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10-05-2022 | Internal Combustion Engine | News | Article

Keyou Showcases Bus and Truck with Hydrogen Combustion Engine

Author: Patrick Schäfer

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Hydrogen specialist Keyou will present an 18-t truck and a 12-m city bus at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2022. Both prototypes are equipped with the Keyou-inside hydrogen engine.

Keyou specializes in converting conventional combustion engines to zero-emission hydrogen engines. The company has now unveiled two commercial vehicle prototypes. The 18-t truck is based on a Daimler Actros chassis. The integration work was carried out by Paul Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH, as was the case for the city bus. The vehicles’ H2 engine is based on a 7.8-l diesel engine platform. The hydrogen engine with Keyou-Inside technology does not require exhaust gas aftertreatment and has an output of 210 kW (286 PS). Both vehicle types are expected to offer ranges of over 500 km. The bus and truck remain below the zero emission CO2 limit defined by the EU in the WHTC reference cycles while meeting the Euro-6 emissions standard.

The 12-m city bus equipped with mild hybrid technology and the 18-t truck will be unveiled in September at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2022. "With our prototype vehicles, we are demonstrating that hydrogen engine technology also works in practice and is a cost-effective and robust alternative to battery electric or fuel cell vehicles", explains Thomas Korn, CEO and co-founder of Keyou. Both vehicles are now being tested, and Keyou plans to conduct an intensive field test phase with customers in late 2023. Two more engine platforms are to be added in 2024.


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