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Intelligent Service Robotics


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10-05-2022 | Review Article

Multi-scale graph-transformer network for trajectory prediction of the autonomous vehicles

The accurate trajectory prediction is a crucial task for the autonomous vehicles that help to plan and fast decision making capability of the system to reach their destination in the complex road scenario with abiding by the traffic rules. For …

30-04-2022 | Original Research Paper

Ensemble control of spatial variance of microbot systems through sequencing of motion primitives from optimal control trajectories

Spatial variance reduction of microbot systems through ensemble control, i.e., using a global control input, is a challenging task. In this paper, we propose to use a sequence of primary motion maneuvers called motion primitives to perform spatial …

06-04-2022 | Editorial

Special Issue on the 2021 Ubiquitous Robots Conference

Open Access 16-03-2022 | Original Research Paper

Auto-splitting D* lite path planning for large disaster area

This research introduces a new path planning method for rescue robots in a dynamic and partially known area when the robots are performing tasks in a large area. The path planning of the rescue robots that move in the dynamic area is introduced to …

01-03-2022 | Original Research Paper

Deep latent-space sequential skill chaining from incomplete demonstrations

Imitation learning is a methodology, which trains an agent using demonstrations from skilled experts without external rewards. However, for a complex task with a long horizon, it is challenging to obtain data that exactly match the desired task.

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About this journal

Intelligent Service Robotics fosters the dissemination of new discoveries and novel technologies that advance the ability of robotics to assist and support humans. The journal addresses a broad spectrum of topics ranging from intelligent robots acting as a servant, secretary, or companion to intelligent robotic functions such as embedded robotics, ambient intelligence, or intelligent space.

Special attention is given to the integration of robotics with information technology and cognitive science, with the goal of developing new multi-dimensional robotic services. This includes ubiquitous and adaptive computing, information integration in a distributed environment, and cognitive modeling for human-robot interaction.

The journal publishes original papers of innovative ideas and concepts, new discoveries and improvements, and novel applications and business models relevant to the field of intelligent service robotics.

Intelligent Service Robotics
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