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10-05-2021 | Internal Combustion Engine | News | Article

Toyota Develops Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine

Patrick Schäfer
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Toyota Motor Corporation has announced the development of an H2 internal combustion engine. The three-cylinder engine is to be used in this year’s 24-hour race in Fuji (Japan). 

Toyota is testing a hydrogen combustion engine in motorsports. The turbocharged three-cylinder with intercooler uses hydrogen compressed to 700 bar instead of gasoline, thereby emitting no CO2 emissions. In the GE16-GTS three-cylinder test engine, the hydrogen is introduced into the combustion chambers of the reciprocating engine via a modified fuel supply and injection system. Combustion is said to be faster than in a comparable gasoline engine, thus improving response behavior.

The new engine technology is to be used in a manual four-wheel-drive race car based on the Toyota Corolla. It will compete in this year’s 24-hour race in Fuji (May 21-23). During the race, it will be fueled with hydrogen from the Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field in Namie (Fukushima prefecture).

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