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10-11-2021 | Ceramics | News | Article

Every Gram Counts

A new process allows hollow spheres to be produced from metallic and ceramic materials with diameters of one millimeter and above. Compared with a solid sphere, weight savings of up to 90 percent can be achieved.

05-11-2021 | Ceramics | News | Article

Microstructure of Hard Material Layers Explained

Researchers at TU Bergakademie Freiberg are developing new types of hard coatings for sustainable use in cutting tools. This extends the service life of the tools by up to 30 percent.

05-11-2021 | Ceramics | News | Article

Additive Manufacturing under Martian Gravity

Together with the Clausthal University of Technology, the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing is researching the possibility of using additive manufacturing to produce components, spare parts or tools in weightlessness. 

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07-03-2022 - 09-03-2022 | Ceramics | Event


KERAMIK 2022, 97th annual conference of the German Ceramic Society (DKG), will be held entirely in digital format from March 7 to 9, 2022.

29-06-2022 - 30-06-2022 | Materials Technology | United Kingdom | Event

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Ceramics UK brings together a highly focused audience from industry, academia and commercial R&D involved in the latest technical ceramic solutions.

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