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Interceram - International Ceramic Review

Issue 2/2022

Content (12 Articles)




"Our Components Can Last for Years"

Charlie Wallin

Ceramics Forum

Ceramic Material with Innovative Properties

Michael Schubert

Applications and Engineering

Developing Intrinsically Heatable SiC Tools

Jennifer Schade, Jan Werner, Markus Zwick

Applications and Engineering

Individualized Production of Ceramic Components Using Fused Layer Modelling

Michel Layher, Andreas Hopf, Ahmed Qasarwa, Toni Wille, Kerstin Götze, Jens Bliedtner, Albert Kerber, Lucas Bloß, Holger Krause, Carsten Wölfel

Research and Development

Hydrogen - a Game Changer for the Ceramic Industry

Thomas Lansdorf

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