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Interceram - International Ceramic Review

Issue 3/2022

Content (10 Articles)


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Research and Development

Transformation Mechanisms of Cemented Silica and Crystalline Silica to Tridymite in Silica Bricks

Xiu-hua Zhang, Yong Li, Zhi-hong Tian, Yang Sun, Chen-hong Ma, Qing-yao Zheng

Research and Development

Porous Refractory Ceramics for High-Temperature Thermal Insulation - Part 3: Innovation in Energy Saving

Rafael Salomão, Leandro Fernandes, Ulisses S. Prado, Paulo Tiba

Research and Development

Influence of the Fine Fraction and Sintering on Selected Isotropic and Anisotropic Bulk Properties of Uniaxial Compacts

Jens Fruhstorfer, Moritz Wagner, Dietmar Gruber, Harald Harmuth

Research and Development

Novel Ceramic Materials and Technologies for Titanium Investment Casting

Lisa Freitag, Christina Faßauer, Florian Bulling, Ulrich Klotz, Constantin Jahn, Christos Aneziris

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