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With the implementation of the strategic plan “Made in China 2025” as its guideline and “the study of formulation of executive summary of innovative design in the manufacturing industry” as the main theme, this book provides an in-depth interpretation of innovative design from three perspectives – why, what and how. Chapter One, “The Necessity of Developing Innovative Design,” focuses on why innovative design should be developed, and Chapter Two, “Concept And Connotation of Innovative Design,” explains what innovative design is, while Chapters Three to Seven systematically and comprehensively discuss how to develop innovative design and how to improve innovative design skills in various contexts, including key industries, business, personnel training, platform building, and supporting measures. Lastly, Chapter Eight “Cases of Innovative Design” explores the value of innovative design and innovative design-driven industrial transformation. By analyzing several design-driven companies, such as China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation, Haier Group and GAG Trumpchi, and the role of corporate innovative development as well as typical examples of major innovative design projects, it offers readers insights and inspiration.

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Chapter 1. The Necessity of Developing Innovative Design

China’s economy has entered a new normal of innovation-driven, quality and efficiency improvement. Although China is a major manufacturer in the world, the weak capability of innovative design has become the weakness and the main bottleneck, thus affecting the development of manufacturing industry. As an important part of the national innovation-driven development strategy and an important measure to improve the innovation capability of China’s manufacturing industry, “enhancing the capability of innovative design” has been listed in the “Made in China 2025”.
Yubo Zhao, Xihui Liu, Huirong Liu, Yao Li, Jianyun Jia, Mingzhe Li, Zhilei Xu, Yanmin Zhang, Jiang Xu

Chapter 2. The Concept and Connotation of Innovative Design

Design is the imagination and planning of human purposeful innovative practice. It is the forerunner of transforming information, knowledge, technology and creativity into products, technologies, equipment and business services, and determines the quality and value of manufacturing services.
Yongchuan Tang, Ning Zou, Chunlei Chai, Xihui Liu, Nan Jiang, Yajun Du, Xiaoyu Hao, Jiangjie Huang, Linlan Xia, Zhilei Xu, Yanmin Zhang, Xihui Liu

Chapter 3. Improving Innovative Design of Industries in an All-Round Way

Efforts will be made to improve the innovative design capabilities of advanced manufacturing industries and strategic emerging industries. Major breakthroughs will be made in key technologies and system integration innovation capabilities in the fields of electronic information, high-end equipment, new energy, new materials, aerospace, rail transportation, energy conservation and environmental protection.
Xinguo Ming, Ning Xiao, Dao Yin, Xinghan Wang, Lei Wang, Fanbin Kong, Pengpeng Wang, Zhenyong Wu, Wenyan Song, Zhitao Xu, Miao Li, Lina He, Xiuzhen Li, Maokuai Zheng, Zhiwen Liu, Yuanju Qu, Xianju Zhang, Zhihua Chen, Siqi Qiu, Zhilei Xu, Yanmin Zhang, Xihui Liu

Chapter 4. Enterprises as the Main Body of Developing Innovation Design

Efforts should be made to cultivate world-class manufacturing enterprises with strong innovative design ability, key core technologies and independent brands, so as to promote the transfer of technological achievements of large enterprises.
Xihui Liu, Huirong Liu, Jianyun Jia, Ning Xiao, Jiang Xu, Yubo Zhao, Zhilei Xu, Yanmin Zhang, Shouqian Sun

Chapter 5. Implementation of Innovative Design Talent Strategy

Innovative design talents are the basis for the development of independent innovation capability. The scientific contributions of Newton, Maxwell, Einstein, Shannon and Wiener, as well as the design innovations and inventions of Watt, Siemens, Bell, Edison, Otto, Dessel, Benz and Wright brothers, led and promoted Britain, Germany and the United States to become scientific, technical and industrial powers.
Xihui Liu, Jianyun Jia, Huirong Liu, Jiang Xu, Linyun Sun, Kejun Zhang, Zhilei Xu, Yanmin Zhang, Shouqian Sun

Chapter 6. Strengthening the Basic Research of Innovative Design and the Construction of Common Key Technology Platform

We will build a theoretical system of innovative design with Chinese characteristics, a digital, networked, green and intelligent design technology system. We will build a knowledge base platform for innovative design, focusing on industry-based platforms such as design knowledge database, materials science database, commercial big data and patent big data. We will push forward the all-digital simulation pilot of product design, strengthen the infrastructure of the information network, big data, cloud computing and other co-creation platforms, build a world-class broadband network and application system covering the whole country, and form an open source “customer creation” network sharing platform. We should strengthen the support of virtual reality/augmented reality/hybrid reality (VR/AR/MR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to the design technology environment and platform.
Ting Han, Zhanxun Dong, Yajun Li, Xihui Liu, Xinguo Ming, Bangchun Wen, Binshi Xu, Xiangyang Xin, Chengqi Xue, Kejun Zhang, Zhilei Xu, Yanmin Zhang, Jiang Xu

Chapter 7. Innovative Design Safeguard Measures

Sharable design spawns new manufacturing formats such as outstanding packages, crowdfunding and customer creation. Sharing integration brings new design opportunities, production modes and business opportunities. Sharing agglomeration creates a cross-temporal and cross-regional form of resource integration. The implementation of the manufacturing power strategy needs to be based on the global economic development environment, actively respond to the new round of technological changes, and plan and build the National Innovation Design Institute from a high starting point.
Jiang Xu, Yongqi Lou, Kejun Zhang, Xihui Liu, Huirong Liu, Miaosen Gong, Shoushuang Chen, Jianyun Jia

Chapter 8. Innovative Design Cases

In this chapter, it is hoped that by selecting several typical cases of innovative design, more Chinese enterprises will be inspired to explore the significance, methods and paths of innovative design, and the whole society will be promoted to carry out more extensive and in-depth innovative design practice.
Xiao Ning, Xihui Liu, Ting Han, Yongchuan Tang, Xiang Xu, Chunlei Chai, Shoushuang Chen, Ning Zou, Yajun Du, Kejun Zhang, Zhilei Xu, Yanmin Zhang, Huirong Liu


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