technology is one of the most popular research fields in computer graphics in recent years, it is often involved that the digital simulation to edge in all kinds of stylized rendering, and the stylized edge is the usual simulation method of such an edge. The paper improves the model of the Edge Tangent Flow(referred to as ETF), which makes the abstract linear flow with only strong edge information can be generated. The abstract stylized edge generated by the improved ETF owns the abstract linear characteristic, at the same time, it includes only the strong edge information. The two characteristics determine that it can be used as the simulation of all engraved edges such as the edge of the wall carving consisting of linear nicks and the edge of the woodcut. Compared to the traditional stylized edge, it owns the more obvious advantage in abstract.

Wanyu Xie, Ming Yang, Tilei Gao, Qingqin Li

Application of Multimedia Network Technology in Gymnastics Teaching Under the Background of Internet

By the methods of questionnaire research, mathematical statistics, and comparative analysis, this paper takes undergraduate gymnastics teaching class of Chengdu Sport University as the experimental objects and uses multimedia network technology to carry out the experimental teaching research. These results show that the defects of the traditional gymnastics teaching method can be made up through the usage of multimedia network technology in the gymnastics teaching process. Besides, this application can help students to handle the basic gymnastics technology not only easily but also quickly and improve their ability to correct errors, and thus improve the teaching effect and quality. When using this teaching method, teachers should accurately grasp the timing and frequency of network use and correctly solve the safety problem of students without affecting the teaching progress. It is suggested to popularize multimedia network techniques in gymnastics teaching.

Chenliang Deng, Qiaoyan Yu

Cross-Layer Transmission Variable Routing Measurement Model

In view of the complex application environment, channel instability and link disturbance of self-organizing, self-configuring, multi-hop and multi-channel wireless network design a cross-layer transmission variable routing measurement model. Qualitative expression of link available bandwidth, transmission delay and link reliability converted into quantitative data. Adjust routing parameters and use the weighted average method, normalized algorithm and artificial swarm algorithm in order to obtain the mathematical model of wireless node search path and an integrated routing measurement algorithm with variable weight coefficients. Variable-weighted integrate routing metric algorithm selects the link with relatively idle nodes and achieves the global optimal solution. Simulation results show that the optimized variable routing measurement model improves the packet delivery rate and reduces the end-to-end average delay. At the same time, artificial swarm algorithm is used to change the disadvantage of traditional selection of the optimal path and overcomes the shortcoming of premature stagnation. Algorithm meets the requirements of complex application environment.

Hong Dai, Jiacheng Li, Ling Ren

Real-Time Face Recognition Based on Dlib

Although the face recognition method for in-depth learning has high accuracy, the model is complex and the recognition speed is slow. In order to realize real-time face recognition of students while learning video, a real-time face recognition method based on Dlib is proposed. In this essay, based on the real-time face recognition method, Dlib is used as a face recognition tool, and the Dlib environment is configured. A face detection method based on the Dlib toolkit is designed. That is, using the convolution neural network method (CNN) and the deep residual network (ResNet) for real-time face recognition, and finally using the GPU to accelerate the operation of the face feature extraction network, sharing the CPU load to improve the overall operating efficiency of the system. By numerous repeated experiments and tests, it shows that the accuracy of face recognition is high and has certain application value.

Min Xu, Daijiang Chen, Guangheng Zhou

Smart Home Care Service Platform Based on Cloud Computing

China will face the problem of population aging over the next few decades. From the software point of view, combined with the advantages of information integration and information sharing of cloud computing, this paper constructs a smart pension service platform, which can be analyzed from the aspects of community, hospital, shopping, positioning, entertainment, communication, and education. To meet the integration needs of the elderly, the platform uses cloud computing and Internet of things technologies to provide rich online functions, efficiently manage user health data, and intelligently push old-age services, which can greatly improve service efficiency, save social resources, and solve the problem of old before rich in our country.

Jieying Li

Application of Cloud Computing on Chinese Sports Leisure Industry

In recent years, the cloud computing industry has developed rapidly and has undergone profound changes in all walks of life. At the same time, in the context of the “Internet +” era, the technical framework of the leisure sports industry has been upgraded, and product project iterations have become faster and faster. It is required that the leisure sports industry must use cloud computing technology to improve the level of information as soon as possible. This article conducts in-depth theoretical research on how to introduce cloud computing technology into the leisure sports industry. Analyze the current application of cloud computing in the leisure sports industry and the problems that need to be solved, and propose feasible suggestions based on these issues.

Dongqi Yao

Application Analysis of Computer Science and Automation Management System in School Physical Education

With the arrival of the information age, computer science and technology is not only widely used in all walks of life, but also plays a decisive role in college teaching. However, at present, as regards teaching and management in universities, the application of computer network technology is still in its infancy and the advantages of computer technology in education are not well demonstrated. In order to change the status quo, computer science, and technology in school physical education teaching and management can play a full role. This article mainly analyzed the development and application of physical education based on physical education teaching of computer science and the development of automatic sports management system, to promote the development of the school sports teaching and make certain contributions to the cultivation of talents in the motherland.

Xinrui Wang

Impact of Cloud Computing Data Model on “The Combination of Medical Care and Pension”

By analyzing the existing problems of “the combination of medical care and pension” mode, the basic characteristics of cloud computing data model and its impact on “the combination of medical care and pension” service system, this paper proposed that we should be used Internet technology, strengthen the construction of the standard of information system, integrate a variety of public resources which involves the elderly population’s health to “public service cloud”, and promote the centralized deployment and maintenance of the “combination of medical care and pension” service system to achieve the resource sharing of government functions departments, residents, medical institutions, and pension institutions resources and solve the problem of old before rich in our country.

Niya Li

Real-Time Expression Recognition Improvement System Based on Deep Learning

Expression recognition is a relatively new direction in the field of face recognition, and the knowledge involved is not only unilateral, but its in-depth research has brought benefits to the development of artificial intelligence and even to human life. In response to this, this paper intends to design an improved real-time facial expression recognition system. The design first uses a deep learning method to design a facial expression recognition model, and then embeds the OpenCV framework and the cascading face detector of the Dlib open source library, and combines the ORB feature extraction algorithm to achieve real-time detection and recognition of facial expressions. To identify robustness, this study has achieved certain results in practice. The research has certain help in the fields of psychology and education, such as the feedback of classroom students’ teaching quality and the analysis of people’s real-time expressions. The dataset used in the study was the fer2013 facial expression dataset.

Lianghui Zhao, Yingdong Wu, Xixi Zhu, Wanting He

Automatic Adjustment Method of Digital Electronic Controller Parameters Based on Big Data Analysis

From the perspective of the information industry, big data was a strong driving force for the new generation of information technology industry. To this end, based on the method of automatic adjustment of digital electronic controller parameters under big data analysis, a general iterative control method was proposed to adjust the parameters of digital electronic controller. This control technology dealt with a highly uncertain dynamic system in a very simple way and with less prior knowledge. It was suitable for general nonlinear control systems; it had a small online computational load and was suitable for fast motion control. Experimental results show that the iterative control method is effective for digital electronic controller. Compared with the internal model control method, the control effect and convergence were greatly improved, and the system output could quickly and accurately converge to a given value.

Caihui Xiang

Realization of “Animated Image Processing” Open Teaching Platform

The animation image processing course mainly contains machine operation as the prime teaching content. Compared with other majors, this major requires higher level of image processing ability and software operation skills for students who are in this major. Therefore, the course task is more suitable for conducting the information environment. This research pays attention on the “animated image processing” open teaching platform as the research content. The implementation of this research ensures the implementation of professional education mode and the continuous improvement of the curriculum system on the basis of open teaching; they studied and designed an open teaching platform based on “animated image processing,” which enables students to integrate information teaching and intelligent management into the learning process of “animated image processing”; the implementation of this study will realize the student-centered education thought as the leading direction and cultivate students’ ability as the core and the intensify students’ professional quality, theoretical application ability and innovative development as the focus. It effectively improves the practical operation level of students and impels students to develop further orientation during the process of interest and problem.

Qiang Fu

XML Parsing Technique

In the information times, as the carrier of data storage and transmission, XML is widely used because of its cross-platform and scalability. The reading of XML documents requires the use of parsers to extract the data information and the hierarchical structure, and check its validity. This paper presents an XML document parsing model based on DOM and SAX technology. Through experiments, the performance of DOM and SAX parsers is analyzed and compared.

Chao Wang

Application of “Internet + BIM” Technology in Intelligent Construction of Prefabricated Buildings

In recent years, the continuous progress of BIM technology, Internet, Internet of things, cloud technology, and other emerging technologies has enabled the project construction process to achieve real-time, accurate and efficient sharing and interaction of a great deal of information. Through BIM technology, it will promote the construction industry to realize information development, improve the information island problem of the engineering construction industry, and realize the collaborative operation of each side involved, so as to realize intelligent construction. However, because the Internet and BIM technology are not mature in the past and lack application experience, prefabricated buildings and BIM technology have not been fully implemented in China’s construction market. This project mainly integrates the Internet + BIM with the design, production, and construction of prefabricated buildings to realize the purpose of intelligent construction. This can effectively make up for the shortcomings of China’s intelligent construction, enhance the ability of intelligent construction, and promote the development of China’s construction industry.

Wenhui Zeng, Xiaopin Wang

Layout Optimization of Sponge Facilities Based on Suitability Evaluation of Sponge City

Considering the three factors of physical geography, social economy, and urban construction, eight indicators related to it are selected to construct a sponge city suitability evaluation system. Taking the Qingshan Lake drainage area in Nanchang City as an example, the weight of the indices is obtained by the analytic hierarchy process, and then, the spatial analysis function of ArcGIS is used to evaluate the suitability of the sponge city, and the goal of optimizing the layout of the sponge facility is finally achieved.

Xiaopin Wang, Yun Yu, Yanru Zheng, Susu Liu, Yonghua Deng

Video Mapping Based on 3D Printing Model of Building

Video mapping technology has been widely used in recent years due to its combination of real and virtual and massive information. As a new subject of Shanghai’s urban humanities, “Architecture Studio” aims to protect and promote the old architectural features and charm inherent in the city culture, thus showing the new cultural style of the city. In one of the never-widening roads of Shanghai—Wukang Road is erecting numerous western-style houses rich in design and cultural connotation. The Wukang Building, one of the representative works, boasts of historical and cultural significance and characteristics of architectural art. From the perspective of the combination of video mapping technology and the humanities topic of “Architecture Studio”, based on 3D printing model of Wukang Building, this paper studies and stages the video mapping of light and shade show, the Unique Wukang Building, and explores the application of video mapping technology in the theme of “Architecture Studio” so as to highlight the connotation of an excellent historical building powered by the new media display technology for better charm, and at the same time impress the viewer with more novel architectural display mode.

Rong Fan, Tianqi Huang

Security Analysis of Anti-counterfeiting RFID for R&W Real-Time Data

This paper has proposed a method to attain broad coverage of detection area through the high-speed rail operation line on analyzing RFID read-write base station in self-organizing network. The real-time data collection server distributes data through socket. The high-speed railway management departments and railway operators along the line simultaneously obtain the original data of RFID detection, which causes the existence data unsafe, authentication incomplete, and other security issues. A kind of generation protocol for an anti-counterfeit RFID grouped tags is designed, which uses a low-cost one-way pseudo-random function as an encryption algorithm to implement proof generation and verification between communicating entities.

Wei Tong, Xi Feng

Seismic Performance Analysis of RC Frame Core Tube Structure Considering Floor Parameters

This paper analyzes the influence of different floor parameters on the seismic performance of RC frame core tube structure by finite element method. The results show that within a certain range, with the increase of plate thickness and reinforcement ratio, the ultimate load and ultimate displacement of the structure increase; the influence of plate thickness, bottom reinforcement ratio, and roof reinforcement ratio on the seismic performance of the structure is: the reinforcement ratio of the top of the board > the reinforcement ratio of the bottom of the board > the thickness of the plate; the stress of the main beam near the core tube is the highest, the stress of the side beam is second, the stress of the core tube is between the two, and the stress of the floor reinforcement is generally lower than the main beam.

Qisu Zhu, Shihua Zou, Bing Yang

Exploring the Determinants of Geographic Information System

Geographic information system permits people to search and access travel geographic information and realize independent travel, which means that it has become exceedingly powerful. The geographic information system, such as Baidu Map, has great market potential in college students market which is one of the active groups of the mobile Internet. Based on technology acceptance model (TAM), this study aims to explore college student users’ intention of using geographic information system, taking perceived risk (PR) and personality traits (PT) as external variables. The questionnaire survey method was used to collect data, and the research hypotheses were tested by structural equation modeling. The results show that perceived usefulness (PU) and personality traits significantly affect college students’ use intention (UI), while personality traits and perceived risk have an influence on perceived usefulness.

Haibin Yu, Minhong Wang

Design of Teaching System for Complex Skills Training Based on Desktop Virtual Reality System

This paper starts with the main components and influencing factors of complex skills. Combined with the characteristics of desktop virtual reality system, this research proposes the particularity of complex skills training in the virtual reality environment. In terms of its particularity, it designs a teaching system for complex skills training based on desktop virtual reality system. Finally, according to different learning conditions and combined with the study of learning theory, this paper puts forward the teaching strategies and methods of the teaching system of complex skills training in the virtual reality environment.

Chao Song, Yizhuo Jia, Ziqiang Xiao

Necessity of Introducing ICIS Design into Enterprises in Network Economy Era

With the advent of network economy era, the business environment of enterprises has undergone substantial changes, and the shaping of corporate image is inevitably affected by the network economy. Under the new economic form, new requirements are proposed on the planning of ICIS (Internet Corporation Identity System), the product of this era. Undoubtedly, with the rapid development of information technology currently, in the future development of enterprises, various behaviors under network environment would be carried out around the network. Therefore, introducing ICIS design into enterprises is an unavoidable issue in the business activities of contemporary enterprises. Providing the most artistic, scientific, and advanced online image design for enterprises is an arduous task for today’s designers.

Yanjie Deng

A Solution Algorithm for Exploring Shop Scheduling Problems

Combinatorial optimization is widely used in assignment problems, such as traveling salesman problem (TSP), scheduling problems, et al. In this study, an evolutionary-based block model (EBBM) was proposed to enhance the speed of convergence so as to avoid premature convergence problem. The main idea of blocks is to find key blocks from chromosomes and use these blocks to improve evolutionary algorithms (EAs) to solve combinatorial optimization problems (COPs). Block is a kind of information that explores the effects of individual genes on the evolution of chromosomes, containing information that is helpful for evolution and information that hinders evolution. In this paper, these two different kinds of information are stored and used. The evolution direction of the information providing algorithm, through the influence of two different information, not only improves the convergence speed of the algorithm, but also improves the diversity of the algorithm solution, so as to achieve goals of high stability and good solution quality. The block mechanism proposed includes building a probability matrix, generating blocks by associated rule and applying blocks to construct artificial chromosomes. Since the block is used as the basic unit for constructing the artificial solution. In this paper, the blocks mined by the association rules not only have diversity, but also control the block in formation strength required for the evolution process according to the set confidence level. Finally, in order to confirm the quality of solutions, the proposed approach is experimentally implemented on permutation flow-shop scheduling problem (PFSP). According to the average error rate, the optimal error rate, and the convergence curve, the solution effect of the algorithm is discussed, and the experimental results show that the block mechanism by positive and negative information is useful to improve the speed of convergence and avoid premature convergence problem. In additional, the results also demonstrate that BBEM is applicable and efficient to the COPs.

Xiangnan Liu, Xu Liang

Influence of Sports APP on Sports Behavior of Public Sports Students in Sichuan Universities

With the rapid development of economy and continuous innovation of science and technology, smart phones, ipads and tablets are further popularized, which promotes the rapid development of Internet applications and services (APP), and the development of mobile Internet has entered the era of the whole people. In recent years, with the continuous development of sports science and technology, a variety of sports-related APP appears endlessly, and APP products are popular with people like bamboos shoots after a spring rain. Nowadays, college students use mobile APP more and more frequently. The sports APP has an obvious driving effect on college students to join in the national fitness team, which makes its audience gradually develop from individual sports to multi-dimensional sports. Meanwhile, in terms of sports sharing, enthusiasm and professionalism, the sports APP can help to promote sports. Sichuan is a land of abundance. College students, as the backbone of the national society, as the spokesmen of the frontier groups of new technologies and new ideas, are the key groups to implement nationwide fitness. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to study the influence of sports APP on college students’ sports behavior.

Lin Wang, LiuJie Yang

Multi-factor Fracturing Evaluation Template Based on Mathematical Statistic Methods

In recent years, with the decrease of new reserves grades, the development of low-permeability reservoirs has become the focus of oil field. In the development process of low-permeability reservoir, necessary fracturing conditions such as “advanced water injection,” “stable formation pressure” (Peng in Fault-Block Oil Gas Field 22(4):508–511, 2015, [11]), “large geological reserves, and low recovery degree” have been summarized, but there is still no set of quantitative optimization evaluation template. This paper summarizes the experience of the predecessors, sums up the known speculation as the principle, and uses the mathematical statistics method to control the fractured reserves. Correlation analysis is made to increase the oil quantity. The main control factors are decomposed into subsets to establish a parameter evaluation system. The expert coefficient method, analytic hierarchy process, coefficient of variation method, and other analytical methods are used to give the main control factors, subsets, and individual parameter scores, respectively, form a geological fracturing evaluation template, and combine the previous experience to predict the oil increase of well. Partial parameter thresholds are defined to form a one-vote veto mechanism, which ultimately forms a fracturing evaluation template. The parameters of the fracturing well layer are brought into the template for calculation and scoring, and the results are ranked according to the calculation results, which finally provide the basis for the fracturing measures.

Yuewen Sun, Han Feng, Shengli Jia, Yang Tian, Cong Li, Fan Zhang

Fault Line Selection and Location of Distribution Network Based on Fault Recording Data

Single-phase grounding fault line selection is a long-standing problem in the distribution network. The identification rate of single-phase grounding fault is further reduced due to a large number of grid-connected distributed power supply, as well as short distribution network lines and many branches. In the case of faults, there is a strong similarity between the waveforms of the sound lines, and there is a big difference between the waveforms of the faults and the waveforms of the sound lines. Based on waveform similarity, this paper takes one-fourth power frequency period after fault as an analysis window, uses fractal theory to analyze transient zero-sequence current of multi-points in small current grounding systems of distribution network. By using the difference of fractal dimension between fault lines and sound lines, a new fault identification method is proposed to realize fault line selection. By using the waveform difference between fault line terminals, the fault zone location is realized. The accuracy and validity of the criterion are verified by simulation and field data.

Jianbing Pan, Shengjian Li, Ying Wu, Bei Cao, Jingmin Xu

A Criterion Approach of Loop Closing Operation in Distribution Networks

There is a risk of feeder over-current tripping in loop closing operation of distribution network. Without depending on the specific network parameters, a method for determining the closed loop in the distribution network is proposed so as to analyze the calculation method of voltage and power distribution in the distribution network, and a neural network model for determining the closed-loop distribution network is established. By calculating the power and current of the distribution network when the loop is closed, the purpose of determining whether the closed-to-be loop is closed or not is achieved. The specific example shows that the method takes into account the change of power flow in distribution network when the loop is closed, and the calculation of closed-loop current is more accurate and practical.

Yi An, Jianbing Pan, Beibei Li, Bei Liu, Zhicheng Song

A Construction Framework Design of Smart Classroom in Universities Based on Pedagogy-Space-Technology Framework

With the development of educational technology (Ed Tech) adoption, Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) from home and abroad have begun to build smart classrooms to make use of IT and e-learning resources on the campus. This article discusses hot topics and predicts trends of the smart classrooms through the software CiteSpace and the knowledge graph method. We developed a PSTM framework on the basis of the PST framework combining with HEIs’ practical experience of arranging smart classrooms.

Hongji Zhan, Zejiang Liu, Fang Lu, Xiaolin Ma, Shuhang Zhang, Yantong Chen

Generation Method of Binary Patterns Based on the Space-Time Combination with Projector Defocusing

This paper proposes a novel generation method of binary patterns based on the space-time combination with projector defocusing technique. The linear superposition theory of the fringe projection profilometry system is described. In terms of the principle and the digital binary defocusing technique, through the accurate sequential control of hardware, a sinusoidal function with wavelength is sampled in “time” and “space” directions to calculate the widths of the projected binary patterns. Then, a series of corresponding square fringe patterns are generated and projected to form a high-quality sinusoidal fringe pattern in the defocused projection volume (i.e., the measured volume). Finally, the performance of our proposed approach is demonstrated by the simulations and experiments, e.g., the phase root-mean-square error of a simulation with three-step phase-shifting method can reach about 0.0286 Rad. The precision level is similar to that of the compared optimization method. Fortunately, our proposed method is more convenient and less time-consuming because the optimization process is avoided.

Xuexing Li, YanFeng Xing, ShiYi Jiang, JingYao Hu, ChuanMeng Feng, Wenhui Zhang

Threat Information Network Based on Link Prediction

Description of complex networks is a complex system science method; the system including social network, economic, ecological and other can point and face all kinds of network. The study of complex networks is to discover the characteristics of these connections and to discover the nature of the system between them. Link prediction method is a classic in the study of complex network, and it can not only reflect the relationship between the nodes similarity, more can be estimated through the edge but also reveals the intrinsic factors of network evolution, namely the network evolution mechanism. Threat information network is the evolution and development of the network, the introduction of such a complex network of interdisciplinary approach, is an innovative research perspective, to observe the threat intelligence occurs, the characteristics of the network show, at the same time also can predict what will happen, the evolvement of the network for network security situational awareness of the research provides a new approach.

Jin Du, Liping Ding, Bin Li, Yu Chen, Lijun Yang

Philosophy Teaching Management Under the Information Environment

With the progress of the information age, “Internet + education” will trigger a global education reform and build a new form of education, and “Internet + teaching” is the core component of the “Internet + education” reform. “Internet + teaching” is not just the networking and digitization of teaching, but a structural change in the teaching paradigm. This article aims to explore the theoretical paradigm of the teaching paradigm under the impetus of “Internet + teaching” based on literature research and practice reflection. This paper expounds and analyzes the transformation and innovation of teaching philosophy, teaching theory, and teaching mode under the impetus of “Internet + philosophy teaching” from the three levels of philosophical paradigm, sociological paradigm, and artificial paradigm. The article believes that “Internet + philosophy teaching” will accelerate the transformation of the teaching paradigm of the information age, and the Internet thinking based on ecological postmodernism will transform the philosophical paradigm of traditional teaching and lead the systematic transformation of teaching concepts, theory and practice. This paper hopes to provide a basis for systematic exploration and practical innovation of the new paradigm theory of “Internet + philosophy teaching”.

Yu Dai

Research and Design of Noise and Vibration Control Device for Substation Equipment

With the development of society, the improvement of people’s living standards, the universal use of universal substation equipment, and the emergence of new types of electromechanical equipment are endless, and there are more and more noise sources in people’s living and working environment. In particular, the vibration caused by the noise of the substation equipment will cause the mechanical equipment parts of the substation to fall off, affecting the working efficiency of the substation equipment, and even causing a short circuit of the substation and causing a major hazard such as a fire. Existing research cannot effectively solve the problem of vibration caused by the noise of substation equipment. This paper introduces HHT denoising model and calculation method to study vibration control. The tracking simulation results of 500 kV substation equipment show that the denoising algorithm can effectively remove the low-frequency interference of the signal according to the background signal characteristics and the algorithm can be adaptively denoised.

Qian Zhao

MOOC Teachings of Chinese Culture for English Majors of Applied Universities Taking Anhui Sanlian University as an Example

Under the background of opening up, more and more attention has been paid to the course of Chinese Culture for English major students. Education is moving towards digitalization and the teaching of MOOC plus Chinese Culture is also an important content and inevitable trend of foreign language teaching reforms. Taking an example in Anhui Sanlian University, this paper explores the new teaching mode of Chinese culture course for English majors in Applied Universities based on MOOC.

Qingkun Hu

Situation and Suggestion of Nuclear Industry Standardization in China

Nuclear industry is an important part of national security and national economic construction, and one of the key supporting areas of national new energy plan. This paper reviews the status quo of standardization work in nuclear industry in China, analyzes the problems existing in standardization work in nuclear industry and puts forward suggestions on strengthening standardization to support the development of nuclear industry, as well as making relevant standards or standardization strategies for nuclear industry.

Qing Xu

Research and Design of Personalized Recommendation System Model for Course Learning Based on Deep Learning in Grid Environment

With the development of online courses and MOOCs, the traditional course learning recommendation platform can no longer meets the individual needs of learners at different levels. After careful analysis of the current recommendation methods, the grid environment is proposed based on the grid environment. A deep learning-based curriculum learning personalized recommendation system model, which collects basic data, professional basic data, and curriculum basic data for a large number of students, establishes a personalized mathematical model for curriculum recommendation, and trains learning models and student data. According to the results, the training parameters are continuously adjusted to accurately recommend the course learning resources for students, thereby reducing resource processing and retrieval time, and improving students’ efficiency in course learning.

Feng Liu, Weiwei Guo

Growth Dynamics Computing of Carbon Fiber Industry Based on G-MEC Model Under the Background of Informationization

The dynamic factors affecting the carbon fiber industry are computed on the basis of the maximum entropy configuration model of objective index weight based on grey class sensitivity coefficient (G-MEC model for short), which determines the importance of each dynamic factor to the development of carbon fiber industry. Firstly, classes of evaluation objects are preset, based on which grey class sensitivity coefficient is defined to reveal various influences of evaluation index on the classification of the evaluation objects, which is used to characterize and measure the relative importance of evaluation index on evaluation objects and the whole system. In view of military strategic background, carbon fiber industry has the characteristic of poor data information. In this case, a G-MEC model is constructed and solved to give objective weight to the evaluation index influencing the classification results. Finally, this paper, taking the carbon fiber industry of Jiangsu province, China, as an example, ranks the driving factors of carbon fiber industry. Based on the results and analyses, a series of constructive suggestions are put forward to promote the sustainable development of carbon fiber industry.

Xiaqing Liu, Surong Zhang, Kaize Liu

Calculation of Fuzzy Control in MPPT of Photovoltaic Power Generation System

To improve the efficiency of photovoltaic electric power generation, we analyse the principle of the max power point tracing control of photovoltaic electric power generation system and design out the hardware electric circuit which realize the max power tracing, aim to the nonlinear characteristics of photovoltaic battery output, research and develop the MPPT control system of vague control and do simulation experiment for vague calculating control system and excitation observe calculating method control system under the condition of normal illumination and illumination strength change, further proof that vague MPPT control system fast responding, strong anti-interference ability and better system stability.

Renbo Xu, Wanrong Zhang, Wei Yao

Wireless Sensor Network Clustering Routing Protocol Based on Energy and Distance

In recent years, wireless sensor network (WSN) technology is extensively used in various fields, mainly for collecting and transmitting various environmental data. Long-term stable operation of wireless sensor networks is very important. However, WSN’s own energy is very limited, and the energy consumption for data transmission is very high, which leads to a very limited life of WSN. In order to extend the working time of wireless sensor networks, a new wireless sensor network clustering routing protocol ED-LEACH had been suggested. The ED-LEACH protocol has improved the LEACH protocol. The ED-LEACH protocol takes account of the remaining node energy and the distance from the sink node. The ED-LEACH protocol proposes a concept of priority in the protocol. Finally, a simulation experiment was carried out to compare the ED-LEACH protocol with LEACH and LEACH-C protocol. Experimental simulation results turn out that the ED-LEACH protocol extends the lifetime of WSN to some extent.

Rui Huang, Xiaoxu Cui, Haibo Pu

Teaching Reform of the “Stamping Forming Process and Die Design” Course Based on “Internet +”

The course of “Stamping Forming Process and Die Design” is the main course of die specialty. It has the characteristics of wide involved aspects, broad application, and strong practicality, which is the key in the specialty of die teaching. The traditional teaching method emphasizes the theory rather than the practice, what is more, the teaching content is single and outdated, and the teaching form is simple and boring, which cannot arouse the enthusiasm of students’ professional study and classroom participation. It is imperative to deepen the teaching mode reform of this course. Based on the background of the “Internet +”, this paper researched on the teaching reform strategy of this course and explored the cultivation mode of the modern apprenticeship system in order to reconstruct the curriculum system based on integrating and optimizing the teaching contents, establish the “autonomous and open” classroom, integrate “online and offline” teaching, and improve teaching effectiveness.

Songqing Liu

Research and Design of Student Party Member Development Recommendation Model Based on Grid Platform Deep Learning Mode

With the informationization of the development of party members in colleges and universities, the traditional management platform has been unable to meet the recommendation work of party members in colleges and universities. By analyzing the shortcomings of the existing party member management platform, this paper proposes a student party member development recommendation model based on the grid platform deep learning mode. Under the grid platform, the artificial intelligence method of deep learning training is used to set the development object. Different parameters and parameter weights are set, and repeated training makes the constructed model more optimized, thus obtaining the recommended queue, solving the manual operation mode of daily work, reducing the working time, improving the work efficiency, and making the whole process more intelligent.

Wei-wei Guo, Feng Liu

The Application of OrCAD/PSpice Software in Electronic Circuit Analysis

OrCAD/PSpice is a general-purpose computer-aided analysis and design software for electronic circuits. It is an excellent piece of software for circuit computer simulation programs. With strong circuit design and simulation capabilities, it can easily achieve DC analysis, AC analysis, transient analysis, noise analysis, sensitivity analysis, Fourier analysis, harmonic distortion analysis, and circuit performance analysis at different temperatures of electronic circuits. To complete the optimization of component parameters of electronic circuits, it provides a wealth of electronic component models, which can achieve the test of various circuit parameters, the folding function, and the construction function of the device library. With the rapid development of OrCAD/PSpice, the operations become more simplified when various functions are implemented, the programming process is less restricted, and the calculation and simulation of circuits are more accurate. On the basis of grasping the circuit principle, the electronic circuit-assisted simulation design software PSpice can be conveniently used to complete the required circuit design analysis and device characteristic analysis. This paper discusses the application of OrCAD/PSpice software in the analysis of electronic circuits.

Haitao Chi

CNN Model Optimization Cheme and Applications

CNN has made great contributions to computer vision. The original traditional computer vision algorithm was optimized and replaced by deep learning. The learning capabilities of deep learning have brought us great convenience, improved efficiency and speed, and accuracy. The core of this aspect is focused on the image, including image segmentation, image generation, image detection and so on. One of these important technologies is based on convolutional neural networks. In this article, we analyze the principles of the convolutional neural network and the directions that the optimization model can choose. And make further breakthroughs in applications, exploring the convenience of using CNN to detect and recognize gestures in photos. The applicability of the application is compared by comparing the photographing effects before and after posture detection using CNN. Other applications brought by CNN will be briefly explained in this article, but the main innovation is in photo pose detection.

Xutong Chen

Paper Counting Device Based on FDC2214

Design and make a paper counting display device. Two parallel plates (plate A and plate B) are connected to the measurement and display circuit through wire A and wire B, respectively. The device can measure and display the number of papers placed between plate A and plate B. Based on the principle of capacitance sensing, when the medium changes, it will cause the change of capacitance capacity, which will be converted into 28-bit digital output for the convenience of microprocessor acquisition and processing.

Jian Huang

Information Sharing and Corporate Intellectual Property Protection

In recent years, with the rapid development of information technology and network applications, the traditional self-sufficient resource allocation model has gradually changed to the open sharing model. The Industry-University-Research Collaboration, the innovation of cooperation between enterprises [1, 2] and the sharing of information make the innovation elements flow between different members. Unlike the open concept of information sharing, intellectual property protection is inherently exclusive. Therefore, under the mode of the sharing economy, the protection of intellectual property rights has undoubtedly become the subject of scholars’ controversy, and it is also an unavoidable problem of social innovation and economic development. First of all, this paper dialectically analyzes the relationship between information sharing and intellectual property protection, and proposes to make use of the advantages of the current information sharing platform to establish an early-warning system of enterprise intellectual property rights adapted to the current era of shared economy, and then try to establish a balance mechanism that is in the common benefits of the enterprise and the public.

Qichang He

The Application of Intelligent Technology in Chinese Language Teaching

With the development of China’s economy, information technology has been well promoted and applied in many fields. Among them, the wisdom classroom in the Chinese language teaching course is one of them. Its application is not only conducive to students’ self-assessment, but also to teachers’ tracking and understanding of students’ learning status at any time. On this basis, this paper uses K-means algorithm to describe and demonstrate the intelligent technology in Chinese language teaching course in detail. It has found a new way for the wide application of intelligent technology in Chinese language teaching.

Zhenling Li

Design and Implementation of Student Positioning Security Management Based on CDMA and GPSone Technology

The popularization degree of network technology is the most important reference factor to measure the intelligence level of a school. With the support of network technology, both teaching activities and daily management of students can achieve the goal of building a modern campus. Topic of this paper is to extract the mobile position information, how to locate the infinite technology integration to the system design is the key to maximum, this article is to explore how to combine CDMA principle and based on this background GPSone technology to realize position location to the student, so as to realize the students’ orientation, attendance, statistical query and management, and other important functions.

Fangming Liu, Yichang Fu

Big Data Analysis and Thinking on the Status Quo of Adaptation Education in University Freshmen

Adaptation education for freshmen has always been a research topic in the field of higher education in China. In the context of the era of big data, the technology and thinking of introducing big data to reflect the research status of Chinese university freshmen’s adaptive education for more than 30 years, collecting relevant research data, research topic distribution, research methods and literature citation frequency. According to the combing statistics, the analysis found that China started from the first related research in 1986. By 2018, the research on the adaptation education of freshmen in China showed a steady growth trend. The research on strategy, current situation and effective research was the main, accounting for 68.9% of the total research volume, and the research gradually evolved from theoretical speculative research to empirical scientific, but there are also problems such as non-standard concepts, ambiguous structure, and inconsistent research tools. Multi-angle and systematic development.

Lin Lin

Information Exchange Method of Ship Automatic Control Under Artificial Intelligence

After steam engines, electricity and the Internet, artificial intelligence will become the core direction of the most influential industry change. As a new engine of development, artificial intelligence has brought about tremendous changes. Artificial intelligence is beginning to be used in a variety of industries and brings tremendous business value. With the continuous development of the shipping industry, ships are also developing in the direction of automation, and the development of artificial intelligence has also brought a great impact on the development of the shipping industry. This paper analyzes the significance of artificial intelligence to the ship industry development and the development of ship automation, and deeply studies the new information exchange mode of ship automatic control under artificial intelligence technology, so as to promote the further development of ship automation.

Mei Jing, Weigang Zheng

Scene Construction of High-Rise Building Fire Based on SIR Model

High-rise buildings have special structure and function, once the fire occurs, the speed of fire spread will be very fast, which brings great loss to the society and people. In this paper, by analyzing the occurrence of high-rise building fire accidents and constructing the scene, SIR Model is used to simulate the fire accident, and corresponding solutions are proposed according to the obtained results to prevent the occurrence of disasters and reduce the loss caused by fire accident.

Mengyuan Zhang, Kaijun Wu, Tiejun Wang, Chao Yu

Industry Rotation Phenomenon Under the Back of Information

In order to study the phenomenon of industry rotation in stock market, we chose Chinese real estate industry as the main research object and then constructed its rotational relationship with other four industries. We established a VEC model and found that the empirical results of real estate prices to other industries are very different in many aspects, including the leading period and impulse response, but basically the real estate is in a dominant position. In general, we believe that industry rotation is a complex phenomenon. In the long run it is mainly affected by economic fundamentals, but in the short term it is just a special case of the stock market.

Min Su, Qianqian Li, Farhana Akter

Development of Automobile Industry Technology Based on Patent Information

In recent years, technological innovation plays a more and more important role in the development of the industry. With the coming of the era of knowledge economy, patent is gradually recognized as a scientific index to measure the capability of technological innovation. In order to better understand the current situation and trend of automobile industry development, this paper takes Liaoning automobile industry as the research object, uses patent data to set off innovation drive, conducts qualitative and quantitative analysis and research on the patent-related trend, related technology composition, applicant ranking and other elements in Liaoning automobile patent information, explores and analyzes the current situation of automobile industry technology development in Liaoning Province. Some suggestions are provided for the development of automobile industry technology in Nanjing province.

Dan Bai, Weijian Zhu

Evaluation and Optimization of Green Building Based on BIM

With the development of sustainable development, more and more people pay attention to the topic of environmental protection. At present, green environmental protection is reflected in all walks of life, and the theme of green environmental protection is gradually reflected in the construction industry. BIM technology is based on the digitized 3d model and USES it as the carrier to efficiently manage the data information related to the building and transmit the information to the evaluation of the building. BIM is a new management method and data information technology platform, which can promote the development of green building. Combined with “green building evaluation standard,” effective and in-depth mining of green building information in BIM model will have a profound impact on the study of green building evaluation and optimization. Based on BIM technology, this paper constructed an evaluation model of green building, and through the experimental detection of the model, found that the evaluation of green building was insufficient, and put forward an optimization plan on this basis. On the one hand, it promotes the environmental protection performance of the construction industry; on the other hand, it provides a certain theoretical basis for future research on relevant aspects.

Fuyong Huang

Construction Safety Production Evaluation Based on Cloud Model

With the progress of social economy, the construction industry has developed rapidly, and has a direct impact on the development of China’s economy. Especially in recent years, in order to maximize the use of urban land, the proportion of high-rise buildings in the construction industry is greatly increased, which brings new challenges to engineering construction to a large extent. The new construction technology puts forward higher requirements on the construction technology, which greatly increases the overall construction risk and the difficulty of safety management. Therefore, it is particularly important to study the construction safety in production. Safety production evaluation of construction engineering is closely related to safety management of construction, which can provide sufficient support for it. Based on the cloud model, this paper combines the cloud model with G1 method to build a specific evaluation system of construction safety production. On the one hand, it is beneficial to promote the future construction safety management and guarantee the construction safety. On the other hand, it provides a certain theoretical basis for later research on related aspects.

Fuyong Huang

Prediction of Asphalt Pavement Fatigue Damage of Expressway Based on Deep Learning

The rapid development of the national economy has promoted the construction of the highway in our country. With the rapid development of highway construction in China, there are also some problems, among which the most obvious one is fatigue damage of asphalt pavement. With the increasing number of vehicles, the traffic flow on the highway is also increasing sharply. With such high traffic flow, fatigue damage occurs more frequently and the average service life of highway becomes shorter. The wear condition of the road affects the sense of use of the road and also poses a threat to the safety of the vehicle to a large extent. Therefore, it is an urgent problem to predict and study the fatigue damage of asphalt pavement of expressway so as to better guide the construction of expressway in China. Based on the theory of deep learning, this paper applies the stochastic gradient descent algorithm to conduct relevant experimental research on asphalt pavement. The main damage forms of asphalt pavement at present are analyzed, and the prediction model of fatigue damage is established.

Xuxiang Tan, Huadong Sun, Feng Nan

Information Milk Powder Traceability and Rationalization Sales System Based on Internet of Things

The purpose of this article is to solve the safety and marketing problems of milk powder, let consumers know more product information, enable consumers to buy at ease, and reduce the burden of manufacturers’ sales. By tracking the whole process of milk powder production, processing, packaging, and transportation, the traceability of the problem products can be achieved. At the same time, the manufacturers can also reasonably make sales plan to the milk powder sales through the rationalization sales system. To ensure the quality and safety of milk powder, ensure that problems in the production process are solved in time and prevent potential harm to infants. Through the collection and recording of data and information, the contradiction between supply and demand of milk powder is effectively solved, and the traceability and rationalized sales system of milk powder are realized.

Bingzhi Zou, Xinge Shi, Lihu Wang, Lanxiang Zheng, Guoyi Zhao, Xintang Wang

Mixed Catering Recommendation Model Based on Context Awareness and User Interest

In this paper, the context awareness and recommendation algorithms are studied in depth. From the recommendation of the railway 12306 high-speed rail self-service meal recommendation, the ontology model is firstly designed for the passenger situation and the catering field knowledge, and the corresponding inference rules are designed for knowledge reasoning. context recommendation; then analyze user behavior to obtain preference data, use data filling method to improve traditional user-based collaborative recommendation algorithm; finally, design a hybrid recommendation model combining user context, existing interest preference and potential interest preference. Finally, it is proved by experiments that compared with the single context awareness model and user interest model, the hybrid recommendation model proposed in this paper has a good effect in dealing with dietary recommendation strategies in different situations.

Xiaoxu Cui, Rui Huang, Qiang Huang, Zhiyuan Yan, Wentao Liu, Jinshan Pan

Knowledge Graph Construction for Payment Data Risk Control

In the process of controlling the fraud risk in the Internet finance field, in order to solve the problem of large amount of data, complex and confusing information provided by data, an end-to-end risk control knowledge graph based on payment data construction method was adopted, and the visualization of user-oriented was realized. This method sets the labels of the data according to the requirements of the business scenario and then generates the format required by the database and saves the data as a triple with extended attributes. The background system connects to the graph database Neo4j and automatically imports triples of data in the way of incremental data extraction and converts them into the knowledge graph system, so as to provide users with Internet financial risk control services based on knowledge graph in the Web. The risk control knowledge graph constructed by this method can import the data into the database dynamically, greatly reducing the construction time of the graph, and displaying the business relationship of the users in the way of combining text list and graphical visualization, making it more convenient for users to judge the risk type. It can be seen from the case mined from the knowledge graph system that the risk control knowledge graph has a good effect.

Zhanquan Wang, Mengyuan Guo, Zhen Li, Minwei Tang, Jiechao Yu

Fashion Coordination System Based on Depth Camera Capture and Virtual Reality

Virtual clothing simulation software plays a significant role in the digitization process of clothing industry, making the use of 2D design of the system to complete the 3D design with a certain technology. In order to coordinate the beauty between the body shape, dress, and face (head), a fashion coordination system based on virtual reality is proposed. It is a consumer-centric system, which can reduce the development time of high value-added fashion products. Firstly, the depth cameras are used to capture the body shape and face information of the customers standing on the big screen. Then, a variety of clothing displays on the screen which is with the customers form affordable fashion concept. And automatic collocation of all kinds fashion accessories and clothing can be seen. The process does not require computer or fashion expertise. Because the system can play a role in guiding the professional clothing, so it can bring convenience to users through visual vision, and this can help to improve the service experience of the clothing industry and guide the potential of fashion design.

Fangming Wang

A Thermal Evaluation Method of Data-Driven Distribution Transformer

In view of the problem that it is difficult to evaluate the overload fault risk of distribution transformer, this paper proposes a data-driven thermal evaluation method of distribution transformer, points out that the difference equation of heat transfer is difficult to be applied to the thermal evaluation of the distribution transformer. Considering the three-phase load coefficient of distribution transformer, the risk evaluation model of overload fault of distribution transformer circulation neural network is established. The purpose of thermal evaluation of distribution transformer is achieved by predicting the highest oil temperature. The results show that the method is accurate, and the validity and practicability of the method are verified.

Yi An, Jianbing Pan, Beibei Li, Bei Liu, Kesheng Gai

Reform and Application of the Mixed Teaching Mode of Higher Mathematics Supported by Internet Courses

In order to adapt to the current trend of higher education popularization and the need of mathematics teaching in the Internet Age, this paper combines the mobile terminal of Internet technology with the traditional higher mathematics classroom teaching and explores the hybrid teaching mode based on the support of Internet class. The purpose is to fully give play to the teacher’s guiding role in guiding, inspiring, and monitoring the teaching process and mobilize the students’ enthusiasm and creativity in the learning process.

Zhenzhen Geng, Zhiqin Huang

Swelling Behavior and Antibacterial Property of Sericin/NIPAAm/AgNPs Semi-IPN Hydrogel

In order to explore the application of hydrogels in drug release, sericin/PNIPAAm/AgNPs hydrogels were prepared using semi-interpenetrating polymer network technology in this experiment. The results were showed that under the lower critical solution temperature, PNIPAAm was more hydrophilic than SS. When the temperature was more than the lower critical solution temperature, the hydrogen bond which formed between sericin and PNIPAAm has partially limited the shrinkage of PNIPAAm. The bacterial reduction of the hydrogels against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli were 87% or more.

Jun Yan, Yifan Cui, Dehong Cheng, Jiarui Cao, Qianxi Zhou, Yanhua Lu, Hong Li

Innovation and Practice of Software Engineering and Technical Personnel Training in the Mode of Official Industry and Learning

Software engineering technology talents are the backbone of the rapid and healthy development of the information industry, and the rapid development of the software engineering has put forward higher requirements for the training of the software engineering technology talents in the university. The development of the integration of science and technology of the university has become the main direction of the future development of the university education, but the construction of the scientific and technological capability cultivation platform of the university students has some problems in the construction of the hardware and software, the safeguard mechanism and the talent team, starting with the institutional mechanism. To further increase the input of the software and hardware of the construction of the scientific and technological capability of the college students, improve the construction level of the platform to serve the innovation and development of the university students.

Bihua Qi

How to Establish Correct Values Facing the Internet—New Challenges Faced by Ideological and Political Education in the New Era

The in-depth development of network informatization has made college students more and more important in the practice of cultivating core values. Since informatization has positive and negative effects on college students’ implementation of socialist core values, practical work should pay attention to using its positive role to avoid its negative influence, and establish and improve the socialist core values of college students. Setting up correct values is the requirement of The Times, but also the requirement of their own good moral character. There is a very close relationship between IPE and values. However, incorrect education methods may affect the effect of Ideological and Political Education (IPE), and even affect the establishment of values. In the current new era, China’s IPE is facing some new challenges. In order to ensure the good effect of IPE on values, it is necessary to study the existing problems and challenges of current IPE. This article will first of all to the IPE, and introduces the values, and clarify the relationship between the IPE and values, and in the basis of a large number of investigation and research, to find a new era under the ideological education is faced with problems and challenges, and on the basis of this puts forward relevant solutions and strategies, aims to make the IPE play the biggest role in the shaping of values, help people to set up the correct values.

Guoyong Liu
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