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17-02-2021 | Ceramics | News | Article

Could Clay Buildings on Mars Become a Reality?

Scientists at TU Berlin are studying clay minerals found on the red planet. The researchers hope to have tapped a new resource that is suitable for constructing simple shelters or functional utensils on Mars.

10-02-2021 | Ceramics | News | Article

Tandem Solar Cells Just Short of 30 % Efficiency

A team from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin has published a report in the journal Science on the development of its current world record of 29.15 % efficiency for a tandem solar cell made of perovskite and silicon. The tandem cell provided stable performance for 300 hours – even without encapsulation.

09-02-2021 | Engineering + Development | News | Article

New Operating Concept for Air Pollution Control

In Switzerland, the country’s first regenerative thermal oxidation system was installed as the main stage in the air pollution control system of a cement factory. This upgrade enables the cement producer to comply with much lower clean gas values in the future.

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18-04-2021 - 21-04-2021 | Materials Technology | Tagung | Event

Ceramics 2021 – 95th DKG Annual Meeting

The 95th DKG Annual Conference, CERAMICS 2021, will take place online from 18 to 21 April 2021. The event is open to all ceramists and those interested in ceramics. This year's conference partner is France.

07-07-2021 - 08-07-2021 | Materials Technology | United Kingdom | Event

Ceramics UK

Ceramics UK brings together a highly focused audience from industry, academia and commercial R&D involved in the latest technical ceramic solutions.

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