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Intelligent Service Robotics

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12-02-2019 | Original Research Paper

Motion planning and control for endoscopic operations of continuum manipulators

This paper presents a novel coordinated motion planning method for solving the inverse kinematic problems of endoscopic operations of continuum manipulators. For safe and stable control of the continuum manipulators in complex constrained …

04-02-2019 | Research Article Open Access

Optimum harvesting area of convex and concave polygon field for path planning of robot combine harvester

This paper presents an optimum harvesting area of a convex and concave polygon for the path planning of a robot combine harvester. A convenient optimum harvesting area for a convex and concave polygon is proposed. The notion is that path planning …

04-02-2019 | Original Research Paper

Kinematic design optimization for anthropomorphic robot hand based on interactivity of fingers

The human hand provides excellent grasp capabilities by using the interaction of the thumb and other fingers, and thus, how to dextrously interact with each other can represent the performance of the robot hand. This paper presents the kinematic …

24-01-2019 | Original Research Paper

Challenges and implemented technologies used in autonomous drone racing

Autonomous drone racing (ADR) is a challenge for autonomous drones to navigate a cluttered indoor environment without relying on any external sensing in which all the sensing and computing must be done with onboard resources. Although no team …

24-01-2019 | Original Research Paper

A high-performance control algorithm based on a curvature-dependent decoupled planning approach and flatness concepts for non-holonomic mobile robots

This paper proposes a high-performance control strategy for an efficient manipulation of non-holonomic mobile robots in environments cluttered with static obstacles. Firstly, and based on the decoupled planning approach, a new algorithm for fast …

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About this journal

Intelligent Service Robotics fosters the dissemination of new discoveries and novel technologies that advance the ability of robotics to assist and support humans. The journal addresses a broad spectrum of topics ranging from intelligent robots acting as a servant, secretary, or companion to intelligent robotic functions such as embedded robotics, ambient intelligence, or intelligent space.

Special attention is given to the integration of robotics with information technology and cognitive science, with the goal of developing new multi-dimensional robotic services. This includes ubiquitous and adaptive computing, information integration in a distributed environment, and cognitive modeling for human-robot interaction.

The journal publishes original papers of innovative ideas and concepts, new discoveries and improvements, and novel applications and business models relevant to the field of intelligent service robotics.

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