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Interceram - International Ceramic Review

Issue 3/2021

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Ceramics Forum

On the Future of the Brick Industry in Europe

Fritz Mödinger

Ceramics Forum

A New-Generation Mixing Tool

Gerhard Krauskopf

Ceramics Forum

Safe Debinding and Sintering of Technical Ceramics

P. Haigh, T. Ohnweiler, R. Piening, C. Schenk, S. Schneider, F. Uhlemann-Koelly, J. Weiß

Applications and Engineering

Impact of MgO-C with CMA- and Nanocarbon Addition on Steel Cleanliness

Patrick Gehre, Theresia Preisker, Steffen Dudczig, Gert Schmidt, Christoph Wohrmeyer, Christopher Parr, Christos G. Aneziris

Research and Development

Comparison of Thermal Shock Damage and Slag Corrosion in Castable Refractories

Ângelo Cristante, Fernando Vernilli

Research and Development

Porous Refractory Ceramics for High-Temperature Thermal Insulation - Part 1: The Science Behind Energy Saving

Rafael Salomão, Katherine S. Oliveira, Leandro Fernandes, Paulo Tiba, Ulisses S. Prado

Research and Development

Relationship Between Phase Composition, Thermal Conductivity and Corrosion Resistance of Fused-Cast AZS Refractories

Runfeng Wang, Huazhi Gu, Chen Bai, Lin Yuan, Ao Huang



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