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Intelligent Service Robotics

Intelligent Service Robotics 2/2020

Issue 2/2020

Table of Contents ( 11 Articles )

31-03-2020 | Editorial | Issue 2/2020


06-01-2020 | Original Research | Issue 2/2020

Fuzzy-backstepping control of quadruped robots

Shabnam Shakourzadeh, Mohammad Farrokhi

27-11-2019 | Original Research Paper | Issue 2/2020

Accuracy enhancement for the front-end tracking algorithm of RGB-D SLAM

Fuwen Hu, Jingli Cheng, Yunchang Bao, Yunhua He

30-11-2019 | Original Research Paper | Issue 2/2020

Design of a robust adaptive sliding mode control using recurrent fuzzy wavelet functional link neural networks for industrial robot manipulator with dead zone

Nguyen Xuan Quynh, Wang Yao Nan, Vu Thi Yen

17-12-2019 | Original Research Paper | Issue 2/2020

Qualitative vision-based navigation based on sloped funnel lane concept

Mohamad Mahdi Kassir, Maziar Palhang, Mohammad Reza Ahmadzadeh

02-01-2020 | Original Research Paper | Issue 2/2020

Stable grasp planning based on minimum force for dexterous hands

Yongyao Li, Ming Cong, Dong Liu, Yu Du, Xiubo Xu

16-01-2020 | Original Research | Issue 2/2020

Path planning for active SLAM based on deep reinforcement learning under unknown environments

Shuhuan Wen, Yanfang Zhao, Xiao Yuan, Zongtao Wang, Dan Zhang, Luigi Manfredi

31-01-2020 | Original Research | Issue 2/2020

Onboard plane-wise 3D mapping using super-pixels and stereo vision for autonomous flight of a hexacopter

Jose-Pablo Sanchez-Rodriguez, Alejandro Aceves-Lopez, Jose Martinez-Carranza, Gabriel Flores-Wysocka

03-02-2020 | Original Research | Issue 2/2020

Reinforcement learning path planning algorithm based on obstacle area expansion strategy

Haiyang Chen, Yebiao Ji, Longhui Niu

20-02-2020 | Original Research Paper | Issue 2/2020 Open Access

Toward a robot swarm protecting a group of migrants

Maxime Vaidis, Martin J.-D. Otis

28-02-2020 | Review Article | Issue 2/2020

Autonomous car decision making and trajectory tracking based on genetic algorithms and fractional potential fields

Jean-Baptiste Receveur, Stéphane Victor, Pierre Melchior

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