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Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

Issue 6/2023

Content (29 Articles)

Practice-oriented Paper

The influence of pistachio shell addition on the mechanical behavior of self-curing PMMA composites

Zainab Hussein Mohammed, Suhad Dawood Salman

State-of-the-Art Paper

Prediction and validation of constituent materials for concrete manufacturing using artificial neural network

Kannan Vellaipandian, Raja Priya Periasamy, Venkatesan Balasubramanian

Technical Paper

Eco-concrete hybrid blocks of styrofoam beads/modified palm kernel shell using cement or carbonized rice husk as a binder for construction components

S. I. Ichetaonye, K. K. Ajekwene, O. G. Tenebe, M. E. Yibowei, A. Amoke, O. L. Idemudia, F. P. Momoh

State-of-the-Art Paper

Effect of graphene oxide on the microscopic, physical and mechanical characteristics of rubberized concrete

Gyanendra Kumar Chaturvedy, Umesh Kumar Pandey, Harit Kumar

State-of-the-Art Paper

Simulating the impact of autonomous vehicles (AVs) on intersections traffic conditions using TRANSYT and PTV Vissim

Andrzej Szarata, Piotr Ostaszewski, Hamid Mirzahossein

Technical Paper

Estimating the deformation of micropile stabilized footings by GEP approach

Bilal Ahmad Malik, Fazal E. Jalal, Mudassir Iqbal, Sakiba Nabi

Technical Paper

Behavior of axially loaded tapered pile groups using centrifuge test

Alireza Shabanpour, Mahmoud Ghazavi, M. Hesham El Naggar

Technical Paper

Compressive strength and microstructure analysis of a lightweight sand concrete in sodium sulfate environment

Belkacem Belhadj, Rose-Marie Dheilly, Justin Houessou, Michèle Quéneudec

Technical Paper

Building information modeling (BIM)-based model checking to ensure occupant safety in institutional buildings

Mohammadsaeid Parsamehr, Tharindu C. Dodanwala, Piyaruwan Perera, Rajeev Ruparathna


A review on various aspects of high performance concrete

Arun Singh Chahar, Priyaranjan Pal

State-of-the-Art Paper

Comprehensive evaluation of multiple machine learning classifiers for predicting freeway incident duration

Khaled Hamad, Lubna Obaid, Ali Bou Nassif, Saleh Abu Dabous, Rami Al-Ruzouq, Waleed Zeiada

Practice-oriented Paper

Effect of addition of slag in cement mortar products on mechanical and chemical properties

Suharto, Muhammad Amin, Pulung Karo Karo, Fathan Bahfie, Suhartono, Yosi Maya Aprilia Sari

Technical Paper

Mechanical and microstructural behavior of high strength geopolymer concrete inclusion of various industrial wastes

Gaurav Jagad, Chetankumar Modhera, Dhaval Patel, Vimalkumar Patel

Technical Paper

A dual role on cleaning and healing of foreign agents for sustainable smart buildings using nano-TiO2

Arun Murugesan, V. Venkatraman, Abdul Aleem Mohamed Ismail, Deepasree Srinivasan

Practice-oriented Paper

Performance and protection of pre-engineered buildings subjected to blast and earthquake excitations

Muhammed Zain Kangda, Subhash Kumar Sah, Ehsan Noroozinejad Farsangi

Practice-oriented Paper

Effect of the reuse of plastic and metallic fibers on the characteristics of a gravelly soil with clays stabilized with natural hydraulic lime

Juan Martin Garcia Chumacero, Percy Leonel Acevedo Torres, Carlos Criss Corcuera La Portilla, Socrates Pedro Muñoz Perez, Luigi Italo Villena Zapata

Practice-oriented Paper

Behavior of foam concrete flat panel and applications of foam concrete in construction works

Haitham AL-Thairy, Seyed Alireza Zareei, Ali Kadhim Sallal, Dhoha Saad Hanoon