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From Wood to High-Performance Ceramics

01-11-2022 | Ceramic Technology | News | Article

From Wood to High-Performance Ceramics

An innovative research project of the Chair of Ceramic Materials at the University of Bayreuth in cooperation with the SKZ Plastics Centre is investigating the transformation of additively manufactured green bodies into high-quality ceramics.

Lithoz Acquires CerAMing

01-11-2022 | Ceramics | News | Article

Lithoz Acquires CerAMing

CerAMing, a spin-off of BAM, has confirmed its acquisition by Lithoz. The company has further developed the ceramic 3D printing process LSD (Layer-wise Slurry Disposition) and made it ready for the market.

Power Semiconductors from the 3D Printer

31-10-2022 | Ceramics | News | Article

Power Semiconductors from the 3D Printer

Researchers at the Chair of Electrical Power Conversion Systems and Drives at Chemnitz University of Technology have succeeded for the first time in 3D printing housings for power electronic components. In this process, ceramic and metallic pastes are used.


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