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News about ceramics

Laser Buildup Welding and Machining in One Process Step

30-05-2023 | Materials Technology | News | Article

Laser Buildup Welding and Machining in One Process Step

Components can be coated and machined simultaneously using a process developed at Fraunhofer ILT. High-strength materials can thus be processed in a short time and with low tool wear.

Membrane for AEM Electrolysis

23-05-2023 | Hydrogen | News | Article

AEM Electrolyzers to Become Ready for Industry

AEM electrolyzers are inexpensive and do not require critical materials. So far, however, they have only been available in the 1 kW range. A German-Canadian project now wants to make them suitable for large-scale hydrogen projects.

Krahn Ceramics Starts Its Own Production

07-03-2023 | Ceramic Technology | News | Article

Krahn Ceramics Starts Its Own Production

Krahn Ceramics has successfully started up its first own production line for ceramic compounds in Hamburg Rothenburgsort. Using modern plant technology, CIM feedstock for injection molding is produced at the site.


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