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17-06-2024 | Interior | Editor´s Pick | News

Peugeot Shows New Hypersquare Steering Wheel

Author: Patrick Schäfer

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Peugeot is further developing its i-Cockpit: The next generation is to be equipped with a rectangular hypersquare steering wheel.

The Peugeot Inception Concept was unveiled at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. The car manufacturer recently presented the study to the French public for the first time at VivaTech 2024. In the newly developed i-Cockpit, the Hypersquare steering wheel inspired by video games takes center stage. The rectangular steering wheel with digital controls consists of a screen with circular cells in each of the four corners. The functions can be operated using the thumbs in the circular recesses. The pictograms for air conditioning, radio volume or ADAS are displayed on the two side control panels. In the middle of the Hypersquare is a tablet-like screen on which information about the controls is displayed. The frame of the Hypersquare was produced using a 3D printing process.

The steer-by-wire steering wheel and its control system are combined with a flexible 360° screen in the background. This Halo Cluster with its circular display informs passengers approaching the vehicle. At the transition to driving delegation level L4 (STLA AutoDrive), the Hypersquare retracts and a large panoramic screen extends from the floor. Peugeot plans to introduce the Hypersquare steering wheel and the new i-Cockpit in a next-generation vehicle by 2026. 

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