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Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation

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17-05-2019 | Thematic Section: 3D Materials Science

Dictionary Indexing of Electron Back-Scatter Diffraction Patterns: a Hands-On Tutorial

Dictionary indexing of electron back-scatter patterns was recently proposed as an alternative to the commercially available indexing packages. In this tutorial paper, we describe in detail the various steps that need to be taken to successfully …

15-05-2019 | Thematic Section: 3D Materials Science

Non-destructive Characterization of Polycrystalline Materials in 3D by Laboratory Diffraction Contrast Tomography

Laboratory diffraction contrast tomography (LabDCT) enables the user to reconstruct three-dimensional (3D) grain maps of polycrystalline materials. For each grain, the size, orientation, and 3D morphology including the number of faces can be …

29-04-2019 | Thematic Section: Additive Manufacturing Benchmarks 2018

Accurate Prediction of Melt Pool Shapes in Laser Powder Bed Fusion by the Non-Linear Temperature Equation Including Phase Changes

Model validity: isotropic versus anisotropic conductivity to capture AM Benchmark Test AMB2018-02

In this contribution, we validate a physical model based on a transient temperature equation (including latent heat), w.r.t. the experimental set AMB2018-02 provided within the additive manufacturing benchmark series, established at the National …

22-04-2019 | Thematic Section: Additive Manufacturing Benchmarks 2018 Open Access

Predicting Precipitation Kinetics During the Annealing of Additive Manufactured Inconel 625 Components

The prediction of solidification microstructures associated with additive manufacture of metallic components is fundamental in the identification scanning strategies, process parameters and subsequent heat treatments for optimised component …

18-04-2019 | Thematic Section: Additive Manufacturing Benchmarks 2018

LPBF Right the First Time—the Right Mix Between Modeling and Experiments

Laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) is an additive manufacturing process with many adjustable input parameters that directly affect manufacturability and quality of the final product. The selection of the optimal input parameters makes the process …

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